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Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge(1965)

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  • Impressionable

    • Lawrence
    • 5/29/16

    Although most of the views above are very negative..,,but as a youth when I saw this movie for the first time...I thought it was the greatest of war I grew older..and began to study more of that period in history..I saw the inconsistencies that everyone above had pointed not to jump on the same movie bashing band wagon..I got past myself..and began to study the full history of this battle and both World Wars. It was this "Bad" Lousy crappy piece of film as stated above...that was responsible for bring forth another historian. So I thank the Gents above for expressing how bad the movie help guys like seek the truth.and teach about it. Fault finding if used constructively will benefit the next movie of any battle that as fought. Much has evolved in story and effects since the 1960s until now.

  • Battle of the Bulge

    • DEC
    • 5/27/16

    A classic.

  • inaccurate

    • Bob Pinto
    • 5/27/16

    I need someone to explain to me why the Germans were so desperate to get "fueled up" at the American fuel depot. German tanks ran on Diesel fuel. American tanks ran on gasoline! Therefore, that fuel dump was pretty useless to the Germans!

  • Zionist Jews Refused Hitlers Peace proposals.

    • iknowdastruth
    • 5/27/16

    We defeated the wrong enemy.Zionist jews are to blame for everything.

  • response to previous reviewer

    • kevin sellers
    • 5/22/16

    The previous reviewer says this film is "very accurate." Perhaps he or she can explain to me how shooting a war movie on the Spanish plains, when the battle it is supposed to depict occurred in a German forest, is anything but sloppy and historically inaccurate. And my "chief complaint" is not, as the previous reviewer speculates, that "Bulge" is not a documentary. It's that its a piece of crap, with one of the only bad Robert Ryan and Henry Fonda performances I can think of.

  • One of the All Time Great War Movies

    • Sigurd Peterson
    • 5/21/16

    One of the best war movies ever. The characters are believable, the cast stellar, and the acting very good. The plot gives a good outline of the entire battle. The sets and special effects are impressive even after all these years. Yes, most German tanks are just early-60s U.S. Army tanks painted grey (at least they used real tanks), but otherwise this is very accurate, unlike so many WWII movies. It is a movie, not a documentary, which seems to be some peoples' chief complaint. If you want a documentary, watch the World at War. If you want a move that is great fun to watch, view the Battle of the Bulge.

  • bulge

    • kevin sellers
    • 2/3/16

    There is a note on the screen at the end of this movie that says the action has been "synthesized" to "fit the essence and spirit of the events." In other words, for all you deluded historical romantics out there who thought Gen. Patton had a lot to do with winning this particular engagement, in the winter of 1944-45, director Ken Annakin and his team of writers are more than happy to set ya straight. It was Henry Fonda! (With a little help from Robert Ryan, Chuck Bronson, and Dano.) That, plus wooden performances from usually great actors like Fonda and Ryan, and the fact that this film, intended to depict the Ardennes forrest, is shot on the Spanish plains (and looks it) gives it a lock on a D for dumb. P.S. Nice to see that most of my fellow TCM reviewers were not fooled by Annakin and Co. legerdemain.

  • Terrible film.

    • Larry Farnquist
    • 2/2/16

    Worst war movie ever made! Period!! Take it off the schedule. Today's watchers think it has documentary value, which is sad & a discredit to the men who served & suffered through the battle. And many casualties & much suffering followed in January as the push continued after reducing the "bulge." The film is an embarrassment.

  • battle of the bulge

    • don deere
    • 2/2/16

    not a bad movie but very short on true events surprised more research was not done on such a big budget film still worth a watch

  • don't watch or buy.

    • denscul
    • 5/25/15

    This is one of those films that has big name stars, a big budget, but somewhere and or somehow, lost t he way. This film is not intended to be a documentary, but isn't there some law that requires the title to have something in common with the film? No wonder a generation is confused. In real life, the Battle of the Bulge occurred at Christmas time, in Northern Germany. Guess what, its cold and snowy. And it was particularly cold and snowy that year. The weather was one of the key elements of the battle. If you can't read, or are too lazy to read, watch Patton. At least that film got the weather and location correct.

  • Battle of the Bulge

    • John
    • 8/5/13

    Overall-3/5Lead Performers-4/5Supporting Cast-4/5Director-3/5Score-3/5Screenplay-3/5Cinematography-3/5Importance-2/5Recommendation for fans of the genre-4/5

  • They Missed The Boat On The Battle Of The Bulge

    • Kuklapolitan
    • 5/27/13

    I've given this film one star only because of the collective quality of the cast. Based on their stellar careers prior to this disastrous undertaking one would think this movie couldn't miss...but it did...and badly! Unfortunately none of them could save this movie from the absolute bore that it is! The dialog is sophomoric, the acting is sluggish, the direction is virtually non-existent, the over-all production has little value and seems contrived and somehow, you know the backdrop is not at all authentic. Even the music is without interest. The icing on the cake is the 60's feel this movie has. With so many fine films that were made about the Second World War this is the clunker of all clunkers and at almost three hours in length it is almost unbearable!

  • Putrid Junk

    • cosmoquark
    • 3/23/13

    Pathetic!!! For what this film must have cost it is a total waste of resources and the talents of so many usually fine actors. Entitling it BATTLE OF THE BULGE implies and should require at least a minimum of historical accuracy, but there is practically none, so it is nothing but a big, extravagant pile of propaganda full of bad everything --- bad script, bad acting, bad direction --- that cannot be saved by all the pretty explosions. It is an insult to all who fought this pivotal battle and anyone familiar with just a little bit of history. Don't waste two hours of your life watching it.

  • Meh...

    • RedRain
    • 3/23/13

    Taking artistic license in a film is one thing but being completely devoid of the truth is quite another and this film simply doesn't hold to any history whatsoever. The Battle of the Bulge was fought over a large area of the Ardennes - 1650' mountains, rolling hills and very thick and dense forestry. This film is shot on a plain! My father-in-law lost his leg at the Battle of the Bulge and this was nothing like what he experienced. Worsening matters in this film is the fact that the actors' performances appear very wooden. Extremely experienced actors like Fonda, Ryan, etc. couldn't save this mess!

  • Garbage

    • Larry
    • 3/23/13

    Without doubt the worst war movie ever made. Terrible acting, ridiculous script, utterly inaccurate.

  • Rousing WW2 Film

    • Adventure
    • 3/14/12

    Cast with expert actors such as Henry Fonda, Dana Andrews, Charles Bronson this is a fine WW2 drama and I recommend all see it. Valiant soldiers fighting for America. Ty Hardin is also cast and contributes a fine performance. Hardin had a run at WB with the TV series Bronco . Warner Bros also cast Hardin in WB action films such as Merrills Marauders, PT 109, a fine race track drama Wall of Noise but his major WB film was George Cukor's The Chapman Report.

  • Which War is This Anyway?

    • ChandlerSwain
    • 6/21/10

    In "Battle of the Bulge" the Americans are fighting the Germans and they are fighting in Europe. That's about all the film gets historically correct, and they didn't even get the European locations correct, after all if you were going to spend a mountain of money depicting Germany's last great stab at the Allies and their sole major European Winter offensive where frostbite probably took out as many soldiers as bullets, why film it in the Spanish desert? Such inattention to detail boggles the imagination, as well as the mysterious presence of Barbara Werle as a trollop in a Nazi bunker. Just what is she doing here? Mere window dressing in a would-be epic reducing the sacrifice of countless soldiers to a Nazi's futile search for a Citgo station. Robert Shaw fumes to great effect but Henry Fonda is colorless and bored in a cast hightlighted mainly by the reliable (in the 60's anyway) Charles Bronson. The magnificent Benjamin Frankel score demands a better movie. So does history.

  • a piece of junk

    • John Andrechak
    • 5/29/10

    not worth of TCM; a disgrace and insult to those who served, German and American, such as my Pop, 135 Infantry Regiment;35th Infantry Division; 3rd ArmyI couldn't believe that TCM aired this junk, my God what was it, filmed in Spain in the fall? Just junk!

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