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Angels with Broken Wings

Angels with Broken Wings(1941)


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New York City couturier Charlotte Lord, a widow, prepares to marry businessman Guy Barton with the help of her daughters, Jane, Leni and Marilyn, and their two friends, Mary and Lois Wilson. Their plans are disrupted, however, when the U.S. Supreme Court invalidates Mexican "quick" divorces, and consequently Guy is still married to his ex-wife Sybil. Scheming Sybil then pressures Guy for more money, telling him that she will not divorce him unless he pays her $150,000. Determined to help Charlotte, the girls try to have Sybil adjudged insane by sending a psychiatrist, Dr. Hilary Fortesque, after her, but she thwarts the doctor and gets police protection to prevent more interference. Leni, Marilyn, Mary and Lois then enlist their friend Punchy, who plants a microphone in Sybil's hotel room in an effort to frighten her. They are discovered, however, and when Sybil learns that Charlotte is Leni and Marilyn's mother, she tells Guy that she will press charges against them unless she receives the money within a week. Punchy then tells the girls that they need to find Sybil a man who is richer than Guy, and they press Jane's boyfriend Steve, who is Mary and Lois' brother, into service. Taking the name "Don Pablo Vincente" from a cigar band, the girls transform Steve into a rich Argentinian cattle baron. The romance progresses rapidly as Sybil falls for Steve's blandishments, and when Guy learns of the relationship, he sues "Don Pablo" for alienation of affection. News of the suit reaches South America, where a real cattle baron named Don Pablo Vincente reads of his alleged adventures with great amusement. Attracted by the newspaper picture of Sybil, Don Pablo travels to New York City, where he hears the real story from Steve and the girls. Don Pablo wants to handle Sybil himself and meets her in the guise of a waiter. Sybil has him arrested for his persistant amorous attentions, but after Steve tells her that he is an impostor and she accidentally finds Don Pablo's passport, she bails Don Pablo out of jail and plays up to him. Thinking that Sybil really believes that he is a waiter, Don Pablo agrees to marry her after she finds out that it was only mail order Mexican divorces that were declared invalid, not ones such as hers and Guy's in which the parties were present. Steve tells Don Pablo that Sybil is aware of his identity, however, and Don Pablo decides to teach her a lesson. Just as the wedding ceremony is beginning, two men rush in and, stating that they are asylum attendants and that Don Pablo is an insane bigamist, carry Don Pablo away. The distraught Sybil is left alone while the "attendants" escort Don Pablo and the girls to the harbor, where Don Pablo boards a ship to return home. Also aboard are Guy and Charlotte, and Steve and Jane, who are embarking on their honeymoons. The girls wave goodbye and then begin hatching a scheme to help their pal Gus win back the affections of his girl friend.