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All The President's Men

All The President's Men(1976)

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  • the true spirit of 76

    • a.morris
    • 1/5/18

    a journalism detective story presented in an excellent manner. seemingly no exaggeration in the way the real life events happened. a movie that displayed the idea of integrity.. professionalism and consideration in how a journalist should do their job. the acting fit the frame of the story exactly as it should. the movie could not be made any better for the time made is the compass.. used by story makers ..who wish to make a journalism story today. one of the best movies based on a real life event ever.

  • Great Journalism Movie

    • Roger
    • 10/26/16

    When "Watergate" broke as a story in June, 1972, I was a young reporter for a midwestern city newspaper. I recall reading the initial story, which was on an inside page in my newspaper, and thinking: "There's got to be more to this story." Boy, was there, and it was a simple matter of dedicated journalistic digging. No matter how you feel about the substance of the story, "All the President's Men" is a very good depiction of what life can be like for reporters and putting together a story. The depictions of the newsroom, the discussions, the confrontations of journalism ethics and deadlines, all of it is there. This is not a movie about the fall of Nixon; it is a story about how you put together a great journalistic effort that resulted in the fall of a President. It has always been the best I have seen on journalism...until "Spotlight", the recent Oscar-winning movie about how the Boston Globe put together a story that exposed the abuse of children by Catholic clergy, and the resulting coverups. See "All the President's Men" and "Spotlight" together, and appreciate the challenges and the grind a reporter goes through.

  • response to previous reviewer

    • kevin sellers
    • 7/10/16

    Comparing Hillary's E Mailgate to Nixon's Watergate is like comparing Martha Stewart to Indira Gandhi. Hillary's misdeeds arose from a sense of entitlement while Tricky Dick's sins sprang from a thorough contempt for democracy and a deep, pathological paranoia. I trust that a significant majority of the current American electorate, faced as they are with a choice between irresponsible and toxic this November, will see it this way.

  • HRC/Nixon

    • Lily54
    • 7/7/16

    If this was Hilary Clinton, today, the press would give her a pass. Just carelessness.... nothing to see here. Nixon was amateur hour compared to the corrupt, undetectable, Machiavellian, Clinton machine. You won't see the mainstream media writing any stories about HRC getting fired for 'ethics violations' while serving on the Watergate Committee. nothing to see here....

  • All the Presidents Bend.....

    • Clichae,H.A.
    • 7/7/16

    or have movies like this made about him taking many in the audiences around the same bend. The head of the Fed had his office on the 8th floor of notorious hotel into which the plumbers snuck to obtain & photograph Fed records with which to implement banking competition by commercializing S & L's in order to loosen the Fed's grip on the national economy. A 'spook' botched the tape job over the lock for 'discovery'.

  • All The President's Men

    • Michael Whitty
    • 6/14/16

    Watergate was a maze of intrigue in which men helping to aid President Nixon's reelection bid ended up in prison for their criminal behavior. The movie made from the Woodward-Bernstein book, two Washington Post reporters trying to add up the facts of the White House criminality, is a thoughtful and suspenseful storyline showing Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman as Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein going to great lengths to get their facts. The shadowy cinematography contrasted with the well-lighted newspaper office showing differences with the good guys and the bad guys. From the Watergate break-in on June 17,1972 to President Nixon's resignation on August 9,1974 "All The President's Men" goes door-to-door with the possible crooks trying to give President Nixon the unfair advantage with names like Mitchell, Stans, Magruder, kalmbach, Haldeman and many others with over forty men going to prison. A person of help was a bookkeeper, well played by Jane Alexander, who came into contact with money to pay off the men of CREEP. Among the good guys Jason Robards as Ben Bradlee delivers an Oscar-winning performance as the Washington Post's publisher who required at least two sources for the stories Woodward and Bernstein wrote.

  • correcting the record

    • Brendan Howley
    • 1/5/16

    I love this film; I ultimately became an investigative journalist, freelancing for years for the CBC TV flagship investigative show 'the fifth estate.' I now write for film and TV. It's worth noting that Redford's claims to have rewritten William Goldman's screenplay for ATPM has been thoroughly debunked here ( by the editor of the Writers Guild of America magazine, WRITTEN BY. A careful reconstruction of the many drafts demanded of Goldman shows very clearly that what's onscreen is not only substantially his but there almost (with tweaks and a few emendations) in toto. Redford (whom I admire) and Pakula (whom I really admire) and Alvin Sargent (who's a legend of Goldman's calibre) may well have done a polish or even moved scenes around but the WRITTEN BY piece is of the 'Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare' density of reasoning. TCM would do well to correct the present posting: these things, after a few generations of google searches, start to take on a life of their own. But Redford's claim isn't just specious: it's an outright remaking of a piece of screenwriting history, the Madison Hotel stint notwithstanding.

  • all the prez men

    • kevin sellers
    • 5/14/15

    I liked the visual contrast between the darkness of Washington DC (in both the literal and figurative senses) and the glaring light of the Washington Post News Room, where secrets are exposed. And the scenes in the underground garage, with Hal Holbrook as Deep Throat, are excellent. And I appreciate the good work that these two journalists did. But every time Hoffman and Redford are together the script and direction (by William Goldman and Alan Pakula, respectively) take on a sophomoric, Hardy Boys Become Cub Reporters tone that is most irritating. And to mix the metaphor, Jason Robards plays Ben Bradlee as if he's Perry White. The fact that he won an Oscar for this piece of standard curmudgeonliness is embarrassing. Give it a B minus.

  • Ignores The Crucial Role of Katharine Graham

    • Trish Saunders
    • 2/24/15

    This movie has completely erased the important role of Katharine Graham, the proprietress of the Washington Post. She was instrumental in making sure Woodward and Bernstein were given the freedom to pursue, write about, and publish this important story. Ben Bradlee was no more pivotal in this chapter in history than Graham. As critical as she was, the movie has completely erased her from history. That's a shame, that this movie has become an all-boys saga, ignored the role that women played in this chapter. Sithout Graham, the expose of Richard Nixon and Watergate would never have happened. I can hear some of you already saying, "So what?" This matters, because women were marginalized then, in politics, and they continue to be today.

  • All The President's Men

    • Eric A
    • 3/13/14

    **** Hoffman, Redford, Robards superb, in their prime. Strong supporting cast.

  • All the President's Men

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 10/28/12

    A thrilling adaptation of Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein's unearthing of the Watergate scandal. Bernstein & Woodward begin reporting a break-in at Watergate, only to uncover Nixon's corrupt government. Hoffman & Woodward play-off each other magnificently as the two reporters, Robbards won his first Oscar as Ben Bradlee & Alexander was nominated for her brief performance as a bookeeper. Additional awards were given to Goldman's adaptation, the production design & sound, creating a thriller that manages to be exciting even though we know what happens. Overall this film is a reminder of the importance we plac in investigative journalism. I give it a 5/5.

  • Five Star Film in every way!

    • RedRain
    • 10/26/12

    Good grief! As many times as this film has been shown, I find it difficult to believe nobody has commented on it yet - including myself! I've seen this film at least two dozen times and it never fails to show me something new. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein are responsible for flooding colleges of journalism throughout the country because of their coverage of the Watergate scandal. You cannot underestimate the impact of this film on this nation! It shows us the extraordinary lengths to which Woodward & Bernstein went to, had to go to, in order to break this story. The coverup is here in detail, the liaison with Deep Throat is here, the players are all present, including "all the President's men." I read the book first and then saw the film and very few details are missing. Redford & Hoffman give one of their best performances here. Jason Robards, as the wily and very courageous Executive Editor of the Washington Post, Ben Bradlee, is compelling. Those of us who lived through the entire nightmare of Watergate cannot emphasize enough how grateful this nation should be to these three men. It's difficult to watch this film without thinking it must be fiction. We know it is real but it is hard to accept even all these years later! This film is a primer for all political journalists!

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