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Arizona Cyclone

Arizona Cyclone(1941)

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Tom Baxter is the wagon boss of the Bryson-based Prairie Bad Lands Freight Line, which is owned by George Randolph. The Arizona-Western Freighting Co., a rival freight line run by Quirt Crenshaw, attempts to acquire the local hauling business that has previously been the exclusive property of the PBL. The two companies race each other for a shipment in Indian Springs, and the PBL arrives first, as a wheel falls off one of the A & W wagons. Back in Bryson, Tom is informed by Randolph that they have just been awarded a gold shipping contract. Meanwhile, Crenshaw meets with his boss, banker Adam Draper, who informs him that a new telegram freight contract worth $100,000 is being offered. As this contract requires a $10,000 bond, Draper orders Crenshaw to join forces with gunfighter Roy Jessup and his gang to hold up the next PBL gold shipment, so the rival company will not be able to afford the bond. Learning of Jessup's arrival in town, Tom begins to worry about Randolph's daughter Claire, who is bringing in the gold shipment. His worries are well-founded, as Claire, scouting ahead, spots Crenshaw and the outlaws and rides off to warn her men. While the outlaws prepare to ambush the pack train in a narrow valley, Tom sneaks behind them and opens fire. After a brief gunfight, the outlaws escape, and Tom joins the pack train, which safely brings in the gold. Back in town, Draper threatens to fire Crenshaw, until the outlaw vows to reveal that Draper embezzled bank funds to secretly finance the A & W. When Tom then enters the bank, he is warned by bank clerk Elsie Graham that Crenshaw is gunning for him. Tom tells Elsie that he is worried about Draper's possible involvement with Crenshaw, and she tells him about the telegraph freight contract. Later, while on the trail, Tom learns that Crenshaw and his men are attempting to steal their latest shipment. When Tom and his men arrive to pick up the freight, Crenshaw threatens to shoot any PBL man who touches the merchandise, but is shot in the hand by Tom. Crenshaw then decides to attack Tom as he rides by the saloon, but he is defeated by both Tom's whip and Randolph's quick draw. Randolph later meets with Draper, and questions him about his business relationship with Crenshaw, which Draper disavows. Draper still refuses to lend Randolph $10,000 for the telegraph bond, so the freight line owner threatens to move his banking business to Carson City. Draper then sends Jessup and his gang to ambush Randolph as he rides alone to Carson City. Later, Claire finds her murdered father, and she rides off after Tom. Back in Bryson, Draper tells Claire and Tom that, with her father now dead, he will not lend the PBL the needed $10,000 and suggests that she sell the business. She refuses, and Tom informs the banker that he is now running the PBL for Claire. That night, Crenshaw, Jessup and their men blow up the PBL's barn, but Draper is caught by Tom as he attempts to escape with the saboteurs. Tom, Claire and Muleshoe, Tom's best friend, ride into town, and the crew of the two freight lines finally shoot it out. When Tom enters the saloon, Crenshaw is accidentally shot and killed during their ensuing fistfight. With Draper and his men under arrest, Claire is awarded the telegraph freight contract, while Tom is offered a half interest in the PBL, and Elsie is hired to run the PBL main office.