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Carson City Raiders

Carson City Raiders(1948)

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In Carson City, Tom Drew, the owner of a transport company, who was formerly an outlaw known as Fargo Jack, receives assurances from the sheriff and his deputy that his shipment of explosives will be safe from outlaws. Just then, a gang of outlaws arrives and tries to hijack the wagon containing the explosives, and the sheriff detonates the wagon by shooting at it. Then, the deputy, who is secretly working with the gang, shoots the sheriff and escapes. Later, in town, the citizens ask Tom to take over the sheriff's position, and he accepts. At a barbershop operated by "Razor" Pool, Razor tells an outlaw named Brennon that Dave Starkey, who worked with Fargo Jack, would like to join the gang. Later, when Starkey sees Brennon with Tom and his daughter Mildred, he recognizes Tom as Fargo Jack and informs Razor. Razor decides to blackmail Tom, who has already served his time in jail, while Starkey decides to cause trouble for him by committing crimes using Fargo Jack's known methods. Young Jimmy Davis, meanwhile, quits college to return to his sweetheart Mildred, who is unaware of her father's past, and while he is driving home, the bandits attack his wagon. Express agent Allan "Rocky" Lane comes to the rescue, and Tom arrests one of the bandits. Jimmy is shot in the hand, and Mildred takes him to the doctor. When the captured bandit describes the man he was working with, everyone suspects it was Fargo Jack. Later, Rocky begins to work for citizen Nugget Clark as a mule skinner while Tom takes the bandit to jail. There the bandit tells Tom he will find Fargo Jack at Devil Rock Creek. Later, a man impersonating Fargo Jack breaks into the jail and shoots John Davis, Jimmy's older brother and the owner of the Yellow Jacket Mine. Rocky and Nugget ride with Tom to capture the escaped convict, and when he learns that John is dead, Jimmy vows to kill Fargo Jack. After Rocky admits his true identity and hints that he knows about Tom's past, Tom admits to being Fargo Jack, but insists he did not commit the latest crimes. Hiding inside the jail cell, Rocky then waits for the bandits to break their cohort out. That evening, Starkey fires into Brennon's cell, but when Rocky and Nugget report this to Brennon, he thinks they are lying. After the sheriff deputizes Nugget, they pretend to transport the prisoner to the jail in Twin Rock, giving him a chance to break free along the way. Rocky, Jimmy and Tom try to follow the outlaw to the gang's hideout, but before they can, Jimmy shoots the prisoner, and Rocky recaptures him. Later, in town, Rocky plans to transport some valuable ore from the Clark Freight Line, hoping the bandits will take this bait, but Razor deduces their trap. When Razor sees Tom and Nugget leave the jail to help Rocky, he follows, and has his men try to drive them off the road. At the mine, Starkey and his men are loading the ore when Rocky arrives and shoots Razor. With all the outlaws dead or captured, Rocky convinces Jimmy to forget his thoughts of exposing Tom.