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On the eve of his execution for murder, Steve Daly is visited by the corrupt judge who sentenced him. When Steve protests that he killed in self-defense, the judge offers to reverse the verdict to self-defense if Steve will agree to wed a mystery woman he identifies only as "Julia." Explaining that Julia's husband has just died and that, under the terms of his will, she must immediately marry to inherit his estate, the judge tells Steve that he is to sign a blank marriage certificate, never to know his bride's real name. After a brief wedding ceremony, Steve consummates the marriage with a single kiss, and his bride then climbs into her carriage and disappears. Freed from jail and carrying the judge's affidavit reversing his verdict, Steve steps into the street and is fired upon by Karp, a notorious gunslinger. Steve's friend Podo, who has just come to town, shoots at Karp and then gallops off with Steve. At the sheriff's office, meanwhile, Steve's bride, Julia "Cheyenne" O'Malley, pays the judge for arranging the marriage and then offers a bonus to insure Steve's safety. After collecting his money, the judge panics when he learns that Karp has failed to kill Steve and retrieve the affidavit. On the trail outside of town, Steve and Podo are met by two riders, who escort them to meet John Parnell, the owner of a fur trading company. Parnell informs Steve that his bride, Cheyenne, the strong-willed offspring of an Indian princess and a shrewd Irish fur trader, was forced into marriage to comply with her father's will and inherit the family's fur trading company. Parnell continues that under the law, Steve, as Cheyenne's husband, now legally owns the O'Malley trading company. Offering Steve a bonus if he can persuade Cheyenne to guarantee safe passage through Indian country for the Parnell wagons, Parnell procures Steve and Podo a wagon and supplies and points them in the direction of Cheyenne's trail. After Steve departs, Parnell offers Karp $5,000 to guard Steve on his mission. As Cheyenne leads the wagons to her home in Sheridan, Wyoming, thoughts of Steve dog her, causing her to snap her bullwhip impatiently. Nearing the wagon train, Podo and Steve stop for the night. The next morning, Karp rides into their camp and claims that he is seeking employment with the O'Malley wagon train. Steve invites Karp to join them, and suggests that he use an alias, prompting Karp to adopt the name Slim Kramer. When Sarah Mason, a lone settler with an ailing husband, approaches Cheyenne and begs to join the wagon train, Cheyenne refuses. Steve, however, welcomes Sarah as soon as he joins the train. Furious at Steve's intrusion, Cheyenne strikes him with her bullwhip, but he grabs the whip and pulls her from her horse. Indignant, Cheyenne takes refuge in her wagon, and that night, Steve climbs in with her. The next morning, Cheyenne tries to reclaim her authority, but Steve asserts command as her husband. Cheyenne's empathetic Indian friend, Pine Hawk, tries to defend her, but is defeated by Steve. Cheyenne then turns to her Indian blood brothers for support, but they, too, defer to Steve as her husband. Trying a new tactic, Cheyenne notifies the U.S. Marshal that the fugitive Steve Daly can be found in Sheridan. Donning a frilly dress and feigning submission to Steve, Cheyenne then plans a welcome home party for her husband, which, unknown to Steve, the marshal will attend. As they journey to Sheridan, Cheyenne learns of the affidavit and steals the document from Steve's saddlebags. Having witnessed the theft, Karp sneaks into Cheyenne's wagon and pockets the document. On the night of the party, Cheyenne welcomes Steve to her house and then introduces him to the marshal, who puts him under arrest. Realizing that the affidavit proving his innocence is missing, Steve escapes into the woods with Podo. Later, he decides to return and confront Cheyenne. Storming into his wife's bedroom, Steve demands the document and begins to search for it. When Cheyenne discovers that the document has vanished, she confesses her love for Steve and he sweeps her off her feet. The next morning, Steve meets Karp in the woods and learns that he has sold the document to Parnell, who plans to use it to coerce Cheyenne into making him a partner in her business. Just as Cheyenne is about to sign the partnership agreement, Steve barges into the room and snatches the affidavit from Parnell's hand. As Pine Hawk and Podo hold off Parnell's men, Steve gives Parnell a sound thrashing and then embraces Cheyenne.