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Light in the Piazza

Light in the Piazza(1962)


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  • Another great performance by Olivia de Havilland

    • Anne
    • 5/13/18

    Such beautiful performances by all and another outstanding performance by Olivia de Havilland.

  • Available on DVD!!

    • Charlene
    • 5/13/18

    Thank you for making the film available on DVD!!

  • Please Show Again

    • Thelma
    • 5/13/18

    Wonderful film....would love to see again....outstanding performances by everyone...

  • by george..a remake.

    • a.morris
    • 5/13/18

    this story was messed up. do a remake. formula..George Clooney..brooding millionaire.. marries simple itallian ..Sandra bullock. the tragic happening..Clooney does not have needed because of an insane circumcision accident at age 32. the tag line..the Viagra of happiness is love.

  • buddy hackett may have approved.

    • a.morris
    • 5/13/18

    I must be turning into an evil being. this is just kind of messed up. just make a quasi remake.. George Clooney plays a man and his penis will fall off in 1 and 1 half year. he finds his soulmate in Italy. a simple woman played by.. Sandra bullock. the tag line.. the Viagra of happiness is love.

  • tea or sympathy...

    • don letta
    • 6/15/17

    Showing this film back to back with Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone allows an excellent opportunity to compare the two. Both featuring beautiful women of the same age, living in a beautiful city, and faced with different dilemmas... one sees hope and beauty, the other only self degradation. They each deal with a young man who by the accuracy of his Italian accent, carries his part well, or completely demolishes the entire play. George should have been in both productions. His accent was spot on and he looked good (before the tanned joke he became). Beatty certainly caught up in the acting department, but sadly this was before he got there. One film leaves a sweet taste, the other an unnecessarily sour one.Karen Stone had the opportunity to become a complete woman, with enough money, beauty and grace to dignify her life, instead she took the easy way out.

  • A Hidden Gem

    • Judy
    • 3/1/17

    I first saw this film many, many years ago, and thought I would never see it again, but thanks to TCM, I have had the opportunity to see this film again. Ms. Mimieux gives a simply beautiful performance as the daughter with a "family secret". I usually set the "TCM Reminder" to not miss when it is in the programming. A hidden gem - lovely performances as well by Ms. De Havilland and Mr. Hamilton, nonetheless as an young Italian!!


    • Robin H
    • 8/1/16

    Clara, a special girl having had suffered a head injury and remaining forever an innocent, and the mother's struggle to find a place for her to fit in and be safe while also maturing into a woman; in this story is the hope and dreams of so many parents of special needs children. I LOVE THIS FILM! What a wonderful story.

  • years in thought

    • bob cruz
    • 7/22/16

    miss mimieux is very pretty and this film is very beautiful viewing geo. Hamilton is good too and that is saying a lot for him. rosano not as good as in summertime but that's fault of script not the actor however a really great film first saw it in 1962 and remember it still...

  • years in thought

    • bob cruz
    • 7/22/16

    miss mimieux is very pretty and this film is very beautiful viewing geo. Hamilton is good too and that is saying a lot for him. rosano not as good as in summertime but that's fault of script not the actor however a really great film first saw it in 1962 and remember it still...

  • Delightful

    • Anne Rood
    • 1/18/15

    Another gem. And as Mr Osborne has said, it hasn't gotten the credit it deserves. Olivia deHavilland is so believable as a worried, loving mother. And George and Yvette wonderful -- would love to see them on TCM discussing the film. And Italy is fabulous in the 60s. So many films out there I don't know about and so happy to discover this one. Thanks TCM. Oh and that cobalt blue Dior dress -- love it!

  • The Light in the Piazza

    • Pat Stanton Reineking
    • 1/13/15

    The TCM channel showed this sweet movie the afternoon; we were quite moved. Yvette Mimieux and George Hamilton played such a believable love at first sight young couple. I loved the struggle the momma overcame to release her daughter into a new life, as all mothers must. The damaged life was played convincingly; also convincing was the greater weight in the story and the victory of whole hearted self -giving. Italy in this movie, wherever it was, was the magical place for this finding of true love to take place. Will look for it again.

  • Olivia de Havilland's clothes by Dior

    • Elise Lang
    • 11/2/14

    In this movie all of Olivia de Havilland's clothes were by Dior. They were given to her after the movie was finished. Many years later, there was a Dior Retrospective Show and and the fashion house couldn't find enough examples of Christian Dior's work. De Havilland had kept hers in mint condition and was able to sell them to the exhibitors for a 'princely' sum. Even retired movie stars could use some money, it seems. Olivia is 98 today and living in Paris, bless her! She never reconciled with her late sister, Joan Fontaine, but that's another story.

  • Have your hanky close

    • Al Awishes
    • 1/17/13

    A gem. Sometimes a really sweet movie comes out of the past and really throws you off your guard. This one did that to me. Didn't think I even liked George Hamilton, but he was perfect, as were the rest of the cast in this lovely movie. Hope to see it again on TCM.

  • Delightful movie

    • I_Fortuna
    • 1/17/13

    Frankly, it took me a while to discover the daughter was different. I just thought she was naive and perhaps a little immature. Yvette Mimieux has always been one of my favorite actresses and I think she seems to come across sweet, charming and innocent most of the time. This movie seems to take us to a window of our own prejudices toward those who are more childlike. It exposes our envy too and sometimes draws us in as her playmate. George seems perfect for this role and he comes across as nothing but loving and kind. I really liked this movie and I am glad to see it shown again.


    • RedRain
    • 12/16/12

    I do not know who wrote the overview of this film but I am outraged at the use of the term "mental defective" to describe the daughter here. She is, in actuality, of subnormal intelligence. The term "mental defective" has not been used in decades. This is the 21st century and we have come a long way in descriptions of people born like this. For anyone to use this description in an overview of a film shows their extremely low intelligence and their ignorance!

  • Light in the Piazza

    • Jeanette
    • 10/29/11

    I saw this movie when it came out and the memories stayed with me forever. I can't wait for it to be out on DVD!

  • Beautiful Movie

    • Twinda
    • 10/18/11

    This was my first time seeing this movie and I told everyone one about it. I vote to have it on DVD, hopefully in time for Christmas, great gift. I felt like I was in Rome, beautiful and funny! Great story line!!

  • i love it...

    • mary
    • 10/17/11

    love the story... acting are all natural....funny...please put it in the dvd. or show it again on tv.

  • Love It

    • Esther
    • 10/16/11

    Today was my first time to see this movie-10-16-11. I can see why everyone wants it out on DVD. I put in my vote too. Loved the scenery of Italy and hope to go there someday.The actors were perfect for their parts and hope to see it many more times.

  • Love it!

    • Tracie B.
    • 10/16/11

    This is my first time seeing this movie and I loved it. I had to do a double take...when I noticed a very young (untanned?) and charming George Hamilton. I work at a behavioral health facility and to see any movie cover mental topics interest me because it kind of tells a history of how society has dealt with mental issues over the years. I love the movie's ending when the Clara's mom is content knowing she did the right thing in choosing to let her daughter live a normal life even though there is much uncertainty.

  • light in the piazza

    • daniella
    • 10/7/11

    love this movie, everything with rossano brazzi is amazing!

  • Romance--Italian Style.

    • Frank Harris Horn
    • 7/29/10

    Julius J. Epstein, who co-wrote the Oscar-winning wartime drama, "Casablanca", now presents a splendid soap opera-style romantic interlude starring Olivia de Havilland, Rossano Brazzi, Yvette Mimieux and George Hamilton based on the novel by Elizabeth Spencer. Ms. de Havilland plays an American tourist vacationing in Italy, who is anxious to marry off her daughter (Mimieux), who later meets up with a handsome young Italiano (Hamilton), and she isn't sure she's being fair to her new suitor. Beautifully filmed on location in Florence and Rome, Italy. Hopefully, one day, this will be released on DVD and Blu-ray. Ah, amore. Also starring Barry Sullivan, Isabel Dean, Maultrie Kelsall & Nancy Nevinson.

  • Light in the Piazza

    • Barbara Roman
    • 7/3/10

    A wonderful movie with new stars George Hamilton and Yvette Mimiuex and the best of actresses, Olivia De Havilland. Rossano Brazzi was a stand out as usual. I always enjoy watching him . This is a movie you can see again and again and never tire of the actors or the locale. The story is timeless and in this fast food world, the seemingly simple plot is rich and understated. It's good for the soul. Italy as a backdrop was stunning. The movie is one of my favorites and is never featured enough on TCM. Please make this movie available on DVD.

  • Light in the Piazza

    • Diane Wright
    • 5/19/10

    I would love to see this movie again. It is an excellent story of love and innocence, so perfectly cast and so sensitively done. Please, please, please release it on DVD.


    • Dana Banks
    • 4/19/10

    I cried when I saw this movie because my fiance took me to Florence and I recognized many of the locations and the beauty that is Florence. Also, I had a younger sister who was mentally disabled and I'm sure my mother wished she could have been married and had a "normal" life before she passed away. Clara was no different than a lot of young girls I see today who only talk about movies, stars, fashion, etc. Also, I think that it says a lot about young love in that people think it's meaningless because the partners are so young, but Fabio was able to bring out things in Clara (and vice versa) that even her own mother wasn't able to bring out. He was able to calm her and bring balance to her life and I'm sure, she was able to do the same things for him. Life is about being happy and embracing everything around you and that shouldn't be limited to those who are deemed "normal" by society.

  • Very Sweet

    • Muriel
    • 3/29/10

    To the person who was insulted on behalf of Italians - I do agree that a family should have picked up on the fact that the girl was functionally retarded. However, there are plenty of 60's Italian films about the shallow rich Italians so maybe there is a niche she would fit into. Clara had qualities very admired by old fashioned people -sheltered upbringing, innocence, sweetness, virginity. It was also shown that Fabrizio was a dim bulb - his father admitted he was a poor scholar and and some of Fabrizio's actions showed he was not smart. His father even forgot Fabrizio was 23, thinking him younger because of his behavior. How lucky that this young couple had wealthy parents to look out for them, because they needed it.I do know someone who really was kicked in the head as a child and it affected him both mentally and physically. He did not look normal. All I can say is it was a lucky kick that affected only the mind of a beautiful girl and not her physical coordination or looks. The story is handled so well, everyone has only loving intentions, the acting is so good, that somehow it works and I was able to suspend disbelief and enjoy the story.

  • Light in the Piazza

    • Kathy
    • 3/29/10

    Just saw this for the first time and definitely want to get it on DVD. I thought the subject matter for the time it was made was covered very sensitvely and the acting superb. The fact that she was able to learn Italian says that she was intelligent. As far as her family needs being met, she has a very loving Mother and Fabrizio has a very loving and supportive family. I feel that it was true in that sense. Olivia was wonderful as always;one of my favorite actresses, and Rozanno was marvelous. Very well cast and directed, want this on DVD to own.

  • Light in the Piazza

    • Tere M. Feal
    • 3/29/10

    I've loved this movie since I saw it for the first time a few years ago. The superb acting with two of my favorite actors, the brilliant direction and beautiful location make it one of my favorites of all times. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the DVD.

  • Insulting

    • Ellen
    • 3/28/10

    This is an insulting movie to Italians. Are Italians really that stupid as to not be able to figure out that someone is mentally challenged? I don't think so. Do young Italian people really sit around all day and talk about movie stars? I don't think this is true either. Someone should have figured out the premise of this movie before making it. Horribly insulting.

  • The Light in the Piazza

    • Dolores Crerie
    • 2/28/10

    I saw this movie when I was 12. I identified myself with Clara and lived her romance with Fabrizzio during my early teens. For years I've been searching for this movie in VHS and or in DVD, and haven't been successful. Please, release it in DVD. I would love to share it with my daughters.

  • Lovely! DVD material!

    • linda campbell
    • 11/19/09

    The story is beautifully shot in the most romantic spot in the world, the acting, especially by Olivia de Havilland, is superb, and the subject matter is handled with sensitivity. I have loved the story since reading it in college and loved the Broadway musical. I am waiting impatiently for the release of the DVD!

  • Where can I purchase the DVD?

    • Betty Petersen
    • 3/12/09

    Clara is so much like my daughter, I'd like her to see the movie.

  • Light in the Piazza (1962)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 12/16/08

    Sensitively handled drama, and it tackles some touchy and serious issues very professionally. Well acted, good writing, but it is a bit talky at times. Fine art direction and cinematography.

  • Please make available to buy on DVD!

    • Marcielle
    • 11/10/08

    This movie is super sweet. I really want to own it and it is not on the market. TCM, please please please sell this movie! Or, please play it again on your channel! I enjoyed this movie so much. Again, please play this on TCM again!

  • This movie is darling!

    • Margo
    • 10/20/08

    I am in love with this movie it was just so sweet and just a darling love story. I was so disappointed to find out it was not available to buy on DVD! So everyone reading this, please vote for this mivie to become available on DVD! Thanks so much!

  • Light in the Piazza

    • Prudence
    • 10/16/08

    I loved watching the movie "Light in the Piazza. I remember seeing that movie when I was a child. It brought back many fond memories of my trips to Italy. Hope it comes out on DVD soon. Hope you play it again soon.

  • "Light in the Piazza" Dazzles

    • Susan Mianulli
    • 10/15/08

    I,too, watched this movie on 10/10/08 and had forgotten what a beautiful film this is. As the movie was made into an a Tony Award winning musical in 2005, I would think there would be a real market for the original film. I am a music teacher and my students sang the selections from the musical last year. They were entranced by both the music and the beautiful story. I would love to be able to show them the original movie. Please bring this out on DVD.

  • Light in the Piazza

    • Ginger
    • 10/12/08

    I saw this movie last night 10/10/08 and immediately tried to find it on DVD. I not only loved the story line of the movie, but traveled through Italy this summer. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing that the places I visited in 2008 were virtually the same in 1962 when this movie was filmed. I love Italy!

  • A Wonderful movie.....

    • Phyllis Ann
    • 10/10/08

    This is a warm and lovely movie. Over the years I've seen this movie many times. The cast is marvelous....Rossano Brazzi, Olivia de Havilland, Yvette Mimieux, George Hamilton, Barry Sullivan. But the story you will remember and want to see again and again. Please release it on DVD so everyone can enjoy this wonderful movie filmed in Italy with all of it beauty.

  • Please release this movie!!!

    • Linda
    • 9/9/08

    Great, great movie! I have also been waiting forever for this to be released on DVD. I guarantee I will buy a copy the day it comes out! I'm sorry I have to be at work today while TCM is showing it. I might have played hookey if I had known in advance. I repeat, PLEASE RELEASE "LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA" ON DVD.THANK YOU

  • Great Movie

    • Sandy Dell
    • 8/6/08

    I agree with John, release the DVD!!!I have been waiting forever.My husband took me to see it in Baltimorewhen I was 16 years old. I found the bookrecently. Sandy

  • Please release me

    • John
    • 7/26/08

    My wife loves this movie. Our old videotape from a broadcast is worn out. We've been waiting years for this to come out on DVD, and whoever is sitting on the rights is committing a crime against global culture. The musical was a hit, so it's time to put the movie out. Concerns about its anachronistic elements are silly beyond belief. It's precisely because this movie represents a set of mores and values from times past that it is wonderful to see now.

  • should be available on DVD now!

    • kenneth chrzastek
    • 1/27/07

    In view of the success of the musical version on broadway and touring the US, the original film bears a re-watching; excellent portrayal by Olivia de Havilland and charming story with lovely cinematography and score. Thanks!

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