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Blonde Fever

Blonde Fever(1945)


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Peter Donay, an unhappily married and partly-reformed gambling addict, is the proprietor of the Café Donay, a posh inn on the road between Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada. Peter's wife Delilah knows that Peter is having an affair with Sally Murfin, a blonde, gold digging cigarette girl at the nightclub, and she tries to scare Sally away by telling her that the restaurant is losing money. Peter overhears the lie and denies it. Later, Delilah tries to drive another wedge between Peter and Sally when she hires Sally's young fiancée, Freddie Bilson, as a waiter. Delilah hopes that Freddie's presence will deter Peter from making further advances upon Sally, and she later offers him lodging in a room above the garage. During a radio broadcast announcing the winner of a $40,000 lottery, Peter and Freddie, who have entered the contest, listen anxiously as the numbers are read. Peter has the winning ticket, and the $40,000 prize makes him that much more appealing to Sally. After sending Delilah out on an errand, Peter shows Sally a clothing catalog for the "under twenty-one set" and strokes her hair. Sally then attempts to seduce Peter and plants a kiss on him. Freddie eventually becomes jealous of Peter's attention to Sally, and when Peter fires him, he explodes with rage and threatens Peter. When Freddie accidentally intrudes on Sally and Peter's tryst in the wine cellar, he pulls a gun on Peter and threatens to shoot him. Forced at gun point to admit the truth, Peter tells Freddie that he and Sally are in love and intend to marry. That night, Delilah asks Peter for a divorce, and instead of accepting his offer of alimony, she tells him that she wants the $40,000 lottery check. Peter, however, knows that Sally is expecting the money for herself, and therefore refuses to grant Delilah's request. He eventually gives in, though. While Delilah packs her bags and makes an uncharacteristic but showy display of her new wealth, Peter confides in Sally's friend Johnny that he has made a big mistake and that he wishes to win back his wife. When Sally learns of the financial agreement Peter made with Delilah, she becomes upset and flustered and suggests that Peter sue his wife for "alienation of affection." Sally's loyalties quickly turn to Freddie, though, when he arrives on a new motorcycle that Delilah bought him. Freddie easily wins back Sally's fickle affections, and he whisks her off on his motorcycle. Peter then apologizes to his wife and tells her that he now knows the difference between loving someone and merely wanting someone. Delilah forgives her husband and tells him that she will be staying. While they kiss, Delilah's empty suitcase opens, revealing that she was bluffing all along.