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Buffalo Bill Rides Again

Buffalo Bill Rides Again(1947)


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Aware that some seemingly worthless western land is actually rich with unmined oil, the J. B. Jordon investment company wants to acquire the land cheaply, form a corporation and sell its stock for a large profit. When the company's plans are thwarted by settlers who refuse to sell, Jordon arranges for a gang of local outlaws to terrorize them. As part of the plan, three members of the gang, including its secret head, businessman Simpson, shoot down Clear Water, an Indian hunter, and frame landowner Tom Russell for the murder by planting Clear Water's furs in Tom's shack. In nearby Redfield, Simpson then tells the sheriff that he saw Tom shoot Clear Water. Before the sheriff can arrest Tom, Clear Water's tribe, led by Brave Eagle, discover the hidden furs and attack Tom's homestead. During the fight, Tom's sweetheart, Dale Harrington, whose father Steve is Tom's partner, dashes off for help and is found by Buffalo Bill Cody. Buffalo Bill, who has been sent by the Army to help the settlers, then stops the Indian attack and convinces Brave Eagle, an old friend, not to exact justice on Tom for three days, by which time he hopes to have discovered the identity of the real killer. Encouraged by Buffalo Bill, Tom allows the sheriff to arrest him and asks Buffalo Bill to look after Dale and Steve. Acting on Simpson's orders, the outlaws, meanwhile, plot to kill Buffalo Bill by luring him to their hideout and rigging the door so that when he opens it, a rifle automatically fires at him. Buffalo Bill anticipates the trap, however, and after a fierce fight, captures one of the outlaws. The next day, Buffalo Bill arranges for two Indian scouts, Young Bird and White Mountain, to watch the road near the hideout, then reports to Dale and Steve his suspicions that the outlaws want their land because it contains oil. Later, the tight-lipped outlaw, Jeff, breaks out of jail, just as Buffalo Bill and the sheriff are about to release him. Buffalo Bill pursues Jeff, who runs to Simpson for help. Anxious not to be exposed, Simpson shoots Jeff, then tells Buffalo Bill that he killed in self-defense. On the morning of the third day, Young Bird sees Simpson riding to the hideout and follows him. After Simpson orders his men to kidnap Dale, Young Bird is caught outside the hideout. Before Young Bird is imprisoned, he calls out to his horse, which then alerts White Mountain. Steve, meanwhile, leaves his homestead to collect water, and Dale is kidnapped by the outlaws, who leave behind a ransom note. While Steve rushes off to sell his land to gain Dale's release, White Mountain observes Dale with an outlaw and reports to Buffalo Bill. With White Mountain's help, Buffalo Bill sneaks up on the hideout and overwhelms the outlaws. The freed Dale races to town to stop Steve, while Buffalo Bill coerces the outlaws into revealing their leader's identity. At the same time, the Indians, having kept their promise, ride off to claim Tom at the jail. After Steve unwittingly signs his property over to Simpson, Brave Eagle forces the sheriff to release Tom. With the land title in hand, Simpson finally reveals himself to Steve and announces that he and his men are taking over his property. Buffalo Bill, Steve and the sheriff's posse then head for the Harrington homestead and meet up with the Indians and Tom. Buffalo Bill convinces Brave Eagle to join forces with him to defeat the real murderers, and Simpson and his men are finally routed. Later, a grateful Steve, Dale and Tom, who have discovered that their land is indeed oil-rich, bid Buffalo Bill a fond farewell.