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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol(1951)

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  • The Grand daddy of all Scrooge productions

    • William .D.Petillo
    • 11/21/18

    Mr. Alistair Sim is the reason for this 1951 production is the (best of the best) version's of A Christmas Carol/Scrooge movie's.The rest of the other production's are good but,Alistair Sim tops them all.When a very young boy we sit around the T.V. and many of the old stations in the New York area would repeat the 1951 film over and over.Even the LATE SHOW would air it all the way to the LATE,LATE,LATE show as my Mother screamed at us saying, you kids are going to go blind. Go to bed and Santa will be here this morning.I guess my father wanted to bring in the toys so he could go to sleep.These are the sweet memories I have of the Scrooge 1951 version.Now they colorized it to enhance it even more.It is the finest version and many times I will watch it in the summer months. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL

  • Peerless performance

    • michael
    • 12/22/17

    How many times can it be said- Sim is perfection. As Leonard Maltin said, this Scrooge is a three dimensional character.The key moment in his conversion is his visit to his sister Fen's deathbed,as Fred is born. The young Scrooge is embittered by this and storms out,breaking all ties.But old Ebeneezer remains to hear Fen's dying words for the first time,which utterly shatters him- to be reborn.. "Forgive me Fen,forgive me......." Powerful stuff.

  • Scrooge aka A Christmas carol 1951

    • Mark
    • 12/17/17

    This is without a doubt the best version of the classic Dickens story. Alister Sim is without a doubt the best scrooge ever portrayed. The transformation was beautiful.His performance was oscar worthy.This is not only my favorite Christmas movie but my favorite movie of all time. My family have and Ihave watched it every Christmas season fpr 50 years. It always brings tears to my eyes. Thank you TCM for showing it I wish you could show it more then once

  • A Christmas Carol 1951

    • Malcolm Alford
    • 12/9/17

    This one is the best of the Christmas Carol. We all know they made many of theses movies, some good and some bad. This one "A Christmas Carol "1951 is the best hands down. The actors are all great in this one. It just not Christmas with out seeing this move.

  • One of the Best

    • Gerry Greenberg
    • 12/8/17

    Not just the best version of Dickens classic, but among of the best of films. Not a wasted scene. Each tightly edited vignette moves the story along with steady momentum. Alistair SIM as Scrooge and Kathleen Harrison are nothing short of brilliant.

  • Just Don't Make Em----

    • Santa
    • 12/8/17

    Being an old man, that is eighty one years of age, I can say with out a doubt, that they just won't make films like this any more. The anti-religious attitude in America today tells me the likely hood is that they won't ever again. Sad!

  • THE Scrooge!

    • KatzEyez
    • 12/6/17

    SUPERLATIVE! No more need be said.

  • The only version of A Chrsitmas Carol.

    • lawler
    • 11/24/17

    It is not Christmas unless I see this version with Alistair Sims. Our local PBS station used to run it Christmas Eve, but has not the last couple of years. My wife bought me the DVD set, which includes a colorized version. Never watch that one. The stark black and white version makes the story all the more a contrast to Scrooge's dark side and how he sees the light later. The scene that always brings a tear is when Scrooge comes to his nephew's home for Christmas and apologizes to his bride for being a "pig-headed old fool...all these years." One thing always vexed me about the movies and the book: why did he not try to find Alice and make amends?

  • "I didn't know anything...

    • el debbo
    • 4/17/17

    but now I know everything!" Well, this film must have the MOST REVIEWS on TCM...I've never seen so many pages!I won't repeat what's gone down, but will say it's one of my faves, I watched it every season throughout my childhood.Everybody did! And I will again note that so many of the very top productions came out in 1951. And note that I was born in 1951. Ahem. - "And now, I must stand on my head!"

  • Why No One Should be a Scrooge

    • Julia
    • 4/2/17

    I will admit that I have never read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, even though I probably should. Maybe that's why I was always confused as a little kid when my mom warned me not to be a Scrooge. Who is this Scrooge guy, I would think, and what makes him so nasty? Well, now I know that Scrooge did not have the most fulfilling life. Misery and grief seemed to follow him around as a child and a young man, causing him to become emotionally aloof and detached from others. I think that Scrooge was never really a "bad" person, he just wanted to stay away from others for fear of getting hurt. If it was up to him, he would never want life to change. Thankfully the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future were able to save Scrooge before it was too late. Through a little bit of magic, they were able to show Scrooge that we have to accept what life offers us instead of fearfully rejecting it. Things change in life, and people get hurt sometimes. But we will hurt even more if we close ourselves off from the rest of the world like Scrooge. Once again, thank you to Grandpa for introducing me to this classic tale, one I would certainly like to revisit!

  • A Darker Christmas Carol

    • Kathy
    • 12/26/16

    I've seen the 1938 version of A Christmas Carol many times, and I've seen the 1951 version about as many, but I've never watched the two of them as closely together as this Christmas week. I was struck by the contrast between the two films. Whereas the 1938 version was notable for the sweetness of the Cratchit children (especially Tiny Tim) and anyone-who-wasn't-Scrooge, the 1951 version came across as dark, grim, ugly (my husband's description)--almost as if the director had deliberately set out to make a version in every point a contrast to the original. Whether or not this was the goal, I have to say that it captured the ugliness and poverty of Dickens's England much better than the 1938 version.

  • Best of All

    • Susie
    • 12/24/16

    Dickens classic has been done...and done... yet the '51 version managed to portray the perfect Scrooge. Alastair Sim was him. None have ever come close. When such a selfish, horrible man (Scrooge) finally found joy, the transformation was absolutely perfect. There is no better rendition than this one.

  • Best of the best

    • Terry Adams
    • 12/23/16

    To say the acting is spot-on is an understatement. It is the best version of a classic story and it is obvious no one took the task lightly. I watch this every Christmas Eve just before I go to midnight Mass. And each time, each time, I feel I understand Christmas more than I did before. Thank you TCM for keeping these classics available.

  • 1951 A Christmas Carol

    • Mark Barletta
    • 12/23/16

    Thank you TCM for showing the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol This is not only my favorite Christmas movie of all time but my favorite movie of all time .Alastair Sim is without a doubt the best Scrooge ever. Their is not even a close second.His acting is Oscar worthy All the acting is superb.the story is very moving and it brings tears to my eyes ever year. I have watched it every Christmas season for 50 years if it was shown and I do have the vhs and CD of it. It is not Christmas without Alastair Sim and Scrooge.

  • Supurb acting of Alastair Sim.

    • John
    • 12/21/16

    While I do enjoy watching most of the different versions IMHO this is the most believable, best acted, best story line and most appropriate for Christmas, to me this is the standard that should be the norm. Seymour Hicks and Reginald Owens are ok but their story lines fall short compared with this version. The new version with Patrick Stewart is not believable maybe I am biased because He has been the captain of the Enterprise on Star Trek T N G for years and he just does not click with the character of Scrooge, he does not project the Old World the story is set in, to me. It's not that I dislike musicals there are many that I really enjoy but The Albert Finney version totally sucks because this is a serious story that is trying to teach a lesson and a musical just is not appropriate for the lesson to be learned. George C. Scott version in my opinion is confused, he tries to exaggerate his lines too much. Although he is a great actor He just does project old world English here IMO. Someone at TCM must really like the the Reginald Owens version because they over play that version, while good it does not compare to the Alastair Sim version. However having said all of that I am just glad TCM plays "Politically Incorrect" movies because it is Christmas, not sparkle season, not holiday time, but Christmas!!!!Now I must stand on my head!

  • Favorite Version of a Classic

    • Louise P
    • 12/20/16

    There is something special about all versions of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", but the 1951 film is my favorite. Alistair Sim plays both the "Bah, humbug" Scrooge and reformed Ebenezer so well. My favorite moment is when he visits his nephew's home while they are singing the beautiful "Barbara Allen". Love that song, and just wait for that moment in the film!

  • A Christmas Carol the 1951 version

    • Edward > Smith
    • 12/20/16

    I began listening to the radio version well before TV was introduced with Lionel Barrymore as scrooge. Then we had a TV and the 1951 version became the norm on TV. I, my wife and three children made it a yearly necessity to watch the program every Christmas Eve.Now our children are grown with families of their own and they watch the 1951 version with their children, our grand children. And now we have two great granddaughters and more on the way. I am sure that they will watch it as they grow up.Pay attention TCM, there are many that watch the 1951 version. Please consider putting it back on so all can watch this wonderful movie when the entire family can be up and awake. I think late afternoon on Christmas would be a perfect time; also shown in early evening.We wish you all a very Merry Christmas .Ed and Eva Smith

  • A Christmas Carol (1951)

    • Ina J Marshall
    • 12/11/16

    I absolutely love this version of this classic story. I look for it every Christmas. I never get tired of seeing it.

  • Label, Label, Label!!

    • JEM
    • 12/11/16

    In days of yore when my brother and I were kids in Brooklyn, NY and we watched this movie we would repeat the line, "Label, Label, Label" over and over again. It's when Scrooge is looking for a label to address for the turkey delivery to Bob's house. Till this day when we see each other around Christmas time we say those same words and crack up. No one else knows what the heck we are laughing about. Additionally, the scene when Scrooge encounters his housekeeper on Christmas morning. Absolute Brilliance! In keeping with the situation. It's just not Christmas unless A Christmas Carol is viewed. And yes it's about time TCM added it to their December schedule.

  • Best Christmas Movie EVER!!!

    • Judy K
    • 12/9/16

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! When my sister and I were children (back in the dark ages) we watched this movie so many times that we are still able to recite most of it from memory. I don't care what other version you've seen of A Christmas Carol, it can't compare with this one. Alistair Sim IS Scrooge. I bought the VCR version when it came out, and then of course I got the DVD. I can watch this movie in April, and it feels just like Christmas Eve. I'm also glad that it's playing this month at 11:30 pm. For the fullest enjoyment of this great classic, I suggest you crawl into bed, snuggle down under a warm comforter, turn off all the lights and get carried back to 19th century London at Christmastime.

  • Finally TCM relents

    • Dixie Burge
    • 12/1/16

    Well, TCM has finally relented and is showing the Alistair Sim version of "A Christmas Carol". HOWEVER, they are showing it at a very inconvenient hour: 11:30 pm! For those who work, who can stay up that late? I have waited all this time for the channel to condescend to show this superior version of Dickens' classic (why they waited so long, I have no clue), and now that they are, they stick the movie in an inconvenient late nght time slot! WHY, TCM?? I'm becoming more and more dissolusioned with you as time goes by. But I guess Ben Mankiewicz (bless his heart, he LOVES "A Face In the Crowd" and it's shown on TCM at LEAST once every month!) and the channel's programmers know better what the viewers want to watch than the viewers do, right? I hardly feel like it's Christmas unless the enchanting Sim version, "The Bishop's Wife" and "It's A Wonderful Life" are shown. Are the last 2 being shown this year? I doubt it. Couldn't find them in the lineup. Come on, TCM!!! Well, at least "Meet Me In St. Louis" will be shown. A decent consolation prize.

  • And a Merry Christmas to You, Charles Dickens!

    • Richard Bysina
    • 1/8/16

    I don't remember exactly when I saw "A Christmas Carol" for the first time, or which version it was. But it must have been on our 12-inch Stromberg-Carlson TV set in our Chicago apartment in the early '50s. And for me, anyway, I seem to enjoy it more with each passing year, especially the film's final 15 minutes or so, after Ebenezer Scrooge has been visited by the spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come, causing his overnight transformation into a caring human being once again. No Christmas season is complete without seeing any one of the several versions of this eternal classic. To my granddaughter Julia, this is the seventh of my 12 movies about love I'm recommending that you see, which you now have in your possession from the TCM Shop, as part of my year-long 12th birthday present to you. Whether you read Charles Dickens' 1843 novel first or not, I know you're going to love this movie for its inspiring message. Oh, and by the way, God bless us, every one. Love, Grandpa

  • 1951 A Christmas Carol

    • Muriel
    • 12/24/15

    For the past 3 years, I watched the commentators introduce what they concider the best version of a Christmas Carol due to there love for the actor, "Lockhart" . He may have been a "big wheel" in the past but the 1938 version does not hold a candle to Alester Sims playing Scrooge in 1951. Several Christmas programing I've noticed are not played ie; Going my way, The bell of St. Mary's, and countless others. Each year I've become disappointed and frustrated with TCM lineup and wonder why I continue watching the programs. To the executives at TCM, contact some of you veiwers and ask them what they want to see except "Sally Fields, or Drew Barrymore" thoughts on what they consider the essential.Sincerely, An old movie buff without a title.

  • Preaching to the Choir!

    • Skipper
    • 12/24/15

    I know that I'm preaching to the proverbial choir here. But, I add more voice to the multitude! This version is my very favorite! (Alastair Sim) I've seen many versions; & they are all good.I even purchased a copy from ebay, several years ago. The commercial version has the movie inboth color & black & white. Each year I alternate, between color & black & white. Mr. Sim nails it down!


    • evelyn
    • 12/22/15

    I am so pleased to see that there are others who feel as I do about this version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL! So well acted , directed, and true to the original story. It is my number one must-see for the holidays!! I was also disappointed it wasn't on the TCM schedule.. but thanks to these reviews I see its on FXM!! that makes my day, and my Christmas a little bit more enjoyable!!

  • A Christmas Carol(Scrooge)1951

    • Anthony B
    • 12/18/15

    Is there anyone airing the original B/W version? I refuse to watch any colorized version. Please help...Thank you

  • It's On FX Movie Channel

    • David H.
    • 12/15/15

    Sorry folks, but TCM apparently doesn't have the rights to this version of "A Christmas Carol" and FX Movie Channel does. It will be shown several times with commercials on Dec 24 & 25 and once without at 1:30 pm ET/10:30 am PT on Dec. 25. FX Movie Channel is at Ch. 384 on Dish and Ch. 258 on DirecTV.

  • It's not A Christmas Carol without Alastair Sim

    • Christian
    • 12/14/15

    Unless you don't possess the rights to air this, there is NO excuse why TCM is not airing the Alastair Sim version; all other versions need not apply.

  • A Christmas Carol 1951 version with Alistair Sims

    • Carole Meilis
    • 12/12/15

    I join all the others in mourning your decision not to run this version this season. I've watched it every year since I was a child and it still thrills me and makes me laugh and cry. By far, this is the best version of the story ever made. Please make sure to play it next year, if you can't fit it in this one.

  • Favorite version

    • Kathryn Lauer
    • 12/12/15

    This is in my opinion the best version of the Story , A Christmas Carol. Can't believe it's not in the schedule. super disappointed .

  • A Christmas Carol 1951

    • Sheila Smith
    • 12/12/15

    It's only the 12th of December. Please tell me you're reconsidering your schedule and will add this movie to the list! It just isn't the holiday season unless I've seen this movie at least once. I spent the last hour looking through ALL the schedules and didn't find this one anywhere; found "It's a Wonderful Life" only once and "King of Kings" only once and at an odd time. What has happened to Christmas tradition? Did you know the average age in this country is climbing every year and we older people depend of those traditions to feel like all is right with the world. It may seem silly to some but there's something very comforting about the smell of cookies baking in the kitchen, the tree lights on and sparkling and seeing Ebenezer Scrooge reach that epiphany that gives his life value and meaning. I don't want to see "A Christmas Story" for 24 hours straight but I would like to see the original "Miracle on 34th Street" or "White Christmas" or even "The Bells of St. Mary's" each year. Please, TCM, consider this suggestion for all of us older viewers who hold your channel in high regard.

  • A Christmas Carol

    • Lynn Searcy
    • 12/11/15

    i can't imagine a Christmas without watching the Alister Sim A Christmas Carol-- it is my favorite version -- and its not on the schedule? I thought TCM stood for Turner Classic Movies -- this definitely falls into that catagory!

  • Add me to the list.

    • Nicole
    • 12/10/15

    Very disappointed this won't be in your rotation this year. Robert Osborn needs to make this one of the Essentials as for me and many others this is just that. An essential watch each year. Alistair Sim is unmatched in his miserly depiction of Ebenezer Scrooge. He depicts a Scrooge who is so desperate at the end, you can't help but pity him and then feel his rejoice when he wakes the next morning to discover he does indeed have a 2nd chance.The rest of the cast is equally perfect as is the entire mood of the film. (skip the colorized version this film was meant to bee seen in B&W)

  • 12/10/2015

    • Richard Warnock
    • 12/10/15

    I see I'm not alone-with wishing TCM would air the Allister SIMM version of a Christmas Carol or as it was known overseas SCROOGE from 1951. What is the problem? Is it a licensing problem?If I could have one TCM Christmas wish,It'd be to please air this version-thank you

  • A Christmas Carol 1951 version

    • Mark Barletta
    • 12/6/15

    Not only is this classic my favorite Christmas movie it is my favorite movie off all time. It is by far the best version of Dicken's classic ever filmed. And their is no better Scrooge the Sim. It is a family tradition to watch it every Christmas for 50 years. I have the DVD and VHS before that. Please show this great film.

  • A Christmas Carol 1951

    • Arwen
    • 12/4/15

    The 1951 version of A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim is the BEST film version - by far - of the classic Dickens' tale. Disappointed again this year with TCM deciding not to show it. Just ordered it from Amazon. Can't wait to watch it on our new big screen TV.

  • Every Christmas Eve

    • Audre
    • 12/1/15

    My family always watched this movie, whenever they could, in the month of December. I grew up with it. I know the dialog by heart. I actually read the book (!) when I was 15. It was hot steamy July and I was bored out of mind. My mother, bless her dear heart, got tired of me 'mooning' around and commanded - "Go read a book!" I harumphed (only 15 year olds can harumph!) into the living room and perused what was available. I found a Dickens anthology and dropped onto the couch. I was immediately involved in the story...and actually got scared in some parts!!!I'm long in the tooth now and the perfect Christmas Eve is church at midnight and home to watch A Christmas Carol.If you've never watched the 1951 version with Alastair Sim, you've missed something special. All else pales beside it.

  • No Christmas Carol - Again???

    • Kaie
    • 11/29/15

    A Christmas Carol (1951) with Alistair Sim is one of the best versions of this classic tale and yet - TCM has chosen to not show it this holiday season. Good thing I have a DVD of the movie. Very disappointed that it is not included again this year!5 stars for the movie and 0 stars for TCM!

  • A Christmas Carol

    • Sue
    • 11/27/15

    Luckily, I have my own copy of this version as well as several others.

  • 1951 Scrooge Alastair Sim

    • Faith Rogers
    • 11/24/15

    I am very disappointed that A Christmas Carol starring Alastair Sim is not being shown on TCM this year. I have seen them all but this one is the very best ever made. Why aren't they airing it? I love to watch this every year with my family especially now with my grandchildren. I am trying to teach them to appreciate the classics. It just won't be Christmas without this showing.. Very saddened.. One of the best movies ever made.

  • A Christmas Carol

    • Duckie
    • 11/15/15

    A Christmas Carol is a must see during the holidays!! My holiday spirit rises after seeing this movie.

  • CHRISTMAS CAROL l951 version

    • elaine rosler
    • 12/24/14

    the best of all the versions - disappointed with TCM not showing the Alistair Sims 19 51 version . Please show it. It is truly the best ever made.

  • Scrooge

    • Stuart Allen
    • 12/23/14

    Refuse to miss it a Dickens work of art

  • A Christmas Carol

    • Kevin
    • 12/19/14

    Best version by far. To those complaining that TCM doesn't play it any more -- they showed it last year.


    • john
    • 12/19/14

    This is the best Christmas carol movie ever made. Plus Mr scrooge just happens to be Robert Plants dad. All the other Christmas carol movies don't even come close to this one. How come this ones not played anymore? The last time I seen it on at TCM was in 2010.

  • A Christmas Carol

    • Tamara
    • 12/17/14

    Sorry!!!! But, Reginald Owen is the best right along with George C. Scott

  • The Essence of Scrooge

    • Tim Doonan
    • 12/14/14

    Once again I look forward to Alastair Sim starring in 'A Christmas Carol,' or rather the movie name from 1951, 'Scrooge.' Reginald Owen, George C. Scott, Albert Finney, and Alastair Sim all played the role but Sim is by far the best. Scrooge via Sim is always inwardly disappointed and outwardly dealing with disaffection. The movie is like watching a play with sets and the fact the movie is shot in black-and-white conveys better the coldness of the era and Scrooge's character.

  • Alistair Sims is THE best scrooge.

    • John A Santomasso
    • 12/8/14

    TCM should do the same with this Alistair Sim version of A Christmas Carol as is done with Ralphie and his Red Ryder Christmas Story. Pick a day and do a 24 hr marathon. I'll watch at least 3 or 4 times myself, alone.

  • A Christmas Carol

    • Mary
    • 12/4/14

    It seems I cannot find when y'all are showing this wonderful movie. Alistair Sim can't be beat as Scrooge. The whole movie is the best.

  • A Christmas Carol, 1951.

    • Deb Hammond
    • 12/2/14

    I have watched all the other's but this is the only one that matters. The best of them all. Alistair Sim should have won an Oscar for his role as Scrooge.I have looked through all the listings and this version is not being shown! How come all the other's are on and not this one?

  • Why not this Christmas??

    • Nancy
    • 12/1/14

    Everyone is agreed that this is the definitive version. Wonder why Turner is opting not to air it in 2014. Is it a rights issue? If not, please, please reconsider and bring it back!

  • A Christmas Carol

    • Bruce F.
    • 12/23/13

    Just about the only Christmas movie that stands up as a film.

  • One of three versions that I enjoy

    • TK
    • 12/19/13

    I enjoy Alastair Sim's version of Scrooge, but also those of Reginald Owen and George C. Scott. I watch all three pretty much every year. I have fond memories of the Reginald Owen version because it was the first one I saw as a kid. The Alastair Sim and George C. Scott versions are much better at truly capturing the earlier life experiences that led to Scrooge's reclusive bitterness, and then his wonderful Christmas epiphany. They are both so believable. I always find nuances of comparison between these two each year that I never seemed to notice before. A Christmas Carol is a wonderful classic that we are lucky to have. The more versions the better as far as I'm concerned.

  • No Comparison

    • Toni
    • 12/19/13

    This version is, hands down, absolutely the best version of A Christmas Carol. Alastair Sim outdoes himself in his portrayal of Scrooge. All of the other actors are excellent as well. It wouldn't feel like Christmas if I were not able to watch this movie at least once. I don't even bother with any of the other versions... they pale in comparison. I used to have trouble understanding the dialog during Marley's ghostly visit to Scrooge, but I believe the sound has been improved in recent years. LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!

  • The Definitive "A Christmas Carol"!

    • Paul Mattern
    • 12/19/13

    Alastair Sim should have won an Oscar for this! He is as sinister as can be and after the ghosts visit, he's as caring and loving as can be! The scene on Christmas morning when Mrs. Dilber comes with his breakfast is a classic, and then when she runs out and he catches up to her on the staircase, her answer to why he just gave her a guinea is my favorite line in the movie! I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen this yet, but you MUST see the movie. You will NOT be disppointed!

  • RE: By far the best version of the Dickens' story

    • Tim
    • 12/18/13

    This is by far the best version of the story by Charles Dickens. The actor playing Scrooge is wonderful. I especially like this version because it focuses quite a bit on a younger Scrooge, showing the events and choices that led him down the path to what he became. That adds a lot to the story. Along with "It's a Wonderful Life," this has to be the best classic Christmas film ever made.

  • A Christmas Carol 1951

    • Bob Pomeroy
    • 12/8/13

    The BEST version by far! Got to see this every year or more!

  • The BEST of the b/w A Christmas Carol movies

    • Delia
    • 12/6/13

    Alistair Sims IS Ebenezer Scrooge. 'Nuff said. This one, for me, is truest to the character without turning Scrooge into a caricature. And the supporting Cratchitts are all wonderful. Best scene: Christmas morning and the maid thinks he's gone mad. Really funny. This one's my favorite.

  • Our favorite movie EVER!

    • Judy K
    • 12/5/13

    There are so many film versions of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", but none can compare with this one. Alistair Sim is absolutely brilliant as Scrooge. No one else even comes close to his incredible performance. He IS Scrooge! My sister and I have seen this movie so many times that we can recite whole passages from it verbatim, and yet we never get tired of watching it again...and again.The supporting cast members are near perfect too. And that music! Sad, eerie, and truly compelling. I have an old VCR copy of this classic, and I've got to get the DVD now. I watch it every Christmas Eve. If you've seen any of the other versions of "A Christmas Carol" and weren't thrilled, then be sure to see this one. You will love it.

  • Absolutely the Best!

    • R Hulsey
    • 12/5/13

    Alastair Sim is absolutely the best Scrooge! This movie is a Must See!I cannot make it through the Christmas season without watching this at least 2 times. TCM, it seems a shame to not have this classic showing more that once during the month of December. I only see it showing 1 time on the 19th. God Bless us everyone! and a Merry Christmas!

  • Scrooge (A Christmas Carol) 1951

    • Arthur Daley
    • 12/4/13

    As Leonard Maltin wrote, this is not just a classic Christmas movie but a classic movie worth viewing any season.The great Alistair Sim becomes Scrooge. This is one of the great performances in movie history. His transformation is believable. His use of his eyes, body language is perfection.The writing is wonderful. Dickens has always worked well on screen (Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist). Noel Langley the screenwriter was the primary screenwriter for the Wizard of Oz.The supporting cast is a compilation of great British character actors (Kathleen Harrison, MIles Malleson, Ernest Thesinger, Mervyn Johns) but also some rising stars (Michael Hordern, Patrick MacNee, Hermione Baddely) and as young Scrooge, George Cole who was raised by Sim and who became one of Britain's most famous TV personalities. Often overlooked is the soundtrack. The fit with the sentiment of each scene is wonderfulAs a child in the Toronto area from the late 1950's to the 70's it was shown each Christmas Eve on a local independent station (Channel 11 in Hamilton), then seemed to fall out of favour. It is now shown again but very late.As an aside, in complete contrast to my general belief I do actually enjoy the colourized version which is introduced by Patrick MacNee. I own both and will use the colourized when guests are present who have never seen this movie, to introduce them to it.This is a movie that very much belongs in TCM's December rotation and I would love to see it featured as an 'essential' or with a guest presenting it (perhaps one of the few surviving cast members?).God Bless Us Everyone!

  • "Scrooge"

    • Louise Spottswood
    • 11/30/13

    TCM is the only place I can find this, I need to buy it. This is the best of all the Christmas Carol movies. I admit I have not seen the silents, but I saw this as a child in about 1954, maybe. I saw the one with Reginald Owen sometime around there too, I like it but this is the BEST. TCM always plays this at a late hour, they are pre Christmas Schrooges for not playing this more often in December! I love the scene in front of the feeble fire when Marley's ghost comes to call and Schrooge calls him and undigested bit of cheese!!

  • My favorite Christmas movie

    • Doug Little
    • 11/27/13

    All the aspects of this production rate it a 5 star, but Alistair's rendition of Scrooge is without equal.

  • A Christmas Carol

    • karen
    • 11/25/13

    THIS version of A Christmas Carol / Scrooge is THE BEST version ever. I too wish TCM would play this a bit more during the holiday season. Alastair Sim IS Ebenezer Scrooge. A great movie and cast.

  • The Christmas Carol 1951

    • Karen Pittman
    • 11/24/13

    This is my all time favorite Christmas story. The actors in this are fabulous every year I look it up TCM and mark it down so I never miss it.

  • A Christmas Carol (1951 version)

    • Lynn1650
    • 12/29/12

    Alastair Sim's portrayal of Ebenezer Scrooge is why not show this wonderful version more than once during the holiday season? It was shown only once this 2012 Holiday season. Won't you please consider showing this version more than once during the Holiday seasons to come?

  • LOVE IT!

    • Patricia
    • 12/25/12

    This is by far the very BEST Christmas Carol movie ever made and makes you feel as though you are back in London watching the events unfold before you! Alastair Sim is a treasure as Scrooge! A MUST WATCH every Christmas Eve. It is said that one of Dickens' decendants visited the set while it was being filmed and declared that this was what he had in mind when he wrote it.

  • The Quintessential Scrooge

    • I_Fortuna
    • 12/16/12

    Alastair Sim is the best now and evermore. "Mankind was my business. . .."-Marley

  • And, a Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

    • Judy
    • 12/16/12

    This is (next to the film a It's a Wonderful Life), one of my favorite Christmas films. Charles Dickens is one of my favorite authors and this rendition of his wonderful story is so well done. Alastair Sim gives depth and realism to Mr. Ebenezeer Scrooge, and the supporting cast provides that extra touch to this very moving story. I never feel like it is Christmas without this film and I am glad that TCM is finally placing it on their Christmas showings. I hope it now becomes an annual event. In the words of Tiny Tim, "God Bless us, everyone!!!"

  • A Christmas Carol

    • Anthony P Cassone Jr
    • 12/11/12

    This is the best Christmas Carol movie ever made. I have loved this moive since I was a kid and look foward to seening it every year. 5 stars to TMC for showing it.

  • The best rendition yet.

    • Joe Rizzo
    • 12/9/12

    Everything about this version of the Charles Dickens classic is top grade, without a doubt the finest rendition produced to this day. Alistair Sim and the entire cast does an outstanding job

  • The BEST EVER Scrooge ,to this day!!!

    • Megan A
    • 12/3/12

    I've seen at least 8 versions of this Dickens Christmas Tale and in my mind no-one palys Scrooge better than Allister Sims,NO-ONE!

  • A Christmas Carol-1951 black & white version

    • Cheryl Kurpjuweit
    • 12/30/11

    PLEASE PLEASE show this version again soon!! THANK YOU!!!

  • Simply the best

    • Roger P
    • 12/20/11

    Nothing holds a candle to this version. Sim is brilliant and utterly believable.

  • The very best is shown the least???

    • Tish
    • 12/18/11

    It is such a shame that this brilliant version was only shown one time this month. TCM--please bump some lesser film and play this one again close to December 25th. Some of us were not able to watch it earlier this month.

  • Definitely one of the #1 Classics

    • Karen
    • 12/18/11

    My only criticism is of the TCM Program Scedule Dept, how could you show this once? I was very disappointed to realize that I would have one time during the Holiday season to see this. TCM has dropped the ball a lot lately with the season specific programming, I was also disappointed with the Halloween listings. Please provide more season/holiday specific programming and air the #1 Classices at least twice.


    • Carycomic
    • 12/14/11

    Here we have what, to my mind, is the all-time definitive version of this Dickens classic. And, the 60th anniversary of it, at that! And, TCM is only running it once???? What about those of us who missed it, this past Monday evening, and don't have videorecorders with pre-settable timer controls? You couldn't at least run it a second time during the Christmas weekend proper?

  • Bah,humbug!!

    • Paul Salapatas
    • 12/13/11

    Not only is it my favorite version, but it's my favorite Christmas tale! We should all be familiar with the separate vision each director took his cast through,one slightly different than the other. There's even popular cartoon characters portraying the miserable Scrooge! But ,all in all ,the meeting with the ghost of his deceased,tormented business partner,(in crime, shall we say, appropriately) Jacob Marley,(who gets the worst of this story) we get a sense of creepiness that sets a perfect tone for this tale of redemption and enlightenment that we all hope for at that special time of year! There are a number of scrooges;Geo.C.Scott,Patrick Stewart,Reginald Owen,Jim Carrey.and many T.V versions(most memorable;Jack Klugman in his sitcom 'The Odd Couple')and I like them all, but Alastair Sim, to me, hits the proverbial nail right on the head!So have a Merry Christmas and God bless us,one and all! And don't forget the plum pudding!


    • JAY
    • 12/12/11

    More a complaint than a review but to show without question, the very best film version of this novel and not close caption it, is a travesty. I watch this outstanding Alistair Sim version whenever it is on but I am deaf and must have closed captions. I know this film comes with captions because I have seen it that way.If you are going to show this great film on TCM, please have the foresight to include the deaf and hard of hearing fans in your decision making process.Thank youJay Weller

  • Best Christmas Carol of all time!

    • betsy smith
    • 12/12/11

    I cannot believe that this was shown for the first time on TCM. I look out for this movie annually for the past 60 years (!!) and recite much of the script along with the superb cast. Alaistair Sim is the personification of Ebenezer Scrooge and the rest of the cast is perfect along with him. I hope you will make this an annual event.By the way, every year we look out for the little gaffe of the grip shown in the mirror along with Scrooge on Christmas morning. It's a family tradition!!

  • It's not Christmas without Alistair Sim

    • Teena Bailey
    • 12/12/11

    It's just not Christmas without the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol. Alistair is Scrooge.Every character in this movie is perfectly cast. Thanks TCM for showing it this year butyou should show it more than once. How about next year starting after Thanksgiving yourun it once a week until Christmas and be sure to run it on Christmas Day. Love thismovie. Thanks again.

  • Thank you!!!!!!!!!

    • joann pohlmann
    • 12/12/11

    I have been asking for this movie for 2 years, thankyou soooo much my family and friends say thank you and merry christmas, still our favorite!!!

  • The best Christmas movie

    • trish
    • 12/12/11

    I am looking forward to watching this tonight without commercials! The acting is superb and dont forget to look at Patrick Macnee as young Marley! He was a good actor even as a kid, Mr. Steed! Wonderful movie.

  • Can't wait for this tonight!

    • monica t.
    • 12/12/11

    This version along with George C. Scott version are the only ones I like. Alistair Sims is so good in this and I like his version the Best along in recent years George C. Scott is second best! Thank You TCM and please make this a happy habit. 12-12-2011.


    • KatWomanNYC
    • 12/12/11

    AT LAST! Been begging for years for you to show this, the definitive film version. My sister and I "discovered" this when we were children and it's been a cherished part of our holidays ever since. I can only guess that the original negative was unavailable, and the existing prints did not live up to TCM's standards. Am so looking forward to seeing this tonight on TCM!

  • A Christmas Carol

    • Brian C. Doyle
    • 12/12/11

    This the 1951 version with Alastair Sim is the finest I have seen. When Sim plays Scrooge the character becomes totally believable. Kathleen Harrison as Mrs. Dilber was excellent. This Film seems to show why Scrooge actually became Scrooge which I,m sure was the intention of Mr. Dickens.

  • The Best Version Ever of this Dickens story

    • Tim
    • 12/12/11

    I just love this version of the classic Dickens story. I especially appreciate the emphasis on Scrooge's past. That aspect gives insight into how Scrooge became the way he was. Other versions of the story don't seem to care as much about the earlier events that helped shape his character. To me, that part makes Scrooge's ultimate redemption even more heartwarming.

  • SIMply Exquisite!

    • Dr. M. Andrew Holowchak
    • 12/11/11

    When it comes to Dickens's A Christmas Carol in movie version, there is Alistair Sim and then George C. Scott. Sim captures perfectly the churlishness of Scrooge in a way others do not. A delight that you have resuscitated this best-of-all versions for TCM!

  • The Best "Christmas Carol" Movie EVER

    • Norma
    • 12/10/11

    What can one say about Alistair Sim playing Ebenezer Scrooge except: "EXCELLENT", "PERFECT", "THE BEST", "NO OTHER", "MR. DICKENS WOULD BE VERY PROUD"--you get the idea. Mr. Sim took this role and made it his; the other actors can say they played Scrooge but Mr. Sim can say he WAS Scrooge. He breathed a life into the character that is missing from the other versions. His facial expressions, mannerisms he injects into the role and way of speaking his lines bring out the true character of Scrooge. The supporting cast, all the way to the undertaker, helped to bring this movie to the heights it has reached.And this movie works in black and white, not color. To show it in color is to take away, to me, some of the believability of the time when this took place. For anyone who wants to buy this, the b&w version is the way to go. You will never get tired of watching this; the movie is so much a part of the Christmas season that it NEEDS to be shown every year. Thank you TCM for showing it this year; please show it every year. For those of us who love this version, we need to see it here (no commercials to interrupt the flow of themovie).

  • The BEST Christmas Movie

    • Sam
    • 12/10/11

    This is the only version we like, no, LOVE! We can't bear to watch any of the other ones. It's our favourite Christmas movie.

  • The BEST Christmas Carol - Alastair Sim

    • Julie J
    • 12/7/11

    Why doesn't TCM play this version? Alastair Sim makes the best scrooge in my opinion, but all of the characters in this version are perfect for their part. The story line is the classic adaptation. This is the only version I will let our children watch as they grow older.Please TCM. Please play this version at least one time! :)

  • Here's the *real* Best Actor/1951

    • voiceover
    • 12/7/11

    One of the more egregious "He wuz robbed!" moments in Academy Awards history...the statue should've gone to Alastair Sim. His is not only the gold standard of Ebenezers, it's one of the finest performances by an actor in a film.I think my favorite moment -- in a film full of them -- is his expression when he asks Fred's wife for her forgiveness. There's a tiny smile, a small shrug, and words from the heart; in that second, her character and the audience are completely won over.

  • A Christmas Carol 1951 version

    • Kenneth
    • 12/5/11

    A Christmas Carofl with Alastair Sim's is the version I used to watch with my family when I was a young man. It has become a family favorite this time a year. My father who's passed on now loved this version. It captured many different emotions for us. I'm so happy that you plan on showing it once again this year. I hope that your station continues to show it every year for as long as you can. Thanks for airing this beloved movie.

  • The Christmas Carol--1951

    • Peg Smolnik
    • 12/1/11

    Hi,Its the best Christmas story--ever!But please and I hope that it will be shown in "Black & White".That's the only way I can see it.Thank you,Peg

  • The BEST

    • Adam
    • 8/16/11

    For me this is the greatest version of A Christmas Carol.

  • A Christmas Carol

    • Jim Crapanzano
    • 1/6/11

    The quintessential version of the Dickens' classic. Alister Sim breathes life into Scrooge like no other actor before, or since. Can someone tell me why it has not been shown on any TV station for the past couple of seasons? And why has TCM has opted for the inferior Reginald Owen version.

  • A Christmas Carol (1951)

    • albalba
    • 12/19/10

    This version starring Alistair Sim is a film classic as well as the most emotionally moving telling of the story. Luckily, I own a copy and my family and I watch every Christmas Eve and no matter how old we get, we are still moved by the warmth and beauty expressed in this award winning film.

  • A Christmas Carol 1951 version w/ Alistair Sim

    • pjfogg
    • 12/18/10

    This is the very best, #1 version of this movie. I refuse to watch the newer versions. They just do not cut it.

  • A Christmas Carol 1951

    • Herb B.
    • 12/13/10

    Absolute best version of this story with the best cast ever!Would love to be able to see it over the holidays!

  • A Christmas Carol (1951)

    • KondoKat
    • 12/13/10

    This movie, in my opinion, is THE only version to watch. Alastair Sim portrays Scrooge like no one else. Without fail, our family has been watching this movie since it was released in 1951.

  • A Christmas Carol

    • palma farrar
    • 12/11/10

    Alistair Sim is Scrooge, I have been watching it every Christmas since I can remember, not Christmas without it.

  • This IS the best version

    • JoEna Bennett
    • 12/6/10

    I've nothing new to add except that I do like the 1938 version with Reginald Owens as Scrooge. But there is something more appealing about Alistair Sims's Scrooge. Perhaps it's his eyes . . . the transformation of Scrooge shows in his eyes. After the transformation, the humility and gratefulness show in eyes and the timidity of his smile. Scrooge is uncertain that he is worthy of a chance to reform his ways. He does not know if he will be accepted. Sims captures all of this in his facial expressions, voice and body language. This is what he brings to Dickens's character. There is only one more adaptation that I'd like to recommend to all TCM fans and that's "Mr. Maggoo's A Christmas Carol." This animation is so original and unforgetable. For those of you who have children who just cannot appreciate black and white films, I assure you that they will love this one and it will bring back joyful childhood memories to you parents. I've not seen this broadcast in many years. TCM would do us a great favor to bring back "Mr. Maggoo's a Christmas Carol."


    • Joe
    • 12/6/10

    the others are right-this is BY FAR THE best fim version of this story!!! Alistair Sim is perfect as Ebeneizer Scrooge!PLEASE, TCM show this during the holidays!!! It rarely ever gets shown anymore (not that I would watch it anywher exept on TCM or PBS. They're the only good movie stations left)Trivia fact: when this was being filmed, a reletive of Charles Dickens visited the set, and everyone was really nervous, because she was someone who; if she didn't like something she would tell people and not mince any words.But after looking around the set and seeing the cast in costume, etc. she gave her 100% approval-and said Charles Dickens would do the same. So everyone then gave a huge sigh of relief and knew then that they really had something special!(also, has anyone ever noticed the mistake in one scene-when Scrooge is looking in a mirror you can see the camera behind him)

  • A Christmas Carol 1951

    • Gail
    • 12/3/10

    The 1951 version is simply the best for me. I purchased this dvd (colored and black & white )versions many years ago. Alistar Sims portrays scrooge the best by far and the other actors portray theri roles better than the 1938 version. I simply turn off the other later scrooge versions-they bore me. However; I will watch the 1938 version. This version is shown most of the time around this time of year--don't know why, but my 2nd best scrooge movie is the 1938 version. The special effects are not as good as the first version, but what I find to be rather special in this version is that a few of the Crachit family members, the mom, dad and daughter are related in real life--Movie fact:The Lockhart family are cast in this movie--remember June Lockhart of "Lost in Space". I find this to be more heartwarming, more believable because they are a real family, and they all act so well together which makes it rather interesting. Nonetheless, I do hope that TCM shows the 1951 version which is more whimsical, more creative, interesting and the storyline is much better.

  • A Christmas Carol 1951

    • Robert
    • 12/2/10

    I also agree. This version is the best! This movie really brings out the tradition of Christmas far better than many of the other versions, 1938 etc... I think part of it is the British cast.I have requested for the past 3 years for TCM to play this, and for some unknown reason, it appears to fall on deaf ears. This year though, i managed to find myself a copy at the mall and will not have to wait. If TCM decides to schedule the movie, as I think they should given the strong reviews, I will watch it on TV.

  • A Christmas Carol 1951 version

    • santiva31
    • 11/29/10

    This is the best adaptation of the Dickens classic. The entire cast is superb and the screenplay is much better than the 1938 adaptation. Reginald Owen can't hold a candle to Alistair Sim.

  • The BEST version ever.

    • Mary
    • 11/28/10

    I concur with these positive reviews. This by far the best version of this classic story. You will notice the animated Jim Carrey version borrows heavily from this one as well. This one has more passion and classic English charm than any version out there. It is a total mystery to me why this version is not shown on TV more. I am buying my own copy so I can watch it whenver I want since TV and Cable networks never seem to show this one anymore. I don't get it.

  • 1951 A Christmas Carol

    • Joy
    • 11/20/10

    I, too, have seen many adaptations of "A Christmas Carol". The best by far is the 1951 version, with Alistair Sim. This version is the only one in which one of the Cratchit children reads a portion of scripture (Psalm 91). This does not happen in any subsequent adaptations! The story is about redemption. It has very religious significance, and that is why I think that later adaptions purposely watered down the message, making it all touchy-feely, and politically correct. This version stands out. I was very disappointed that it was not shown last Christmas season. Please, someone at TCM...listen to your viewers and play the 1951 version this year...several times!

  • This movie deserves to be seen.

    • Mark West
    • 11/13/10

    What puzzles me is the fact that this movie (perhaps one of the best versions ever made) isn't shown more often.

  • The Best Christms Carol wasn't shown this year

    • Kirsten
    • 12/27/09

    I missed seeing A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim this year. Of all the movie versions, it is the most entertaining for me because of Alastair Sim's portrayal of Scrooge. I am patiently waiting for it to appear on TCM again. Please play it in 2010!

  • Simply The Best

    • Jim
    • 12/25/09

    I always tried to catch this on TMC when they played it. I had been looking for this version on tape or DVD for a long time and then happened to stumble across the DVD in a store. I almost didn't buy it because it said it had the colorized version of the film (which to me is sacrilege), but upon closer examination I found it also had the original black and white version so I picked it up. Now it has become a tradition of mine to watch it on Christmas Eve and only then. If you like Victorian settings, proper English acting, and yearn for a simpler time then you won't be disappointed in this classic.

  • Truly the Best!

    • CountryGirl
    • 12/25/09

    The entire feeling of this version is perfection. It would be nice to actually see it played on tv during the holidays. I have watched every version of A Christmas Carol that I have been privy to and this one is superior in all ways to every one of them. I ignore all of the inferior versions and finally got smart and bought the DVD so I can watch it at the holidays without waiting for some tv station to play it. (which never seems to happen)

  • The best ever made!!!

    • TAMMY
    • 12/21/09

    I have watched every "Christmas Carol" ever made, and this one is the best by far. Why do you not show this one? Every year you find the other ones but this one is seldom on any channel. If you really want to see this story at its best, this is the version to see!

  • Best Version

    • Tim
    • 12/21/09

    I have seen other versions of this film but have always thought this to be the best!The only one that comes close, I believe, is the newest version with Patrick Stewart playing Ebenezer. I look forward to the 1951 version every year and wish it would be on more often.

  • Alistair Sims will always be Scrooge

    • JohnnyG
    • 12/20/09

    I agree with the other comments on the 1951 Version of "A Christmas Carol". I've watched other versions and Not One comes close to this Excellent adaptation. Please Show it!

  • The best version

    • Sue
    • 12/15/09

    This is and always will be the best version. The performance by Alistair Sims will never be surpassed.

  • alastair sims

    • 12/15/09

    This is the VERY BEST scrooge EVER. You NEED to show this EVERY year. NONE of the newer ones ever compare.

  • watch it every christmas eve

    • marilyn
    • 12/7/09

    the best scrooge ever...nothing has even come close

  • The best.

    • sara hopkins
    • 12/5/09

    I must concur with other reviewers that this is the definitive version and that Alistair Sim is the best Scrooge. I just can't watch other versions.

  • Alastair Sim is the Best Scrooge!

    • glynisma
    • 12/3/09

    As far as I'm concerned, this is the definitive version of "A Christmas Carol". Alastair Sim is simply superb as Ebenezer Scrooge; let's face it, his performance is second to none. He just IS Scrooge. In fact, all the performances in this version are far superior to the other versions of this film.

  • The best of all the Christmas Carol films

    • Vanwall
    • 12/3/09

    Sim is brilliant, and the film really brings Christmas cheer alive.

  • A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim

    • Beverly
    • 11/28/09

    This is by far the best version of A Christmas Carol. I am disappointed that it doesn't get more attention. It hasn't aired on TCM in a couple of years (at least in my area). I know there are others that feel the same as I do. It should be played along with or instead of the others during the holiday season.

  • It's the Best

    • Jasmine
    • 11/28/09

    A Christmas Carol with Alister Sim is the only version of this movie that I want to see during the holidays! None of the others compare and the 1951 classic, is a must see to get you in the spirit of giving! It keeps me glued to the TV every time I see it.

  • my favorite scrooge.

    • Addie
    • 11/27/09

    I feel Alistair Sim is the best scrooge by far. a movie to be enjoyed by entire family. I dont see it scheduled to play this december. disappointed.

  • The Best Ever!!

    • Reggie
    • 11/11/09

    In my opinion this is the movie that really brings Christmas close to me. It has superb acting and stays extremely fauthful to Mr. Dickens vision. If you have not seen this particular version you shopuld make this a must see! Please TCM - grant me this one christmas wish!!

  • Alastir Sim's Christmas Carol is the best

    • VR Anderson
    • 4/8/09


  • Why are not more Christmas movies shown?

    • tony
    • 12/25/08

    I too am disappointed that TCM doesn't show the best version of "A Christmas Carol" (1951) with Alistair Sim. It's far better than the 1938 version. Also, why are so few Christmas movies shown by TCM during the holidays? Do you really not have very many holiday movies to show? What about animated holiday movies or shorts? Does TCM not have access to them?

  • 1951 A Christmas Carol

    • Robert
    • 12/24/08

    I see so many requests for a Christmas Carol, makes you wonder what is going on at TCM? Are you listening to the viewers requests or just ignoring us all together. It appears the latter is the case. Hopefully, they show it on one of the Public Broadcasting Networks. I watch TCM regularly. Christmas time each year i see a strong show of interest and support to broadcast this particular version and can't seem to figure out why TCM does not play it when they are the home of the classics?

  • Disappointed

    • Bob
    • 12/23/08

    TCM missed it by not scheduling the BEST version of this popular Christmas treasure.

  • Missing Scrooge.

    • Cindi
    • 12/23/08

    TCM has always had the best Christmas line up. I am sorry to say this year you missed it. The Christmas Carol is part of what makes Christmas magical. None of the other channels have picked up the slack this year. I don't understand why the newer movies should push the Christmas classics out of the schedule. I have always went to my Parent's home to watch this movie. My Mother and i agree this is the best version and are both saddened that it will be sorely missed this year. I hope TCM have them in the line up next year. You have such great movies. I hope this problem is addressed.

  • A Christmas Carol NOT on the viewing schedule!

    • Michele Perron
    • 12/22/08

    Oh...I also am so disappointed that TCM will not be showing the classic black & white Christmas movie this '08 season. This is "THE" version that MUST be seen! The only thing that I have always wondered about in this did the elder Scrooge become so tall,towering over his partner Marley, yet in the early years he was shorter than Marley? Smiles!Please put this excellent movie on your 2009 schedule...Please! From a big TCM fan, Michele

  • Why Not!

    • donna
    • 12/22/08

    Dear TCM,I am so sorry to learn that A Christmas Carol (1951) will not be shown this year.No other version compares to this one.Love you programing but I think you missed the mark this year!

  • A Christmas Carol (1951)

    • Julia
    • 12/21/08

    My husband & I agree with the other postings. This is by far the best version. We are big TCM fans and are very disappointed this movie is not scheduled this year.Please listen to your viewers!!

  • Bah Humbug Indeed!!!!

    • Jennifer
    • 12/21/08

    I wholeheartedly agree with the statement that the 1951, Alistair Sim, version of A Christmas Carol is BY FAR the best. I have watched it every year (at least once) since I can remember, i.e. since earliest childhood. Out of curiosity, I have watched - or tried to watch - all of the other versions, and they are absolutely worthless by comparison. So, secondly, I wholeheartedly agree with the statement that it is just not right that this version is not being shown this year. Finally, I love and thrive on TCM, so this complaint is out of character with my overall - and also WHOLEHEARTED - gratitude for TCM and all it does, especially Robert Osborne and all of the classic films I adore. Thank you!!!!

  • Humbug! 2008

    • john
    • 12/20/08

    I agree with the previous poster. I do not understand why this, the best, version isn't showing this year.

  • The Greatest Christmas Carol movie

    • James Lutfy
    • 12/20/08

    I learned that the name of this movie is Scrooge, not A Christmas Carol. This is not only the best movie of the Dickens novel, but it is also a vastly underrated movie, which shows how the fact and spirit of Christmas can redeem a person's soul.

  • Don't Understand

    • Joe
    • 12/20/08

    Dearest TCMCan not understand why during this Christmas season the best version of Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" is not scheduled on the Wonderful TCM... What a disappointment! Hum bugjoe P

  • Best and never aired version of scrooge!

    • ken
    • 12/20/08

    Why is this version with Alastair Sim never aired? It is the best hands down.

  • Why is this not in the schedule?

    • Maureen
    • 12/19/08

    A true classic, and the Gold Standard for the portrayal of Scrooge, it is my all-time favorite Christmas movie, and it was once a staple of Christmas Eve programming by various stations/networks. My vote would be to have it on Every Year at least once (more often would be even better) in the week before Christmas. Late night on Christmas Eve would be perfect!(B&W of course)

  • Best Version of A Christmas Carol

    • Leslie
    • 12/19/08

    Please broadcast the 1951 version with Allister Sim. My favorite since I was a kid. No other version compares. Why doesnt TCM show it every year (and in prime time!!)Please please please.

  • Clearly the best version--Please show again!

    • Julie
    • 12/15/08

    When it comes to "The Christmas Carol" the British did it best. Why is this movie not on the roster anymore for Xmas? Not only is Alistair Sim the very best Scrooge ever, but there is also the best portrayal of Jacob Marley, Bob Crachit, Tiny Tim, etc. I watched this each year as a kid and would love to see it again. Please, TCM, please consider running this for the many lovers of this version.

  • Alistair you are missed

    • cynthia
    • 12/14/08

    the best scrooge since I was a kid.Cannot find a showing on t v any where or time for a few yeears.Whats happened?

  • 1951 scrooge

    • joseph siano
    • 12/11/08

    i have been watching this best if all christmas carol'the 1951 version, since i am a kid. i was a teenager, when i saw it in the rosedale movie house in 1951. that was located on westchester ave in the bx. and i still love the movie, all the years later.

  • The Only Christmas Carol

    • geo
    • 12/10/08

    Mr Sim is A Christmas Carol. None come close.


    • beau
    • 12/5/08

    I began watching Alastair Sim as Scrooge in 1951. I have seen many versions, on screen and off and I have never seen a more believable performance. Perhaps it is because, like so many original movies one sees and loves as a child, a remake is hard to accept. But perhaps, too, it is because Alastair Sim IS Scrooge!

  • The best film version of this story

    • Jimmy
    • 12/4/08

    The reason that this version of Dickens' immortal classic is considered by most everyone who has seen more than one version is in Alastair Sim's portrayal. Sim is the only one to play Scrooge as a person, not a caricature of a miser as is usually seen. I have seen most every version, both on film and TV, and everyone else falls into the trap of overacting and trying to make Scrooge look as mean as possible. Sim uses his well-honed stage skills and plays him like a human, albeit with extreme views and faults. That's why the ending is more believable here. It's not so much a stretch to witness the reclamation of his character from the old Scrooge. Such a transformation is almost totally unbelievable in all other versions because the original character is portrayed as so extreme.

  • A Christmas Carol

    • Marilyn Alexander
    • 11/28/08

    This is one of the best Christmas stories I have ever seen. Alastair Sim is one of the best Scrooges of the screen. I have watched this every Christmas. I wish you would put this movie on your schedule. I have been trying to get this movie for the last 2 years. I told my husband that was all I really wanted. Hopefully, I will get my wish this year. But please put this movie on. Thank youMarilyn

  • "A Christmas Carol" starring Alastair Sim

    • don
    • 7/29/08

    The best of all the "Scrooge" movies!

  • favorite christmas carol

    • evelyn gill
    • 12/24/07

    i am 55 year old and have been watching this version of the christmas carol since my twin sister and i were very young. she passed away three yers ago and i look forward to watching this particular version every year and this year it wasn't on. i am very disappointed. i also watch all the other versions especially reginald owen, but alastair sim was our all time favorite. please put it on as soon as you can, it would mean so much to me at this time of year, our birthday is also jan. 6th. thank you so much. evelyn gill

  • Definative Scrooge

    • Gina
    • 12/23/07

    Alastair Sim Ownes this role.There will never be another like it Now or ever!

  • I Agree..

    • Ginger
    • 12/23/07

    Best Version! Scrooge is a perfect fit, so is the whole cast. Wonderful...A+ in my book!

  • The Definitive Movie Version

    • Maureen
    • 12/19/07

    This movie came out the year I was born, but that's not why I prefer it above all others. I've seen many versions, from Mr. Magoo's to Albert Finney's musical turn, from George C. Scott's darker performance to Patrick Stewart's noble effort (much better on Broadway as a one-man show than in, shall we say, "another network's" original movie).In my childhood, I watched both this version and the earlier (1938) Reginald Owen version; they both aired every December (sometimes more than once) on one or more of the NY Television stations over the years.Leo G. Carroll (of the 1938 version) certainly makes a better Marley's ghost, IMO, but Alistair Sim is by far the better Scrooge, giving a more fully-nuanced performance, and while supporting characters/actors are certainly important, this story is ultimately all about Scrooge. Finally, the script of the 1951 version is far, far more faithful to the original Dickens work than is the 1938 version.As a child, this last element didn't even enter my consciousness, as I'd never read or heard the original work. Later, I grew to prefer the Sim version, and gradually stopped watching the Owen version. This year, because it was on TCM, I gave it another look; the glaring contrast between Sim's performance and Owen's stood out sharply, but not as much as the lack of faithfulness to the original work in the 1938 film.I'll stick with Alistair Sim, and would certainly love to see TCM give this film an annual December airing, if not instead of the 1938 film, then in addition to it.


    • Kathleen Ambrose
    • 12/19/07

    I have probably seen every version of this classic Christmas story. Tho they are all good none can hold a candle to this 1951 version or come close to the performance given by Alastair Sim!! The movie brings out the best in me.

  • YES! More Christmas Joy!!!!!

    • Beth
    • 12/15/07

    With all of the "new" Christmas movies out on all of the other channels, it would bring me such joy to see more Christmas movies on YOUR channel. There's something special about the old classics. Not that I want to see the same typical ones over and over (once or twice is nice), but it's wonderful to come across the obscure ones now and then.

  • Best Christmas movie ever

    • John Sweazy
    • 12/14/07

    I also used to watch this movie every year. WGN would show it without commercial interruption every year on Christmas Eve night. Unfortunately they have chosen not to show this movie the last few years and it is a real shame. I wish TCM would pick up the tradition, it is a marvelous telling of a classic tale, and sorely missed.

  • Please more Christmas Movies

    • cee jay
    • 12/13/07

    I agree with some of the previous requests. I love this version of the classic and have searched in vain for TCM to be running some of the best for this season; Holiday Inn, White Christmas, Christmas in Connecticut (Barbara Stanwick version). It would be great if you could devote the month of December to some of the classic versions of holiday favorites.

  • The best version of this movie to date

    • andy austin
    • 12/8/07

    I love this version and watch it every year.I never get bored of it even though I know every line.I started to watch this back when I was 16 with my Dad and got to watch it every year with him till he died when I was 18.I never forgot those times and try to share this with my girls but they dont share the same love of this like I do.It points out how one can redeem themselves and really enjoy the sprit of Christmas.Because it is not about the gifts it is about giving and being with the ones you love.

  • Christmas Movies

    • ValerieDee
    • 12/8/07

    I love TCM. It is by far the only good channel on television today. My request is "Could TCM devote the entire month of December to only Christmas movies. The TCM vault must have hundreds if not thousands of movies they could show for the 31 days of December.Thank you & Happy Holidays

  • best ever movie

    • Nancy
    • 12/6/07


  • The Best

    • Liz
    • 12/4/07

    I have watched A Christmas Carol every year since I was about 5.One year they colored it and my mother and I almost fainted.We wrote letters to the station that played it and next year they played the fake color movie at the start of December(we didn't watch that one)and then they played the black and white one on Christmas Eve.All was right with the world.My Christmas would not be the same if I missed that movie,,It makes me as "giddy as a school boy"(quote from the movie.Alistar Simms,a true joy to watch.


    • Jack Doane
    • 12/4/07

    Contrary the above statement I bought two versions of this movie on dvd from Amazon. I got the original in black and white and also the colored version. Both are fantastic.


    • Joe
    • 11/11/07

    I've seen many film versions of this, and, while some are good and a few are GREAT (like the one with Patrick Stewart-which is the 2nd best) this one is THE BEST out of all those! Once you see Alistair Sim as Scrooge, it's hard to imagine any one else doing it! I have this movie on VHS, and it's one of my "must-see" Christmas movies.


    • scizott
    • 12/27/06

    "I don't know anything.I never did know anything.Now I know that I don't know,All on a Christmas Morning!""I haven't lost my senses. I've come to them."How on earth this movie is not more highly praised and more often SHOWN as a seasonal classic is quite beyond my understanding. I love "It's a Wonderful Life" and the Edmund Gwen, Maureen O'Hara "Miracle on 34th Street" classics, but this movie has it all. The screenplay, acting, costumes, sets, effects and narration are impeccably, Englishly mood-setting and manipulating in awesome respect for the writing of Charles Dickens.No one has come close to Alistair Sim's portrayal of Scrooge - not Reginald Owen, George C. Scott, or even Captain Picard! So evil was he, then over the course of the night reflective, moved, fearful, hopeless, compliant, repentant, and humbled. In the morning reborn, rejuvenated and finally just a sweet old guy. In his eyes I saw the true meaning of Chistmas and the sure knowledge of the resurrection of the soul and of just "acting right".Bravo to the supporting cast, too, "In keeping with the situation"!

  • Error in home video review

    • Alan Zachary
    • 12/26/06

    The marvelous musical score is not by Muir Matheson (who did the orchestration) but by Richard Addinsell.

  • BRAVO to Alistair Sim as Scrooge

    • Swagger
    • 12/24/06

    Alistair Sim was so convincing as the stingy miser Ebenezer Scrooge who believes that Christmas is, 'Humbug!" It is by far the best version of the beloved Dicken's classic on film. The black white film enhances the story so well and I hope that this version IS NEVER colorized. Thank you Charles Dicken's for the story and much thanks to Alistair Sim for making Scrooge larger than life!

  • A Christmas Carol-A Holiday Tradition

    • Robert Hicks
    • 12/20/06

    Alistair Sim is Ebenezer Scrooge.This Movie is by far, the best version of many.It is one of my all-time favorite films.

  • Role of a lifetime

    • david
    • 12/20/06

    Alistair Sim was born to play Scrooge and this movie is by far the best and unequaled version of the classic tale Recommend to all who enjoy Christmas and truly good acting

  • The Definitive version

    • ojc
    • 12/7/06

    By far the best version of venerable Christmas classic. It understands that Dickens was writing a multi-faceted tale of morality, heartless capitalism, heart warming sentiment, and that most important personal redemption. Alstair Sims is excellent as is the whole cast. This is a movie that understands what the holiday season should truly remind us of the value of family and friends, and the need for generosity and kindness in a world that can often be too hard, and too cynical.

  • Fantastic Movie!

    • Bob Galvin-Oliphant
    • 2/16/06

    What a superb, perfectly cast motion picture! There are fine special effects, and well-crafted scenes of London circa 1843, when "A Christmas Carol was published by Dickens. Expertly-chosen music helps to set the mood. The wonderful Alastair Sim (1900-76) as the miser Ebenezer Scrooge gives a perfect performance. (Sim was a modest man in real life, and once declined a knighthood.) This is one of the finest Christmas movies ever made. Perhaps it is the best, but why compare "A Christmas Carol" with "It's a Wonderful Life" or "The Bishop's Wife"? Apples & oranges. All are excellent in different ways. Watch for Patrick Macnee in a small role as the young Jacob Marley. (Macnee later became John Steed in the 60's British series "The Avengers".)

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