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Blondie Hits the Jackpot

Blondie Hits the Jackpot(1949)


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When Dagwood Bumstead arrives at work one morning, builder J. B. Hutchins is meeting with Dagwood's boss, George Radcliffe. Hutchins is considering offering the Radcliffe Construction Company a contract to finish construction on a new building. Before the meeting ends, Hutchins asks Radcliffe if he has children because it is his daughter Louise's fourteenth birthday, and he wants to invite a boy her age to be her date. Radcliffe suggests Dagwood's son Alexander and, insisting on the importance of making a good impression, sends Dagwood to buy Alexander a new suit for the occasion. Dagwood's wife Blondie has entered a radio contest, and that evening, while she waits for the announcement of the winners, the radio becomes filled with static caused by Alexander using his father's electric razor, and she cannot hear the names. After the Hutchinses' chauffeur picks up Alexander, Blondie suggests that Dagwood meet Alexander after the party and have a man-to-man talk with him. Alexander does not warm to Louise's personality, and when he tells her that she is a snob, she vows to get even with him. Hutchins consoles Alexander, explaining that Louise is spoiled, and advises him to fight back. While Hutchins is demonstrating how to attack, Dagwood arrives and, mistakenly believing that he is abusing Alexander, knocks Hutchins into the swimming pool. The next day, an angry Hutchins demands that Radcliffe fire Dagwood. After a pep talk from Blondie, Dagwood unsuccessfully tries a series of jobs, but is unable to keep any of them. In the meantime, Alexander gets a job delivering papers and while delivering one to the Hutchinses, winds up arguing with Louise. Later, she asks her father to offer Dagwood a job. Behind her father's back, she arranges with Brophy, his foreman, to give Dagwood a job as a laborer at the construction site. One day Dagwood overhears Brophy order another man to cover up a crack in a steel girder. Dagwood telephones Blondie and asks her to call Hutchins and inform him of what he has just heard. Blondie and Hutchins rush to the construction site and arrive just in time to prevent Brophy from beating up Dagwood. Later, Louise apologizes to the Bumsteads and promises that Radcliffe will be given the entire contract for the building if Dagwood is placed in charge. Armed with this information, Blondie negotiates with Radcliffe and wins a higher salary for Dagwood. She then learns that she has won the radio contest, but must notify the station immediately to collect her prize. Because Dagwood forgot to pay the bill, the telephone has been disconnected, and Blondie loses her chance. All is not lost, however. Learning that the consolation prize is a handsome male dog, Daisy, the Bumsteads' dog, howls her approval.