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Belle of Old Mexico

Belle of Old Mexico(1950)

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Honoring a promise he made to José, an old army pal, Kip Armitage III, the president of an American university, goes to Mexico to adopt José's sister Rosita. En route to Mexico, Kip tells his attorney, Tommy Mayberry, that his gold-digging, social-climbing fiancée, Deborah Chatfield, does not know about the adoption. Kip assumes that he is adopting a little girl, but he soon discovers that José's daughter is a flirtatious young woman with a beautiful singing voice. When Kip tell Rosita that she cannot live with him because he must keep up proper appearances, she throws her arms around him and pushes him into a fountain. A photographer snaps a picture of the couple apparently embracing in the fountain, which later appears in American newspapers. Infuriated by the picture, Deborah vows to end Kip's association with the young Mexican woman. Soon after returning home with Rosita, Kip begins to worry that Horatio Huntington, the chairman of the university's board of trustees, will disapprove of the unorthodox adoption. Dressed in new clothes, Rosita is introduced to Kip's aunt Cornelia, Deborah and Deborah's mother Nellie. Later, Huntington tells Kip that the Ambercrombies, who have offered to endow the university's science department, will be accompanying him to Kip's party for the board of trustees. At the party, Deborah cajoles Dr. Quincy, a psychoanalyst, into giving an impromptu analysis of Rosita, hoping that an unfavorable report will hasten the young woman's departure. Quincy begins his analysis of Rosita but is interrupted by the arrival of Tex Barnett, a member of Kip's Air Corps unit, who has also promised José that he would adopt Rosita. When Tex defends Rosita against Quincy's aggressive manner, a fistfight ensues, and the incident is reported in the newspapers. Rosita, who has fallen in love with Kip, eventually becomes jealous of Deborah, and when Deborah sends her to boarding school, she vows to break up their marriage plans. Rosita is further angered when she learns that Deborah arranged her session with Quincy, and, before leaving for boarding school, decides to get even with Deborah by sending two bill collectors to her house. Rosita's plan works, and Deborah is thoroughly humiliated before her friends. Later, Tex and Tommy, certain that Kip and Rosita are made for each other, decide to take Rosita away from her boarding school and reunite her with Kip. Tex, Tommy and Rosita hurry to board a cruise ship, where they intrude upon Kip and Deborah, who are about to take their marriage vows. Kip rejects Deborah when he realizes that she is only interested in him for his money, and takes Rosita into his arms.