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Blondie's Reward

Blondie's Reward(1948)

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Instructed by his employer, George Radcliffe, the owner of Radcliffe Construction, to purchase a tract of land on North Riverdale Road, Dagwood Bumstead is swindled by Ed Vance and Bill Cooper, two fast-talking promoters, into buying a worthless swamp on South Riverdale Road. When Radcliffe discovers Dagwood's blunder, he demotes him to office boy and decides to withhold his salary in repayment for the land. The next day, Dagwood forgets to pick up some plans at the home of John Dickson, a wealthy client interested in building a tractor plant. Upon learning of Dagwood's oversight, Blondie, his wife, sends neighbor Ted Scott to Dickson's home for the blueprints. At the Dickson mansion, Ted is mistaken for Dagwood and gets into a fistfight with Cluett Day, the arrogant fiancé of Dickson's daughter Alice. Afterward, Dickson phones Radcliffe to relate Dagwood's exploits and asks him to send Dagwood to his office, leading Radcliffe to think that Dagwood has cost him the Dickson contract. In reality, Dickson, who detests Cluett, applauds Dagwood's prowess and challenges him to a sparring match. After Dagwood flattens him, Dickson, impressed by his left hook, awards Dagwood the contract and envisions him as his future son-in-law. Radclliffe is stunned when Dickson calls to congratulate him on Dagwood, his brilliant young executive. Soon after, Dickson visits Radcliffe's office and informs him that the construction contract is contingent upon his securing a specific piece of land. When Ted and Dagwood appear together at the office, Dickson learns that is was Ted and not Dagwood who slugged Cluett. Accusing Radcliffe of duplicity, Dickson cancels their deal. After Ted explains the case of mistaken identity to Alice, however, she convinces her father to forgive Dagwood. Soon after, Dickson is notified that the property he wanted has been sold. When Dickson declares that the loss of the swamp on South Riverdale Road will render him unable to build his plant, Radcliffe realizes that Dagwood owns the property and they speed to the Bumstead house. Meanwhile, the swindlers have also discovered Dickson's interest in the swamp and scheme to buy it back from Dagwood. Neighbor Alvin Fuddle overhears their plot, and tries to warn Dagwood. Ignoring Alvin's admonitions, Dagwood signs the documents, after which the crooks snatch the papers and run out of the house and into the mailman, who is delivering a set of barbells. The thieves are knocked unconscious by the barbells, and Blondie retrieves the papers just as Radcliffe and Dickson arrive. Blondie then shrewdly insists that Dagwood be granted a raise and a weeks' vacation in exchange for the property.