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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol(1938)

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  • A Christmas Carol

    • david a carter
    • 12/24/18

    An excellent movie. However, which is the best? I obviously defer.However, has any of the versions won an Oscar for best Screenplay? I don't know.I no-one has, these Charles Dickens should posthumously. If no-one has, then he should receive a non-specific Oscar.

  • Best Version of this Dickens Classic

    • Sherry
    • 12/19/17

    There are several renditions of this classic, but this one is dear to my heart. It gives you that nostalgic feeling of the period in which the story was written. All of the characters are brought to actual life, believable and convincing of their actions and feelings. I truly believe that this movie deserve a rightful seat at the table of Christmas classics. It deserves to be shown more often than it is during the Christmas season. "God Bless us, everyone!"

  • A Christmas Carol

    • Roger
    • 12/18/16

    Best version of all time!

  • A (Wonderful) Christmas Carol

    • Victor Polonski
    • 11/30/16

    Just saw your November 30th presentation of A Christmas Carol. I love this version so much because it brings back wonderful memories of Christmas' past. I only wish you would air it during prime-time. Please do that next year (or this year). THE BEST VERSION!

  • A Christmas Carol (1938)

    • camille
    • 12/18/15

    This original version of Ebenezer Scrooge is an "All Time Classic!" Just brings to life the whole meaning of Christmas & Christianity.... to live your life with kindness & joy. I can never watch this movie enough.....just love it! Thanks TCM for giving us our old wonderful traditional movies during the Christmas season!


    • JUDY
    • 12/7/15

    Love this 1938 version......actually love them all. The showing yesterday morning, 12/6.....had been shortened. Hope you were not recording it, as it's missing several scenes.apparently it was cut to fit into a shortened time slot.Can we just not do that to these old classics?

  • My favorite of all the Christmas Carol Movies

    • Cindy
    • 12/5/15

    Reginald Owen portrayed Scrooge wonderfully

  • The BEST version!

    • Wendy Turner
    • 10/11/15

    Other "Christmas Carols" are too lengthy, too detailed, too boring with unnecessary stuff thrown in. This 1938 version with Reginald Owen is so enjoyable to watch. The Lockharts are terrific as well... Love the scenery, the music. I watch it several times a season. Highly recommend this one!

  • 1938 A Christmas Carol

    • Bruce C
    • 12/25/14

    A superb version of this classic tale from Dickens. From the Lockhart Family to the fill-in replacement by Reginald Owen, its craftily acted. Not long winded, is excellently directed. Saying any one version of this story is better than another is purely personal viewpoint. But this one certainly has holiday charm and a rightful place on its own merit. The street scenes (sliding - snowballing - shopping) are as strong today as when they were made. Here's a shout-out to TCM for making sure it isn't lost. This classic '38 version is the true favorite of a good many.

  • A Christmas Carol

    • Goetan
    • 12/19/14

    MGM's version of Dickens' classic Christmas story. Owen is solid as Ebenezer Scrooge, a miser who learns to change his ways, fine support from Lockhart and Rutherford. The films short length gets to major plot points quicker, but omits and changes necessary events from Dickens' story. A good version, also look at the 1951 version. I give it a 3.5/5.

  • Best version

    • Marilu
    • 12/18/14

    This is my favorite version. I try to watch it every Christmas.

  • Christmas Carol

    • Larry Klemmer
    • 12/18/14

    This best version of Christmas classic.

  • Best Version of a Christmas Carol

    • Tricia
    • 12/14/14

    I've watched all of the Christmas Carol movies & this one is my favorite & the best by far. It is also my husband's favorite version. It wouldn't be Christmas without watching this delightful & realistic movie. Love it!

  • Sentimental is Good

    • Tim Doonan
    • 12/14/14

    British character actors at their best. Supremely sentimental film and why it resonates each Christmas season. The Lockharts make the film a beautiful family affair. Gene Lockhart's encore for Christmas movies was his brilliant role as the judge in 'Miracle on 34th Street(1946).Still, the movie is runner-up to Alastair Sim and 'Scrooge' (1951). Sim's role as the outwardly mean-spirited and inwardly tormented Scrooge is still the standard.

  • Best Christmas Carol film

    • Tim Adkins
    • 12/1/14

    This is my favorite "A Christmas Carol " by far. I think this cast brings the story to life.

  • Watch first then compare to others

    • JDC
    • 11/25/14

    Use this film to set your baseline for a story. I have not seen any that pull you into the event as this one does. The acting is real. Watch the expression and reaction on Bob Catchets face when Scrooge finds the meaning of Christmas and goes to the catchets house for the first time and Bob Catches opens the door. Its this and many other subtle expressions and performances throughout the movie that make you believe you are there.

    • Jonathan Rice
    • 12/14/13

    Just how a bunch of hack writers in Hollywood could have thought they could improve on the sentimentality of the master sentimentalist beggars the imagination. the movie starts going downhill with the insertion of the side bar of Bob's diversion with the snowballing children, and it does not get any better. You may watch this for what it is, but don't watch it thinking you are seeing Dickens' "Christmas Carol." Those who praise it for its "adaptation" have no familiarity with the original. The stupidity of having Scrooge show up at the Cratchit's for Christmas dinner, removes the possibility of the glorious last confrontation on the day after Christmas between Scrooge and Cratchit in the counting house. Probably one of the worst versions of the original story.

  • Best one of them all

    • Tim
    • 12/8/13

    This is the best "A Christmas Carol" of all the movies ever made. From Reginald Owen who is the best Scrooge to Gene Lockhart who is a perfect Bob Cratchit to the rest to the wonderful cast, this really is the best movie of all the Christmas Carols ever made.

  • (1938) A Christmas Carol

    • Linda Ziegler
    • 11/8/13

    The only Christmas Carol for me.I get drawn right into the action.This version is the very best,in my opinion.

  • forever fave

    • T. Ice
    • 12/23/11

    I was raised catholic and went to catholic schools all my academic days. In the early '70s I was going to an all boys college prep school and one xmas, we all gathered in the auditorium to watch "A Christmas Carol" and it was this version,all of my classmates,high scool boys were only thinking of was the fact we were out of the classroom;including myself. To my surprise I was into the movie and it has been one of my favorite xmas movies ever,who would of thought at that time in my life...GREAT movie.

  • Christmas Classic

    • Christine Leonard
    • 11/22/11

    This is a heart-warming film that captures the ture meaning of Christmas! LOVE IT!

  • Personal Favorite.

    • Tyler
    • 11/5/11

    My mother introduced me to this version when I was rather young, and I've always preferred it over others since then. I always enjoy watching it during the Christmas season and my mother even purchased the DVD off the TCM online shop! It's just a great movie that really shows what Christmas is about. 5 Stars!

  • classic

    • Adam
    • 8/16/11

    I am a big fan of this version as well as the 1951 version... Both Christmas classics. Please keep showing it every holiday season.

  • A Christmas Carol

    • Vic
    • 12/19/10

    Thanks to TCM for broadcasting the 1938 version of A Christmas Carol in prime time (12/10/10 @ 8:00pm EST). I love this version because it brings back wonderful memories when I was a child. Please do it every year!

  • 1938 - A Christmas Carol

    • Bill
    • 12/13/10

    For myself, this movie is Christmas. The English version with Reginald Owen captures an element of life that is often missed to this day. My parents watched it. I watched it. Our children are now showing it to their children. There are two versions, the original B&W and a Colorized version. Watch it, you'll be glad you did.

  • Best Christmas Show for 1938

    • Texanne
    • 12/13/09

    As children my brothers and I started watching this every Christmas. I've kept the tradition up by having my daughter watch it with me until she was an adult. There's not a better movie for Christmas that I can think of, and it's too bad the studios don't make movies like this anymore.There are too few movies we can take our grandchildren or great grandchildren to see anymore. Please let the studios know that there are some of us who would love to have a movie out without profanity or nudity. Movies can be wonderful without those two things added to them.Thank you so much for showing this version of Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" each Christmas season.Texanne

  • A Christmas Carol

    • Kathi
    • 12/7/09

    I would love to see all of the versions of A Christmas Carol run one after another on Christmas Day. I love them all and the story stresses the need to be thoughtful and compassionate 365 days of the year. A lesson that can't be forgotten.Merry Christmas and God Bless us Everyone.

  • Greatest version of "A Christmas Carol"

    • Vic
    • 12/6/09

    I always look forward to this version of "A Christmas Carol". I have seen this copy for years on TV and once in a restored theater. It really hit home when you see the way it was meant to be presented. There are other version that may be truer to the storyline but this version is one of the most heartwarming and enduring.

  • My Favorite Christmas Movie

    • Steve
    • 12/1/09

    I have been watching this classic film since I was a child. I'm now in my late 50's and I look forward to watching it around the Christmas season. This was the best CHRISTMAS CAROL ever made in my opinon and it will surely endure for many years to come.

  • The Best

    • Kym
    • 12/14/08

    For me nothing beats this movie, I have to see this one every year. The acting is so well done. I just wish they would show it more, like once a week for the month of Dec.

  • The Toy Store scene???

    • Jackie
    • 12/7/07

    To anyone who has purchased this DVD. Does it contain the oft omitted toy store scene?? After Scrooge names Fred his partner, they go by the toy store, wake up the owner and make him open the shop so that Scrooge can purchase the toys to take to Tiny Tim's house. This scene is soooo often cut from this film. But it makes it ever more enjoyable. Can anyone please tell me if this scene is intact on this DVD??

  • The best

    • Kay
    • 12/4/07

    This version of "A Christmas Carol) 1938 with Reginald Owen Is to me the best there is

  • The MGM touch.

    • ojc
    • 11/26/07

    This is a solid presentation of the venerable Charles Dickens' story. On the whole it is good but not great. The 1950's British version with Alstair Sims is so much better that it casts this one in its large shadow.Like most 1930's MGM films this movie has a wonderful cast, great costumes and sets, and a smooth polish that makes it a fine family entertainment. While it hits most of the points of the Dickens tale it leaves out the grim elements of 19th Century London and makes Scrooge seem to be a rather obviously foolish buffoon. Scrooge needs to be more real because Dickens puts the words of heartless commerce in his mouth for a reason. He is trying to show how hard common sense can be when it is not tempered by kindness and family feelings. Reginald Owen does what he can with the part. Overall not a bad film but more polished than heartwarming or haunting.

  • Regarding A Christmas Carol (1938)

    • Linda
    • 11/26/07

    This version of "A Christmas Carol) 1938with Reginald Owen & Gene Lockhart is the VERY BEST of the Scrooge Movies.It has more heart, more feeling, morewarmth than ALL THE REST.I rated the supporting cast a (9) becauseof one part played by Barry MacKay (Fred)when he opened the door & did not recog-nize his Uncle Scrooge (he was not convin-cing (just in that small part), otherwisehe was very good.

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