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City Beneath the Sea

City Beneath the Sea(1953)

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Salvage divers Brad Carlton and Tony Bartlett arrive in Kingston, Jamaica just in time to meet their new employer, Dwight Trevor of Farmby and Company. Trevor explains that years earlier, the ship the Lady Luck sank during a typhoon with one million dollars in gold bullion aboard, and if they recover the gold, they will receive payment of $25,000. Outside the office, womanizer Tony is so distracted by a pretty girl that he drives into a banana cart, ruining the shipment that sea captain Terry McBride was about to deliver. As Terry chastises the divers and insists on payment, Brad grows more and more enamored of her, and quickly charms her into agreeing to pilot them to the Lady Luck dive site the next day. After five days at the site, they have found nothing, and Trevor orders a reluctant Tony, who is underwater but can communicate via radio, to give up the search. Before he can surface, however, Tony's hose becomes caught on a rock, and Brad immediately dives down to save him, at the risk of his own life. Days later, Trevor secretly visits Captain Meade, who arranged the wreck with Trevor and who has been hiding out for years under the name Ralph Sorensen. Feeling that the time is finally ripe to recover the gold, the two uneasy partners scheme to hire a diver. Although Trevor pressures Meade to reveal the exact position of the sunken Lady Luck , Meade refuses. That night, Brad and Tony visit local dance hall The Rum Pot, and while Brad mopes because Terry is busy with a business meeting, Tony falls for torch singer Venita, whose real name is Mary Lou Beetle. When he sees an audience member bothering Venita, Tony leaps to her defense and begins a fight, which Brad watches calmly until the last possible moment, then helps Tony to defeat dozens of sailors. Soon after, Brad receives a call from Terry asking him to meet her, and Venita invites Tony into her dressing room. Brad walks Terry back to her ship, where he kisses her. Although she does not fully trust him, she agrees to let him accompany her on her next trip. While their romance blooms, Tony, meanwhile, remains in Kingston and urges Venita to return to New Orleans with him. At the Rum Pot one night, Tony accepts Meade's offer of $50,000 to recover the sunken gold, and sails with him to the site the next day. The Lady Luck went down directly over Port Royal, an entire town that sank to the bottom of the sea during a 1692 earthquake and is now rumored to be haunted by drowned souls. The locals, having discovered that someone is tampering with Port Royal, begin a series of voodoo dances. When Brad and Terry, drifting back to Kingston, hear the drums and stop to watch the dance, the tribe surrounds them and warns them not to disturb the waters. They return to town the next day, where Brad learns from Tony, who broke up with Venita after she announced she wanted to marry him, that he has arranged for them to dive for Meade. Brad, certain the dive is illegal, refuses to go along. Hoping to find the gold legally before Tony can get into trouble, Brad then reveals Tony's plan to Trevor. As soon as the sun rises, Trevor, Terry and Brad rush to Port Royal and begin the dive. At the same time, Meade, made anxious by the constant voodoo drums, insists that Tony accompany him that day to Port Royal. They reach the dive site just as Brad finds the gold, and while he is still underwater, Meade and Tony board Terry's boat. After Trevor attacks Meade and is shot and killed, Terry deduces that they are in on the scheme together. Immediately afterward, an earthquake occurs causing a typhoon, and in a panic, Meade slips off the boat and drowns. Tony, who believes Brad tried to double-cross him, nonetheless jumps in to save his friend as soon as he realizes that Brad is trapped by a rock. He frees Brad's hose and the two race to the surface, leaving the gold behind. Days later, Brad, Terry, Tony and Venita prepare to sail to America and be married by the captain on the way. Before they set sail, however, they learn that Farmby and Company has offered thousands for one last dive for the gold. As the men rush to the office, Terry and Venita realize they may have to settle for an underwater honeymoon.