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Born Yesterday

Born Yesterday(1950)

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  • Born to laugh

    • Scot mandu
    • 5/31/18

    Amazing how a 68 yr old film is as fresh and exhilarating as it was when first released. Judy was never better and Holden plays it down just enough to allow the humor to percolate. Crawford is well cast as the loud intimidating junk king. Judy in real life was quite bright but Hollywood loves the dumb blonde so as an actress she played it perfectly. Well deserved Oscar.

  • Judy Holliday and "Born Yesterday"

    • Annie D
    • 2/22/18

    This would be a good comedy without Judy Holliday, but she makes it a GREAT comedy! It's really her movie, although all the other actors/characters are quite good too. She was really a comedic genius, never better than in this movie. The gin rummy scene is really funny, and what's really impressive about it is that half of it is without dialogue: Judy going through her card-playing shtick, with Broderick Crawford watching in exasperation. Really funny stuff! And while I wouldn't want to hear Billy Dawn's voice every day, it's perfect for the character, and I like the way Judy sort of modulated it a bit in many places, where she kind of dropped the volume at the end of sentences, etc. She had stiff competition with Betty Davis and Gloria Swanson in the Best Actress category in 1950 (of course, they're both great too), but I'm sort of glad that it was Judy who won the Academy Award.

  • just imagine...

    • don letta
    • 2/21/18

    Just imagine a less boisterous Crawford, and instead of the annoying Holliday, Jean Arthur...Perfection! Perhaps a much deserved award for Arthur, and a renewed popularity for her on the modern screen.I've heard talk that she was considered for the part. Supposedly she was under contract on Broadway (Peter Pan), There was talk regarding Tracy and Hepburn stumping for Holliday to get the role. My guess is Arthur had such negative feelings for Columbia studios, she was less than anxious to return to the prison she recently left. I still see her in the role of Billie Dawn... hitting all the notes required for this song to play well... not just the high ones.

  • quite a mix.

    • a.morris
    • 1/1/18

    a story that has empowerment..humor and the voice of a demon that would make a man want to kill himself.

  • half the movie?

    • Bruce Melbert
    • 12/4/16

    Bit of a glitch. When I closed the movie and then reopened the back half became available. TCM needs get another webmaster.Marvelous movie. Billie Holiday is a gem.

  • I second that!!!

    • tc
    • 6/7/15

    Yes indeed!!!What a surprise to have the film cut short, such a disappointment.Most frustrating to not even have any means of communicating to whomever is running this show.Surely they cannot be doing this intentionally.


    • TC
    • 4/18/15

    Considering that I have only been able to see the first 52 minutes of the film, I won't be able to give a complete and accurate account. My point in writing this "review" is to express frustration with those in charge of providing the film for viewing on Time Warner's On-Demand TCM channel. The film's full length on IMDB is listed as 102 minutes. The preview listing on TW shows 52 minutes and true to that the film shuts down literally half-way through the showing. Who is responsible for this? Or perhaps it's a giant "teaser" to get you to look elsewhere for the film in its entirety. Regardless, since I feel helpless in finding an answer from the morons at TW and don't know if TCM has any input, I felt the need to vent my frustration somewhere. I enjoyed those first 52 minutes and would like to see the rest of the film, but don't know my options except to look for it online. The problem there is that I appreciate viewing old movies on a large TV and don't relish the idea of having to watch it on a laptop.

  • Watch "Dinner at Eight"

    • Jeff Boston
    • 8/21/13

    Same characters. Same director. A generation apart. The earlier one is much better.

  • Dumb Blonde? I think not!

    • Tara
    • 12/28/12

    This film brings the reality of emotionally/psychologically abusive relationships to its audience in a way that is much easier to swallow than most Hollywood dramas. There are so many hilarious moments throughout the movie that you simply cannot be depressed by the heavy underlying subject matter. Broderick Crawford plays an adequate dumb bully, not fantastic but pretty good. I can't stop quoting his line, "Do what I'm telling you!" William Holden's calm, cool manner suggests that he follows the advice of Mark Twain to never argue with a fool. He lacks some of the passion that one might expect from a Hollywood romance but it proves true to his rational character. But Judy Holliday...Judy Holliday is absolutely brilliant in her role as the beautiful but uneducated and abused fiance of Crawford's character. I truly believe Holliday was born to play this part and it could not have been played by anyone else. The scene in which Billie meets the congressman and his wife, the scene in which Billie wants to look up the word "constituent", and the card-playing scene are very amusing. But my favorite part...rewind, rewatch, laugh when Judy Holliday says, "Double Negative! Right?" - in that voice that only she can do - and flutters her eyelashes when she is told she is right. (I've tried to flutter my eyelashes like that...I can't quite get it right.) The ending result is that warm feeling that you get when you realize that despite the evil that exists in this world, we still live in a pretty great country where we can still educate ourselves and rise above our circumstances; that we don't have to be bullied and we can even laugh, have fun, and find love.

  • Born Yesterday

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 10/12/12

    A funny & insightful screwball comedy. Holliday won the Best Actress Oscar as the quintessential "dumb blonde," Crawford & Holden are believable in their roles. Like the stage play by Kanin, Mannheimer enriches the story with awareness of the political situation of the U.S., and director Cukor makes the story alive. A terrific film all around. I give it a 4.5/5.

  • Relevant today as it always has been!

    • RedRain
    • 6/24/12

    It is extremely rare that I give four stars to a film but this one deserves that rating in every way! It contains Judy Holliday's finest performance, much more spectacular than "Singing in the Rain." William Holden is terrific and Broderick Crawford excels but it's Holliday's film from the first second of the film! It displays the arrogance that is and always has been in Congress. It gives you a verbal and visual tour of our nation's capitol. Somehow, seeing the historic buildings in black and white makes them all the more impressive. Holliday has the ability to make you laugh and then tug at your heartstrings in the next moment. If you walk away from this film without a better understanding of what our country stands for, what those words on the panels of the Lincoln Memorial really mean, why education is truly important, how the powerful prey on the weak, to say nothing of appreciation of this performance as being one of the finest in all of film, you just don't get it! What a film! What a magnificent actress!

  • 2 minutes cut

    • Steve B
    • 12/21/11

    The picture is one of my very favorites. However, you will notice that TCM quotes the length as 102 or 104 minutes. Somewhere along the line back in the '60s when it was first shown on TV somebody somewhere cut two minutes out of the original length of the film. One of the missing parts is where Billie Dawn says: "What do you think I was, BORN YESTERDAY?"Yes, that's correct, the line that gives the picture its title is missing from every showing I have seen on TV since the very first time back during the Punic Wars, a total of perhaps 15 showings.Anybody know where the two minutes went?

  • Funny and entertaining.

    • Sharon
    • 11/10/11

    I stumble onto this movie around 2003 and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Judy Holiday is a great actress and she's an orginial. She wears very pretty and sophicated clothes in her movies. I enjoyed all the actors in this movie. I would suggest watching "The Solid Gold Cadillac" in which she starts also.

  • Be Couth

    • Chris
    • 5/23/11

    Love It!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crawford is overbearing and Holliday quite wearing

    • Jeff Boston
    • 2/20/11

    Courtesy of TCM, my initial viewing of "Born Yesterday" just concluded. Judy Holliday and Jean Hagen (2 years later in "Singin' in the Rain") both scored Oscar noms for playing essentially the same character with essentially the same voice. Holliday won, over Swanson, Davis, Baxter, and Parker. Odd that the characters from the four 1950 films from which they were nominated had a theme: Swanson was fixated in the past; Davis had her persona stealthily assumed by the scheming Baxter; Baxter was living a lie, existing as someone (or some thing) other than her herself; Holliday existed in the clutches of her domineering boyfriend; and Parker played what the other women played - a prisoner. Maybe Holliday won (Davis & Baxter cancelled each other out) because she was the only one who is able to really become free. "Born Yesterday" has 3 Oscar winners, with Crawford on the descent (I can't name another movie of his besides "All the King's Men," for which he won Best Actor the year before, and eventually went to TV) and Holden ascending (53's Best Actor Oscar and really the biggest movie star of the 1950s, consistently playing the American "Everyman" with a conscience and a brain). It's great that 1950's "Born Yesterday," smart and daring in 1950, dated and annoying now, is set in DC and plays up our nation's principles, especially with the advent of the Cold War just a few years before, China going communist the year before, and the Korean War starting the year the film was released. It is also ionic that Holliday was reading "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man" on the interior wall of the Jefferson Memorial when she was later blacklisted from TV and radio for 3 years.

  • Born Yesterday (1950)

    • James Higgins
    • 11/28/09

    This is a truly wonderful film, the character development is outstanding, the screenplay sublime, the acting is a dream come true. Judy Holliday is perfectly cast, as is Broderick Crawford. William Holden is appropriately subdued. So many classic scenes, like the gin rummy scene and the red marker and the newspaper. An absolte delight from start to finish., What a year 1950 was for actresses, three of my very favorite performances the same year - Holliday, along with Bette Davis in All About Eve and Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard. I would have been happy if any of them won that year, as it turned out, it was Holliday for this gem.

  • Timeless

    • Aquela
    • 4/23/09

    I absolutely love Miss Judy Holliday's performance. She pulls off the ditzy blond act, beautifully. William Holden shines beside Miss Holliday and this film is truly timeless.

  • Great film

    • Brando4ever
    • 11/19/07

    Excellent film. Great romantic comedy. The performances are all excellent.

  • Spectacular !

    • Brad E.
    • 8/28/07

    Judy Holliday's performance in this movie can be described in one word...SPECTACULAR ! The minute you start watching this movie you cannot take your eyes and attention away from her. Even as brash and vulgar as Broderick Crawford is and as lovable as William Holden is...its almost as though they aren't even in this film. I have to rate her performance in this movie as the best of all times, bar none. Thank you Judy ! Thank you...


    • Jim Smith
    • 1/31/06

    Of all the many female comediennes, none can compare to Miss Judy Holiday: Her wit for comedy in Born Yesterday demonstrates her love for the cinema. She personifies wit, laughter, and feminine beauty all rolled into one by this lovely actress. I highly recommend Born Yesterday as a classic cinema masterpiece of comedy and intrigue focusing on the political escapades inside Washington DC

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