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The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend

The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend(1949)


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When Winifred "Freddie" Jones, a fiery saloon singer in the Old West city of Rimpau, catches her gambler boyfriend, Blackie Jobero, flirting with lovely French "entertainer" Roulette, she chases him into an upstairs bedroom at the saloon and accidentally shoots Judge Alfalfa J. O'Toole in the behind while aiming at Roulette. Freddie, a sharp-shooter since childhood, is arrested but convinces Sheriff Ambrose to let her return to the saloon and apologize to O'Toole, who is trying to explain to his shrewish wife Elvira why he was in one of the bedrooms. Just as she has almost charmed O'Toole into believing in her innocence, Blackie and Roulette enter, causing Freddie to grab Sheriff Ambrose's gun and, in a jealous rage, shoot the judge in the behind once again. In the confusion, she grabs her Mexican friend Conchita and runs to the train station, where Conchita steals some clothes and bags from a coffin. They board the train and assume the identities of the bag's owners, schoolteacher Hilda Swandumper and her Indian maid, Flat Feet. They soon reach Hilda's destination, Snake City, where Freddie, dressed in Hilda's conservative garb, is welcomed by the townspeople, including Julius Hingleman and his wife, their wealthy engineer son Charles, U.S. Marshal Jorgensen and the town troublemakers, led by Gus Basserman and his two sons. Later that day, Charlie takes Freddie sightseeing and kisses her in the church. The next day, back in Rimpau City, Blackie, who honestly loves Freddie despite his womanizing, begins to search for her. After overhearing a train conductor comment on the resemblance between his previous day's passengers and the two women described in a new wanted poster, Blackie buys a ticket to Snake City. Meanwhile, Freddie nervously begins her teaching duties, and, with aid of some fancy shooting, scares the Basserman boys into worshipful submission. When Blackie arrives in town, he questions Conchita and arranges to meet Freddie at the schoolroom that night. She arrives early to surprise him with a gun, but is surprised herself by Marshal Jorgensen, who wants her to prove that she is not escaped convict Freddie Jones. She convinces him that she cannot shoot, but as soon as Jorgensen leaves, Blackie emerges from the closet and declares that he will reveal her true identity if she refuses to leave with him. Freddie, who believes Blackie only wants the reward money, signals out the window to the Basserman boys, who knock him unconscious and hide him under Freddie's desk. Just then, Charlie enters, and after Freddie hustles him outside so that he cannot meet Blackie, they hear gunshots and run back to find the Basserman boys lying in a heap. Believing that the boys are dead, Freddie and Charlie call a meeting of the townspeople at the Hinglemans' house. They are mystified, however, by the disappearance of the boys's "corpses," and are at a loss when Gus demands to reclaim his boys and learn the identity of their killer. Furious at the snobbish treatment they receive, Gus and his men start a shootout with the townspeople. As Freddie shoots out a window, she is greeted by the Basserman boys, who reveal that Blackie forced them to fake their deaths. Meanwhile, Blackie joins Gus's forces until he learns that Freddie is on the opposing side. Gus then orders his men to hang Blackie and Charlie, who has been captured, in the barn loft. Freddie foils his plan, however, by expertly shooting her way to the barn, taking the boys to Gus and shooting the hanging ropes. Despite their fall to earth, Charlie and Blackie are not seriously injured, although Freddie is arrested by Jorgensen. At Freddie's subsequent trial in Rimpau City, Blackie begs O'Toole to marry them before sentencing her, and the judge seems moved by their love. When it becomes obvious that Blackie spent the previous evening dancing with Frenchwoman La Belle Bergere, however, the infuriated Freddie grabs Ambrose's gun and again shoots O'Toole in the behind.