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Calypso Heat Wave

Calypso Heat Wave(1957)

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As the popularity of Calypso music sweeps through the country, Barney Pearl, the crude, cigar-smoking head of the jukebox business, decides to cash in on the craze by strong-arming his way into Disco Records, the label promoting the new music. At the Disco studios, Pearl demands that Mack Adams, the manager and part owner of the company, make him a partner. When Mack refuses, Pearl threatens to pull all the Disco records from his jukeboxes. Mack's decision is supported by his two partners┬┐Johnny Conroy, the company's star singer and Marty Collins, Disco's head of publicity, who is romantically involved with Mack. Under Pearl's continued threats, however, Mack capitulates and makes him a partner. When Mona De Luce, Pearl's gold digging girl friend, insists that Disco make her a star, Mack hands her over to Alex Nash, the impressionable young head of the label's fan clubs. Soon after, Pearl summons Marty and Mack to a meeting to inform them that business has been so successful that he is changing the name to Pearl Records. Disgusted, Marty upbraids Mack for betraying the company's ideals and runs out of the meeting. When Marty sides with Johnny against Pearl, Mack accuses her of being attracted to the singer. Emboldened, the greedy Pearl soon insists that the artists split their earnings with Pearl Records, prompting Johnny to quit the label and cast off in his sailboat. Alex, meanwhile, discovers that Mona actually has talent and decides to record her in the environment in which she feels the most comfortable, her bedroom. To spite Pearl, who wants to keep Mona dependent on him, Mack releases the record and it becomes a smash hit. Furious at Mona's success, Pearl orders Mack to quash her record. When Mack refuses, Pearl dissolves their partnership and bans all Disco records from his jukeboxes. After Mack admits to Marty that he regrets his dealings with Pearl, she asks Alex to help them find Johnny, and when Alex recalls that Johnny is fond of the West Indies, Mack and Marty fly there to find him. After an extensive search, they locate Johnny, and after Mack apologizes, Johnny proposes that they release authentic Calypso recordings from the Indies. To promote the first "All Calypso Carnival," Alex and Marty rally disc jockeys and fan clubs. Mona, now financially independent, leaves Pearl and asks Alex to manage her. On the night of the big concert, Pearl arrives with a coterie of lawyers to issue an injunction to stop the show. After Mack's recording engineer responds by playing a tape that he made of Pearl threatening to extort Disco illegally, Pearl rescinds the injunction and the show goes on.