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Babes in Toyland

Babes in Toyland(1934)


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In the village of Toyland, evil old Silas Barnaby threatens to evict the Widow Peep, who lives in a shoe, unless she allows him to marry her daughter Bo-Peep. The widow refuses his demand, much to the relief of Bo-Peep, who is in love with handsome Tom-Tom Piper. Desperate for money to pay off her mortgage, Widow Peep asks for help from her well-meaning but simple lodgers, Stannie Dum and Ollie Dee, who assure her that they can borrow the money from their employer, the Toymaker. After they arrive at work, however, their hopes for a loan are dashed when it is discovered that they made a mistake in an order for Santa Claus. Instead of the 600 one-foot tall toy soldiers that Santa needs, the boys told the toymakers to build 100 six-foot tall soldiers. The enraged Toymaker fires them and they return home just as Barnaby is again threatening Bo-Peep and her mother. Unable to pay Barnaby, the boys resolve to obtain the deed to the shoe, and so, that night, Ollie hides in a box that Stannie takes to Barnaby as a Christmas present. The boys intend to steal the deed while Barnaby sleeps, but he discovers their ruse, and the next day, Old King Cole proclaims that the would-be thieves are to be ducked in the pond and permanently banished to Bogeyland. Ollie's dignity is dampened by the ducking, but he and Stannie are saved from banishment by Bo-Peep, who agrees to marry Barnaby if he drops the charges and allows her mother to move back into the shoe. Soon after, Bo-Peep and her mother are sadly waiting with Stannie and Ollie for the wedding ceremony to begin. As Ollie laments having to give Bo-Peep away, Widow Peep goes to Barnaby's house to plead for mercy, which he refuses to give. Ollie then arrives with the bride, who is demurely covered with a heavy veil, and the wedding commences. After the ceremony, Barnaby gives the deed to Ollie, who tears it up, but when Barnaby lifts the veil to kiss his bride, he finds Stannie, not Bo-Peep. Barnaby vows revenge, and later that night, kidnaps Elmer, one of the Three Little Pigs, and plants evidence to make Tom-Tom appear guilty. The next day, during Tom-Tom's trial, Stannie and Ollie find Elmer in Barnaby's cellar, but by the time they bring him back, Tom-Tom has already been sent to Bogeyland. Bo-Peep rushes off to find her sweetheart, while the townspeople chase Barnaby, who goes to Bogeyland through a secret passageway in his well. Stannie and Ollie follow him and find Bo-Peep and Tom-Tom, then are chased back to Toyland by Barnaby and the monstrous bogeymen whom he controls. Back at Toyland, everyone welcomes the returned heroes, but chaos breaks out as the village is overrun by Barnaby's mauraders. A resourceful mouse takes to the air in a toy blimp and drops miniature torpedoes on the bogeymen, while Stannie and Ollie start up the giant wooden soldiers. The soldiers march out of the toy factory and soon rout the bogeymen. Stannie and Ollie attempt to shoot a parting volley of darts at the fleeing monsters, but the cannon tips over and covers Ollie's backside with darts.