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Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein(1935)

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  • Ayyyyy it's Una!

    • Moose
    • 12/2/17

    Una O'Conner is the first and all-time reigning Scream Queen! Truly abrasive,grating,and annoying,even more so in the Invisible Man. She's great!

  • She Hate Me

    • frank r. lopez
    • 7/19/17

    The Universal horror films of the 1930's and 1940's are all unique and worth seeing in their own way but this classic is the perfect blend of horror 30's style, plenty of atmosphere and humor. Somehow the mad Dr. Frankenstein has lived from his fall from a windmill and Frankie the monster survived the fire. Notwithstanding, another mad Dr. Pretorious (with his pixies in jars) persuades Frankenstein to create a mate for the monster. One memorable moment after another with the blind hermit, Pretorius meeting the monster in a crypt and the finale blind date which doesn't go well. Hissing 'bride' says hell no. Oh....and the monster a screaming Minnie throughout the film adds hysteria to the film. Movies just don't get more entertaining than this. A must-see film and one of the 20 best films ever made. Grab a fine bottle vino and maybe a good cigar and enjoy some grand entertainment.

  • bride of frankenstein

    • kevin sellers
    • 10/5/16

    I'm 67 and believe it or not this is the first "Frankenstein" flic I've seen. It was worth the wait. As one of the previous reviewers noted it's a combination of humanistic, (the scene with the monster and the blind guy) creepy (any scene with Ernst Thesiger's Dr. Pretorious in it) and downright repulsive (Elsa Lanchester's bride hissing at and jerkily rejecting Boris Karloff's monster.) And director James Whale effortlessly navigates between these three moods without any dead spots whatsoever. Indeed, in an industry where, regrettably, the long winded director reigns supreme this film is a marvel of concision, a tight, seamless 75 minutes. Bravo Mr. Whale! As for the performances they're all good, with special mention going to Thesiger as noted above, Boris Karloff, who is rather pompously listed in the credits as just "Karloff," like he was a goddamn magician or trapeze artist or something, and who, along with the blind guy, is the most likable character in the film, Colin Clive who is a magnificent study in moral weakness as Frankenstein, and of course Lanchester who doubles as Mary Shelley whom she portrays, like the bride, as more than a little unhinged. Give it an A. P.S. My only regret about this movie is that the Monster did not throttle that obnoxious, perpetually screeching housemaid of Dr. F.

  • Claude Rains-Pretorious,fab,if only

    • clauderains
    • 10/26/13

    Excellent film,fav scene in hermit's cottage.Classic,great parody in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN,but this was my most fav scene,such love & kindness.Too bad Boris got injured w/broken leg in film.He's the man!

  • There Goes The Bride

    • noodles
    • 6/4/13

    It's an effort to expect this movie to be anything but a comedy after seeing Mary Shelly's sideways double head nod gesture in the beginning of the film. I believe that was a hint from Mr. Whale of what to expect, a horror movie with a sense of humor as well as style and substance. Frankenstein scared the whey out of audiences, whereas The Bride of Frankenstein doesn't attempt to re-capture lightning in a bottle. Instead, the monster is almost good-natured, even likable, and gains sympathy from the viewers rather than fright. The Bride, with her bird-like motions and wild coif, is nearly as iconic as the Monster himself. For what is worth, I recommend this movie to anyone who appreciates classic movies.

  • The scene with the blind man is unforgettable

    • Jeff Boston
    • 5/19/13

    and the best part of this classic. Great on many levels, especially the cast and score. However, the main message of "Bride of Frankenstein" is the same as the first time audiences were both scared and moved by Dr. Frankenstein's monster: there is an innate desire to be accepted, or at least tolerated, instead of shunned for who and what you are ("Alone bad, friend good") and that God has laws which are to be obeyed (as Dr. Frankenstein's new bride declares "It's the devil that tempts you"). Such is why the devout hermit ("I have prayed many times for God to send me a friend", etc.) lives, while Dr. Pretorius (who mockingly utters "Follow the lead of nature, or God if you follow your Bible stories", etc.) and the monster (multi-murderer) die.

  • James Whale and Company shine again

    • Christine Hoard-Barre
    • 5/19/13

    If there is perfection in filmaking, this is it. Everything is outstanding: direction, acting, writing, makeup, photography, music. A true classic.

  • Best of the Universal "Horror" Flicks

    • THarold
    • 5/16/13

    Atmospheric, frightening, stunning, funny- this film has it all. Lanchester is great both as the bride and the gentle Mary Shelley. Karloff is amazing. The fabulous Una O'Connor is incredible as Minnie- her screams and facial expressions alone make the picture, and her lines are priceless. Wonderful sets- scenes at the old mill are especially exquisite. Just great all around!!!

  • A bit perplexing

    • TK
    • 2/24/13

    I found Robert Osborne's intro to this movie especially interesting. Learning that James Whale only agreed to do this sequel if given free creative freedom made me wonder. Was he seriously trying to be more faithful to the book? Or did he know the movie would be a money maker for Universal no matter what, and decide to go totally bizarre as a way of saying, "In your face!"? Either way, I found it a horror movie clich-fest. Nobody screams like Una O'Connor, but she got some serious competition in this one from every pertinent female cast member, including Elsa Lanchester. And what mad scientist's lab is complete without that one lever, which when pulled, destroys the whole place? Still this movie has its fun moments and some great B&W cinematography.

  • The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

    • Travis Black
    • 11/20/12

    This is one of the BEST of all of the Universal Classic Horror Movies that was produced in that era. Probebly the most Bizzare of all of the Universal Monster movies, mixes comedy and horror VERY well ! Highly Recommended to classic Horror fans like me. The Bride of Frankenstein has everything it that makes it a GREAT movie; Horror, Humor, Adventure, Romance, and Drama ! All around the BEST HORROR MOVIE EVER PRODUCED !


    • Michael Steven
    • 10/26/12

    Viewing "BRIDE",on the big screen,& listening to the audiences response,was a hoot.As with the original 1931 version of "FRANKENSTEIN",the quality of this film was amazing.The scene where the monster & the blind hermit could have heard a pin drop in that theatre.ABSOLUTE SILENCE.The thing about having a film like this restored,is that you can actually see things much more clearly on the actors faces,than ever before.Colin Clive's face was so heavily made up,it's impossible to NOT miss it.I don't recall the name of his last film,but I came across it by accident.His face was SO sunken in,he looked like he was nearing the end.SAD.Attending these old movies are fun.We've seen them WAY TOO MANY TIMES.But that's O.K. They mean THAT much to us,as film fans.I recently viewed "THE DARK KNIGHT RISES",& that film depressed the hell out of me.Going to view one of these older films that I've seen a million times,THAT'S ICING ON THE CAKE,EVERYTIME! This film NEVER fails to entertain.

  • Bride of Frankenstein

    • Leigh Henderson
    • 9/22/12

    A classic! Elsa Lanchester is the consummate actress. I love her! I believe she was underrated as an actress, but only in America. I believe she was very popular in British Film.

  • Bride of Frankenstein

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 7/18/12

    An example of the superiority of sequels & the high point in the "Universal Monsters" films. Karloff speaks, adding depth & sensitivity and Lanchester gives a brief & iconic performance as the title character. The film has the best combination of terror & humour before "Scream." Moody sets are expertly staged & scenes of pathos are perfectally handled. A terrifically complex & outstanding film. I give it a 5/5.


    • Michael Steven
    • 5/8/12

    This statement has been made,MANY times,regarding this film.Most of you probably know that James Whale did NOT want to make a sequel.If you will.....The Laemmle's made Whale "an offer he couldn't refuse".It's been said that "THE ROAD BACK",was going to be Whale's "MASTERPIECE".NOT TRUE! THIS was his masterpiece.Boris Karloff was NOT fond of the Monster gaining the power of speech,in this film.When you read the Mary Shelley novel,you CAN'T shut him up. The writers of this film,William Hurlbut & John Balderston,with some input from Whale,are the TRUE heroes of this film.Part of the reason why Whale didn't want to make this sequel,was because he thought that he'd wrung any & all ideas dry,in the original 1931 film. The supporting cast-Clive,Hobson,Thesiger,O'Connor,Heggie,Frye,& Elsa Lanchester-another good reason for viewing this. BRIDE was one of the last successes,along with "SHOWBOAT",that James Whale would produce.Following the success of "SHOWBOAT",came "THE ROAD BACK" & "GREEN HELL".These two failures would hasten Whale's departure from Universal.

  • One of the best

    • Dan Grissom
    • 10/30/11

    For me, 'Bride of Frankenstein' is the pinnacle of Universal's classic horror films. Not only does Boris Karloff turn in one of the best horror performances of all time but one of the best performances of all time period. Director James Whale's quirky humor may ruin this film for some people but I think it's what makes this film so memorable (besides Karloff's portrayal of a 'talking Monster'). Finally, Elsa Lanchester as the 'Bride' is just downright creepy!Four stars!

  • bride of frankenstien

    • joseph mijares
    • 10/18/11

    of all karloff monster movies, this one is without a doubt the very best. all of karloff's works are great, including tower of london, body snatcher etc. the bride production touched on mary shelley's authorship, even if only slightly. the next production of the monster sequela, son of frankenstien with rathbone as the scientist also had its moments.all the other productions were only poor dips into what had become a stale brew. especially the ones made by the inept brits in unartistic color.we who love this genre, and the great karloff, are forever grateful that lugosi turned down the offer to make the original frankenstien movie. he at the time thought it to be beneath his "great" status as an actor, in a part with no dialouge.

  • Bride of Frankenstein

    • Mark Sutch
    • 4/12/11


  • The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

    • James Higgins
    • 2/28/10

    Brilliant classic horror picture, visually incredible, and the special effects are still awesome, even by today's standards. The imagination used throughout very much lifts this film out of the ordinary. Excellent performances all around, especially Elsa Lanchester, Boris Karloff and Una O'Connor. Magnificent art direction, and Franz Waxman's score very effectively adds tension and excitement. The cinematography is remarkable. Very memorable and it's not the kind of film you stop thinking about after it ends. James Whale's best movie, he so skillfully crafted the film to last through the ages. Undoubtedly the best Frankenstein movie ever made.

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