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On the eve of their fifth wedding anniversary, Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead, and their child Baby Dumpling, are in financial trouble. Blondie presses Dagwood to ask his boss Mr. Dithers for a raise because she has purchased a new set of living room furniture on credit as a surprise. Unfortunately, when Dagwood arrives at the construction company where he works, he discovers that he is being held responsible for repayment of a loan note he approved for Mr. Dither's former secretary, Elsie. Anxious to cover the loan, Dagwood begs Mr. Dithers for a raise. Hardhearted Dithers refuses, but agrees that if Dagwood can make a sale to salesmen-phobic C. P. Hazlip, he will give him the raise and a bonus to cover the note. At the hotel, a smug desk clerk tells Dagwood that Hazlip is out, so he sits down to wait. Actually Hazlip is in the hotel, sitting right next to Dagwood. The two men are drawn together by a mutual love of tinkering, and together they work all afternoon trying unsuccessfully to fix a vacuum cleaner. Finally, Hazlip's daughter Elsie arrives and Dagwood finds out that his tinkering buddy is actually his sales target. Just as it seems everything will work out, Blondie erroneously thinks that Dagwood is having an affair with someone named Elsie, Dithers fires Dagwood because he hasn't made the sale, the loan company repossesses the new furniture, and Dagwood is accused of stealing his mother-in-law's car when he borrows it to beg Hazlip to explain the situation to Blondie. Hazlip and Dagwood spend the night in jail, and the next day in court, Blondie straightens out the whole mess. When Hazlip gladly offers his business to Dagwood, Blondie uses this lever to negotiate a new and substantially better work deal for Dagwood.