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The Blue Veil

The Blue Veil(1951)

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  • The Blue Veil

    • Kathye
    • 2/1/17

    I saw this movie with my mother when I was only 9 years old. It has stayed with me all these years. There wasn't a dry eye in the movie theater. Most of the women were crying out loud. I have loved Jane Wyman since then and have tried to collect every movie she was in. Please bring this movie back for all who experienced it and for those who have never seen it. Please!


    • Deidre Rogers
    • 8/4/16

    It has been many years since this movie was on TV.Please show it again, it is such a wonderful classic movie and those of us who love movies, will truly enjoy to see it again. I can not understand why it has not been on before now.

  • blue veil

    • Nancy Lee
    • 4/29/16

    i saw this movie 65 years ago when I was 10yeqars old, and have never forgotten it. I have searched for years for a copy or a run of it on the movie channels to no avail. It made such an impression on me that I became a foster parent later on. I loved Jane Wyman in the role and then forever. Thanks for letting me see just this little snippet of it.

  • The blue veil (1951)

    • Flora
    • 8/17/14

    " The Blue Veil " ( 1951)... I finally found out the title of this wonderful movie ! I saw it in Italy many years ago and I would love to watch it again.... I watch TCM day and night, I am a subscriber of your magazine, check all the movies, my dvr is always recording.... but never this movie ! Are you going to play it any time soon ? I've been waiting for years and it is hard to find it on dvd. I love your tv station , especially Robert Osborn ! Keep up the good work ! <3

  • The Blue Veil

    • Linda
    • 5/2/14

    Would love to see this movie again. Would it be possible for TCM to advise us if it is available. I understood it is tied up in litigation. Also, I tried to order the movie from Classic Movie Reel. After I read the reviews about the company, I don't think I'll ever get a copy.

  • the blue veil

    • annie
    • 10/31/13

    It's been a long time I'm looking for this film; I saw when I was a little girl .I don't know how I can find it, so please if you can find a copy for me I would be so happy

  • blue veil

    • joanne michael
    • 8/8/13

    I saw the movie once, a very long time ago, and was trying to locate any info, last night it was mentioned on tv, please play it soon, many followers are anxiously waiting, how about a dvd. Missing a great film for a long time, come on. Joanne Michael

  • blue v eil

    • sheila
    • 7/29/13

    I saw this film when a child with my friend ann and her mum always loved it why is someone not showing this on a cd Jane Wyman was fantastic and was not Natalie Wood in this film .I would love to see it again please on cd .

  • Blue veil

    • Lynn
    • 4/15/13

    I really would love to see this movie isaw when I was young and want own. And see it again please tell I can it it

  • Where Is It?

    • Nancy Lee
    • 5/10/12

    I saw this movie when I was 10 years old. I loved it and at 71 years old now, I've never forgotten it. Why haven't we seen this movie when it is Jane Wyman Day/Week/Month? It is a lovely movie of unselfish love and devotion to foster children. You go with her all the way until the kids are grown and come back to visit with her. These are the movies we need now. With our country going to ____ in a hand basket, it would be nice to see women portrayed as loving mothers who stay at home and serve their families. She worked from home like many modern women do so they can care for their children. Please find this film and let us enjoy an afternoon of gentle, caring and a loving family of WWII. Thank you,Nancy Lee, Devoted Watcher of TCM

  • The Blue Veil (1951)

    • IcytheLight
    • 1/19/12

    A fine drama with two acting Academy Award nominations -- Jany Wyman for Best Actress and Joan Blondell for Best Supporting Actress. Wyman won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Actress - Drama.This is one of the films that TCM could and should show that isn't available to be seen elsewhere -- not screened on TV and not available on home video. Maybe you could squeeze it in to replace one of the Friday night fright classics.

  • The Blue Veil

    • Diane Theis
    • 1/11/12

    I saw this movie with my mother when I was a litle girl. I always look for it on Turner Classic Movies. Please play it if you can. I also always look for Rip Van Winkle. Ive seen it when i was around 4 or 5 years old in the early '50s. It was black and white and they did talk. they were exceptional. If you can please play them. Thank you. You are my favorite channel.

  • Blue Veil

    • Bob Hislop
    • 11/9/11

    One of Jane Wymans best but never shown by you.....when will you have it available on DVD?Bob

  • Please bring back ' The Blue Veil with Jane Wyman"

    • Dee
    • 8/4/11

    Please bring back this wonderful movie to TV for us to see again. A wonderful and a great movie!!

  • The Blue Veil

    • Ron Harwood
    • 8/3/11

    Having seen this movie back when it was first on the big screen has left me searching for it since video has been available. Suddenly I ran across a web site that was offering the DVD of this wonderful little great tear jerkertitle and bought it immediately. It was made from a recording during an airing from a TV station in Los Angeles,CAThe quality was pretty good and I can highly recommend it for those of you that are true classic movie collectors.All this in advance of a studio releasing it to DVD. Good Luck and bring the Kleenex.

  • Um grande filme

    • Sonia
    • 11/8/10

    Este filme vale ouro. muito bom e de certa maneira atual porque trata de uma mulher que dedica a vida cuidando dos filhos dos outros aps sofrer o trauma de perder o marido e o filho. Muito Tocante . Deveria ser exibido mais vezes no TCM

  • The Blue Veil

    • Sara
    • 4/11/10

    This is a great movie. I just ordered it on DVD. I ordered it through, "The Classics only," website. I do not know anything about the website, but I have been waiting for years for this movie, so I thought I would take a chance and order it.

  • My mother and I

    • Gail Wiggins
    • 3/12/10

    My mother told me about this movie my whole life. I am 55 years old now and my mother died two and one half years ago. I still have not had the honor of seeing it. I have looked on the tv schedules and even written to tv station to put it on TV. No one never has. My health is not good and I want to see it or own it before I die. I love Jane Wyman and I want to see it so bad. Please make it available to classic movie lovers. I learned to appreciate them thru my mom. I own most of my mothers collection and I watch them and my son is learning to enjoy the older movie stars as I have. He is 25 and just the other day he watched Gone With The Wind. They just don't make movies like they use too.

  • The Blue Veil

    • Priscilla
    • 1/22/10

    I saw this movie with my mother, on it's release, when I was 11 years, at the Garden Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio.I have never seen it on television, and have wondered why TCM does not show it.It has a wonderful story and it's a real tear jerker, but, worth the kleenex it takes to get to the happy ending.Please someone find it in the archives and show it soon.

  • Best of the best

    • Gayle Cammarano
    • 10/5/09

    I worked at a theater back in 1951 and saw the Blue Veil every night it was showing and also witnessed the reactions of the customers. There was never a dry eye. Today, I,m 74 years old and keep hoping to see it again someday. After working in the theater for 4 years and being a movies buff all these years, it's by far one of the best movies ever. Please, at least show it on TCM.

  • Best Move

    • Linda
    • 6/7/09

    I saw The Blue Veil only once about 28 years ago. I have never forgotten it. It was one of, if not the most heart wreching, tear jerker movies I have ever seen. I loved it. Please show it again. Linda

  • Memories with my mother

    • Auntie M.
    • 11/30/08

    when I was a child watching the world around me was sometimes a scary thing.I, like alot of people like to believe that living life as a loving and giving person, someday, will receive that moment of heaven on earth.I was taught as a child, of the heaven after life.This movie left me with the message that there can sometimes be that heaven on earth but sometimes we have to wait for it and sometimes we get it in spurts then lose it then get it again. I guess it is our faith in time that gets us through day by day. To me finding "love" means finding a way to deal with the waiting for the ultimate and everlasting.Lou Lou found "love" in the end and it seemed to me it was going to last till that final road that we are all here to take. It gave me hopeful thoughts.Please share it with the world again, it might help someone that keeps hitting the wall losing sight of the road.It wasn't a movie, it was a message.

  • Missing 'The Blue Veil'

    • Darrell
    • 9/30/08

    I saw 'The Blue Veil' about 35 years ago on television and have never gotten over it since. It was one of the best tear jerkers I had seen as a child. I wish that the distribution rights to this film were clear so that all of us movie buffs could once again see,what I read was Jane Wyman's favorite film.

  • Get out the tissue. . . tears of joy and sorrow

    • Julene
    • 7/7/08

    My dad and I used to watch all the great movies on a show called Million Dollar Movie on Ch 9 in Los Angeles. They played the same movie 9 times throughout a week (once daily M-F; twice on Sat and Sun). The Blue Veil was one of my favorites. I cried through the whole movie and used several boxes of tissue by the end of it. The synopsis is pretty detailed but seems not to be an attention grabber. The dedication of LouLou is admirable and the final scenes are priceless "feel good" moments.

  • What a wonderful movie

    • Miriam Parker
    • 4/9/08

    One of my favorites from the 50's. Watched it with my sisters, bawling my eyes out. Airmen from Tyndall AFB sitting behind us laughing. We weren't even embarrased for crying it was such a good movie. We knew we couldn't stop crying anyway!!! Jane Wyman was nominated for an academy award and I don't know why it has not been re-releashed!!!!

  • Thanks for the memories

    • Grace
    • 4/7/08

    I remember this Movie, I was with my Mother, I was around 8 years old I remember my Mother was so sorry for Lou Lou she was almost crying. My Mother just passed on Last year, But I often wish we could have seen this movie again

  • Finally, I've found it.

    • Patricia Jackson
    • 3/28/08

    I remember this movie from my childhood. I couldn't have been more than 10 or 11 years, but it touched me deeply. I only saw it once, but have always remembered it over the years and I am in my 50's now. Please show this and let us know when it will air. Much appreciation. Gail

  • Please, Please reshow this one!

    • Dee
    • 3/13/08

    THIS IS ONE GREAT MOVIE!...please re-show this one on TCM. I remember this heartfelt movie since childhood & have waited for years for it to be shown again on on your network. These classic 40's & 50's movies are unlike most of the movies today & had a plot/(real story)to them & the actors were unforgetable! Thank You!

  • Have been looking for this movie for years

    • Debbie Pimentel
    • 2/18/08

    My husband has always told me of his best loved old movies this one always is on top although we havn't seen in many years, he would love to be able to see and or purchase if possible. This is a beautyfull story of a women and her love and care for children who had no one else to care for them. It is so heart touching. Please let us know if this becomes available. thank you for making this possible. wonderful website love it. thanks again. Another of his favorites is Lana Turners "Madame X "

  • the blue veil

    • debbie
    • 1/19/08

    please let me know if the blue veil is going to be on tcm. i have not seen that movie in 30 years i will love to see it again try to get it on tmc thank you

  • One of the best !!!!

    • Love The Old Movies
    • 9/14/07

    I love the old movies from the 40's and 50's. I have all of Jane Wyman's movies except "The Blue Veil". I have been trying to get a copy for years. It's one of my favorites! I wish the would show it again on TCM so that I can at least tape it. Please let me know where I can get a copy, if possible, I would like my daughter and grandchildren to see it if possible. Thank you.

  • The Blue Veil

    • Charlie
    • 9/11/07

    This is a wonderful movie, and hope that TCM will show it, would be a wonderful tribute to Jane Wyman, who just passed away. It was definately one of Hollywoods finest

  • Recommended by friends

    • Dawn
    • 9/11/07

    I have never seen this movie, but have been told about it by several people who saw it in the 1950's when it was released. It must be a wonderful movie to be nestled so permanently in their memories. I look for it regularly and am hoping it will someday be released for the younger generations to enjoy.

  • something for my grandchildren besides spiderman

    • carolyn arnold
    • 6/10/07

    please bring back this wonderful movie It was one of hollywoods finest

  • A Picture of Unselfish Living and Its Reward

    • skye lighte
    • 5/11/07

    I was a young girl when I saw this movie and never, never, never forgot it. It has always been an living example to me what one person can do (living unselfishly) to change the world, of course, but people. Her method of corrosion was not a devouring love but a life giving love. As I remember it, she accepted each child as they were and never tried to divide the child in pieces. If Place in the Sun was a picture of selfish, senseless love...Blue Veil was a picture of self sacrifice,sensible love. Like K Wansborough suggested he would like a copy of this to show his children, I would like a copy to show my grandchildren.....this instead of Spide Man maybe!

  • the best tearjerker i have ever watched

    • k wansborough
    • 10/20/06

    I was in melksham england in the Palace theatre with my wife when we saw this movie. when I left the theatre the collar of my shirt was wet from the tears of this emotional film. I have been searching to find it to share with my children and their children. it is a shame that it will not be possible . hope to hear some good news regarding this unforgetable tearjerker.

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