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Bomber's Moon

Bomber's Moon(1943)

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Capt. Jeff Dakin, an American bomber pilot stationed in England, embarks on a mission over Germany and gives a pep talk to his younger brother, Lt. Danny Dakin, who is his bombsighter. Jeff's plane reaches its target but is severely damaged, and on the return journey, Jeff orders Danny and his gunner, Curly, to bail out. As Danny's parachute opens, however, the defenseless young lieutenant is shot and killed by Maj. von Streicher, a German flying ace. Von Streicher also shoots Curly, but Jeff survives when he crash lands the plane in Belgium. Jeff is captured, and, after spending four weeks in a hospital prison, is incarcerated in an ancient German castle that has been turned into an escape-proof prison. There, Jeff meets a Czech prisoner, Capt. Paul Husnik, and Alec, a Russian army doctor who is forced to tend to the other captives. Unknown to Jeff, Alec, who wears a man's uniform, is really Lt. Alexandra Zoreisch, and Husnik is a Gestapo spy. Hoping to trap a ring of underground rebels, Gestapo colonel von Grunow arranges for Husnik to escape with Jeff and Alec. Once they have eluded their pursuers, Jeff discovers that Alec is a woman and is impressed by her unrelenting courage. The trio travel to the Frankfurt home of Professor Friederich Mueller, a well-known economist who is a member of the Nazi party. Mueller, who is actually the head of the resistance group sought by von Grunow, had been working with Alec's late father to topple the Nazi regime. Mueller organizes an escape route for Jeff, Alec and Husnik, but before they can leave, Husnik reveals his true identity as Gestapo agent Capt. Paul von Block when Jeff catches him telephoning von Grunow. Alec shoots Husnik as he struggles with Jeff, then tends to Mueller, who was mortally wounded by Husnik. Mueller gives Alec important papers to take to Col. Sir Charles Sanford in England, and Alec and Jeff then continue their journey. Despite several harrowing incidents, the couple make their way to Rotterdam, where a fisherman agrees to take them in his boat to a pre-arranged spot to be picked up by a British sea plane. Upon learning that von Streicher is at a nearby air base, Jeff instead sends Alec on alone, telling her that he will meet her at his favorite pub in London. While Alec is making her way to England, Jeff goes to the air base. There he learns that von Streicher intends to fly a British plane to England, where he will bomb a train carrying Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Jeff is captured again, but after killing von Grunow, who had come to consult von Streicher, he follows the German ace into the air. After a desperate dogfight, Jeff succeeds in avenging his brother by killing von Streicher, then flies to England. Jeff, who is in a German plane, is at first targeted by the British air force, but Alec, who has arrived safely, helps to persuade Sanford that the plane's pilot is indeed Jeff. With the British attack called off, Jeff lands and looks forward to his reunion with Alec.