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More Than a Miracle

More Than a Miracle(1967)

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  • More than a Miracle

    • Susanne Cavendish
    • 5/1/16

    There is one reason to watch this movie, if there is no other, and that is to see the most beautiful woman in the world take us away from our daily meanderings. As my grandfather would have said, a man would crawl through a hundred yards of glass just to see her laundry truck, so inspiring is she in the way she defines beauty. That she had a beauty that was more than skin deep, is irrelevant to most viewers. She is the most beautiful woman in the world, of the last sixty years, certainly. It was worth seeing it and I recommend it. I am sure Mr Sellers, that omnipresent grouch and resident Martian critic will try to explain why this movie lacks something, when it is he who comes to the theater of the mind, trying to tell us, what our realities must be, and if they were, as his, there would little reason for either one of us to exist, certainly, if we chose to accept and live in his reality.

  • A fairy tale.

    • Ed
    • 2/15/15

    Loved this many years ago. Found it recently on Amazon but without English subtitles. Would like to share it with my Mother and nieces but they struggled without English subtitles. Does anyone know if this was ever close captioned or printed with subtitles. It is beautiful to watch even with a dated soundtrack and without subtitles. But I think it would be easier to share with subtitles. If you have any advice please let me know. Thank you! Ed

  • Boring Movie

    • Maureen v.v.
    • 8/28/14

    The only good thing about it is Sophia Loren and Omar Sharif. The flying monks in the movie were really silly and stupid to look at.

  • The Beautiful People

    • Maria Ramos
    • 8/26/14

    OMG Omar is so beautiful and so is Sophia. I need grown up fantasy right now and this is the movie. While I am watching the movie, I say out loud Sophia you know you want him! I love a beautiful love stories. Thank you TCM!

  • More Than a Miracle

    • Rick Raven
    • 7/9/14

    It's more than a miracle that so many people love this movie! The music is terrible, the dubbing is awful, the acting is terrible, and the story is strictly from hunger. It's one of those films you watch because it IS so bad.

  • More Than A Miracle

    • Patrick Connaughton
    • 7/5/13

    Have seen it several times & love the story & the musical score by Henry Manchini

  • For More than a Miracle

    • April
    • 6/9/13

    I saw this movie once years ago and would love to have a copy of it. It made me smile and was such a good movie. I have searched for this movie in vain. This title is not avaiable. How many people have to vote for this title to come into home video and be released on DVD?Is there a way I could see it again on TCM? When would they show it?

  • More Than a Miracle

    • Gabriel
    • 3/9/13

    This was one of the first movies I can remember seeing at the theater when I was about eight years old. i would love to watch it again Please,Please,Please

  • More Than A Miracle aka C'era Una Volta) 1967

    • Janice Pena
    • 3/4/13

    I LOVE this movie, finally last year 2012 in September them FINALLY showed it; I, along with many viewers are upset that "Mora Than A Miracle" isn't shown more often, I believe once a year isn't too much to ask, plus the fans/viewers would be satisfied with this choice. I wished TCM would read these posts more often and give what the viewers request. I sent TCM an email once asking when "More Than A Miracle would be shown? and they NEVER responded now I have to check the monthly schedule to see if this year I luck out again!. I am not to partial to viewing More Than A Miracle on Youtube because it's dubbed in Italian, I don't understand Italian.

  • A Nostalgic Throwback

    • Marco6
    • 9/21/12

    This was one of the first movies I can remember seeing at the theater when I was about eight years old. The experience made a long-lasting impression. I haven't seen the film since then. I've been watching TCM for years now and hoped this film would show up sometime, even requesting it a few times. Thank you TCM for finally showing this classic. It brought back some great memories after 45 years.

  • Terrific!

    • RedRain
    • 9/20/12

    Sharif and Loren at the height of their being both gorgeous, along with the countryside of Naples! What's not to like? What a fun fairy tale and the entire family can watch it! You fall in love with the characters, particularly the flying monk, Brother Joseph. It's a terrific, fun lark! btw: The theme is by Roger Williams and reached #2 on the Billboard charts. Love this film!

  • You Gotta Love It

    • Denise
    • 9/14/12

    I search for this movie all the time hoping to catch it on tv.Whenever I am lucky enough to come across this Sophia Loren movie I will drop everything and anyone to watch it! It is enchanting and I thank TCM for televising this for my viewing pleasure!

  • In accord with all those who love this movie!

    • Eileen Monaghan
    • 9/3/12

    I totally agree with all the people who love this movie, as I do, too! So glad to see like-minded folks on here!Sophia Loren never looked more dazzingly beautiful than she does here, and Omar Sharif is still to me the most exotically handsome of all the movie actors. So we are seeing two seasoned stars in their prime here, and sharing some great screen chemistry, too, I might add!Some of the movie is corny at times but, in no time at all you will get into it and really root for the two prime characters to get together for a happy ending. It makes me cry when it all happens!I am so glad to learn that TCM will air this movie soon! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy!

  • Classic Fairy Tale

    • Mary Kay Smith
    • 8/25/12

    Having seen this movie only once, I am surprised that it haunts me. Sophia and Omar are wonderful. I wish you would release it on DVD. I would buy it for all of my female friends.

  • Fascinatingly Romantic European Classic

    • Cynthia B. Lagasca
    • 8/18/12

    This is a great movie, despite the media reviews in your database. The media critics looked at the technicalities but like me and most ordinary audience who sent in their reviews we raved at this really entertaining film. After all, moviegoers want to sit back and be entertained. This is one movie I can watch over and over again. To those who keep on requesting at TCM for its preview well you can catch it at YouTube. Many viewers of these generation definitely love it. It's humorous, fascinating and romantic as is the mode of the '60s to early '70s. Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn are good at this. They can be dramatic, romantic,humorous, appealing in one movie package. Real great actresses and icons Loren and Hepburn. I also like the movie theme by Picciano,similar in sound and romantic backdrop to Hepburn movies where Mancini provided the soundtrack. Thanks to TCM. Mabuhay!

  • More Than a Miracle

    • donna
    • 3/9/12

    I saw this movie a very long time ago and have searched for video and DVD ever since. This is a movie that I would share with my kids and someday grandkids. The only way I have seen it since this is on YouTube but it is only in Italian with no sub-titles. I watched it anyway and it still brought a smile to my face. I would buy this movie in a heartbeat if only it were available. I will keep looking. If TCM can't make it available on Home Video, at least televise it once in a while.

  • Uns dos melhores filmes dos anos 60

    • Sonia
    • 11/21/10

    Este filme o melhor. Primeiro empolgante, vibrante, romntico e tem muita aventura. Sophia Loren no auge de sua beleza e Omar Sharif esto deslumbrantes em seus papis. Um filme encantador. Fiquei chocada ao ver o quanto o pblico tem pedido do filme que mundialmente conhecido por ser muito bom. E o TCM no ter o filme ainda em seu acervo. Este filme maravilhoso. Essencial para quem gosta de aventura, ao e romance.

  • Does TCM actually read the reviews?

    • Skeptically Waiting
    • 9/1/10

    I have written reviews about More than a Miracle before. The movie is wonderful and i have been waiting like you all to buy a copy. These years of waiting has made me a skeptic. I don't believe anyone from TCM actually reads these reviews. I have been asking them to show it for years. I haven't seen them show it once. Therefore, it would really be "More Than A Miracle" if they actually showed the film or put out a copy for us who enjoyed the film. Skeptically waiting.

  • more than a miracle

    • unsatisfied
    • 7/15/10

    I recommend this movie over 1000 times. This movie is so romantic and has so much heart and meaning. in the beginning he is a total butthead to Isabel but in the end he comes thru like a prince.....I just wish that tcm would air it more often. it seems like they only air it every 2-5 years. Im so disappointed in tcm, i"ve requested this movie over and over again for the last 3 years. I hate to have to say this but tcm you"ve really let me down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • more than a miracle

    • lovely
    • 5/22/10

    this movie is so romantic and dazzling, i play it over and over again if i was ever fortunate enough to ever own it, somebody please make that happen. Thanx, to all miracle fans out there .lovebug

  • more than a miracle

    • lovely cornish
    • 5/22/10

    this movie is so romantic and dazzling, i play it over and over again if i was ever fortunate enough to ever own it, somebody please make that happen. Thanx, to all miracle fans out there .lovebug

  • PLEASE Release this on DVD

    • Dara
    • 4/5/10

    I saw this movie for the first time 20 some years ago. It immediately became my favorite of all time. Ms. Loren is gorgeous, and Mr. Sharif stunning. The story is magic! I have looked for the movie for years, writing even the studio begging to buy a copy. Each month I can hardly wait for the TCM schedule hoping they will show it. I have told everyone I know about Miracle, and none of them believe it even exists since it's so seldom shown. I know if it was released on DVD, it would be a hot seller. PLEASE???

  • Sophia would want it on DVD too

    • Hanknj1
    • 2/26/10

    When I was in the production office of Grumpier Old Men way back in 1995 I asked Sophia Loren if she might have a videotape of More Than A Miracle that I might make a copy of for myself. Remarkably, she said "I wish I did! I don't have a copy of this film in any form but certainly would love to have one." In a spare moment I rang Turner Video and asked them if they could prepare a copy of the film on tape for Ms. Loren. They replied that any of the stars has a right to a copy and prepared one for her, sending it to my office. I took the liberty of viewing it before sending it on to her. It was, as I recall, dubbed. She was very appreciative. I still have her very warm thank you letter. Well, I can tell you, she'd LOVE to have a DVD and so would I. It is a wonderful film. I even viewed an untranslated, unsubtitled, Italian print years ago at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan just to see the film again. If Turner does do a DVD, and I certainly hope they will, please subtitle it; don't release the rather clumsily dubbed version. Turner owns this film. It's sitting on your film shelf. Don't keep it to yourselves, unwatched, please!

  • Best Soundtrack ever

    • Charlie
    • 9/21/09

    Saw this movie in it's original release at the theater my freshman year in college. The soundtrack was fabulous. I wish I could find it somewhere on CD.

  • When is this movie playing again on TMC, OR AMC?

    • Brad
    • 5/9/09

    If you have a thing for Sophia Loren, you've got to see her in this movie! This was her 'coming out of her top' party!! She never showed off her fabulous breasts in any other movie like she did in this one!! Tanned and perfect!!!!

  • more than a miracle wonderfull movie

    • monica
    • 4/14/09

    This is a great movie a fairytale, i would love to watch it again ,its a drea m and i'm sure tahat it has a lot of fans around the world just waiting to have it on ouers DVD collections

  • Fantastic & Fun (rare movie)

    • Chris
    • 1/16/09

    A great movie that is RARELY played & that's a shame; a lot of folks are missing out. If TCM would air More Than A Miracle, no doubt it will be in demand for DVD too.

  • i would love the dvd also

    • Sonya
    • 12/26/08

    This movie has stuck in my head since I first saw it over 20 years ago. I have looked everywhere. would love to purchase the dvd. This is when lromance was true and decent. Please offer it on DVD!

  • More Than Memorable

    • Alison
    • 7/23/08

    I saw this in 1967 and have been looking for it ever since. It is hard to imagine a more romantic sight then Omar Sharif on his white stallion. The cast is iconic, the story is universal - why hasn't this been released on video?

  • A Miracle of a movie

    • Conrad
    • 7/14/08

    A lovely movie. We need it on DVD!

  • A Magical Movie

    • Sergio
    • 7/12/08

    This movie is so highly underrated, it features two larger than life stars, Sophia Loren and Omar Sharif, in a charming fairy tale story. Sophia never looked more beautiful on screen. This movie reveals the zenith of her beauty. The magnetism of the two stars and the charming "Cinderella" type story are further enhanced by a truly magical score by Piero Piccioni. This movie should get a major DVD restoration, it is one of the most charming movies ever made.

  • Please release More Than A Miracle on DVD

    • sandy.hutchings
    • 6/29/08

    It would mean so much for my sister, who has MS, to be able to see the movie More Than A Miracle. It meant so much to us when we saw it in 1967 and I would love to be able to bring some joy to her life. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • More Than A Miracle - GREAT MOVIE

    • elva
    • 6/20/08

    This movie should be made available on DVD with all the other classics. A truly magical film!

  • Great Pick Me Up Movie!

    • Janice
    • 6/5/08

    A very funny movie that I would want on DVD to watch with my friends. Sophia was a great comedian as well as a sex symbol and I just adore her movies. This movie should be in a classic set along with houseboat. The eye shots and the witches were what made this movie hillarious. Great job well done!

  • I love that Movie

    • ana vangelena
    • 6/5/08

    It is a great Love story and one every young girl Dreams about! I need to own this before I die. I wish to leave it to my Daughter, Ana

  • favorite movie

    • Jaime
    • 4/20/08

    I need to find a copy of this movie for my mother..I love this movie also but she has wanted this movie for almost 20 years now and I can't seem to find it anywhere someone if you could please help me out!!!

  • movie

    • j cleveland
    • 3/2/08

    I just love the movie More then a Miraclehow can I find a copy either vhs or dvd. have not been successful in finding one.

  • mi pelicula favorita

    • maria
    • 1/6/08



    • DK
    • 11/23/07

    This is the best movie of all time. Would like assistance in finding VHS, DVD copy of More Than A Miracle.

  • More Than a Miracle

    • Nanna
    • 7/29/07

    I love movies, but this one is really really my favorite, and I would love to obtain the movie, I prefer DVD but will settle with VHS. Please advise when and where if possible. Cordially


    • joseph
    • 2/22/07

    Please release this on dvd or tell me where i can get it from on vhs or dvd


    • steve priest
    • 10/17/06


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