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Blondie for Victory

Blondie for Victory(1942)

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When Blondie Bumstead convinces her housewife neighbors to form a civilian defense group known as the "Housewives of America," the Bumstead household suffers. Dagwood, Blondie's husband, arrives home from work most nights to be greeted by a note notifying him that his wife is at a meeting. Baby Dumpling, the Bumstead's son, is left to fend for himself and Daisy, the family dog has the run of the house. The other husbands in the neighborhood are also experiencing similiar neglect, and when they discover that Blondie was responsible for the formation of the "Housewives of America," they insist that Dagwood persuade his wife to disband the group. Meanwhile, J. C. Dithers, Dagwood's boss, has been displaced from his home by a delegation of visiting soldiers and seeks refuge at the local hotel and the Bumstead house. When Herschel Smith, one of the soldiers, comes Dagwood's house in search of his host, Dithers conceives of a scheme to terminate the "Housewives of America." Dithers instructs Dagwood to don Herschel's uniform, go the campsite where the women are camped overnight on a training mission and inform Blondie that he has enlisted at the military. Meanwhile, at the campsite, the women, unnerved by the appearance of a sinister man they presume to be a spy bent on blowing up the nearby dam, desert Blondie. When Dagwood reaches the camp, Blondie, thinking that he has enlisted, is overwhelmed by the sight of her husband in uniform and decides that a wife's rightful place is in the home. Back in town, Herschel is ordered to report to active duty and, desperate to retrieve his uniform, sets out after Dagwood. As Blondie recants her allegiance to the "Housewives of America," Herschel appears at the camp, followed by Dithers and two M.P.s in pursuit of the AWOL soldier. Mistaking the uniformed Dagwood for Herschel, the M.P.s begin to chase him up the mountain side. When Dagwood notices the sinister little man climbing into the dam with a package under his arm, he assumes the parcel contains a bomb, forgets his own peril and chases after the man. After a struggle, Dagwood apprehends the man and wrests the package from him just as Blondie, Dithers and the soldiers arrive. When the assembled group finally opens the package, they find nothing more than ten pounds of rationed sugar that the little man was planning to hoard. Nevertheless, Dagwood's heroism in pursuing the supposed spy wins him a pardon for unlawfully wearing an Army uniform, and with the dissolution of the "Housewives of America," order returns to the Bumstead home.