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All Mine to Give

All Mine to Give(1958)


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  • A very merry Christmas movie

    • Jeff Boston
    • 12/2/17

    A close, loving, and grateful family with respectful and humble children; an endearing, snow-covered village; and God-honoring villagers with open and generous hearts. This is a fine Christmas film hidden from Americans for generations. It is realistic enough to please even in our cynical age (good write up, Red Rain). "All Mine To Give" has good period detail (it even mentions buckwheat yeast!), reminds us that life used to be much rougher and more sacred, and that much of the time, life need not be what happens to you - your reaction to what happens to you can make a huge difference. Robbie, blessed with two wonderful parents, is a character I shall remember, always. A boy, yet a man in all ways that matter.

  • The Children, The Children!!

    • Raymond Banacki
    • 12/2/17

    There has to be a shout-out to the young actors who played the Eunson children: Rex Thompson, Stephen Wootton, Butch Bernard, Patty McCormack, Yolanda White and Terry Ann Ross.

  • Reply to cynics here...

    • RedRain
    • 12/1/17

    In the many years I've been writing reviews here, I've never responded to the cynics on a thread; however, I will make an exception for this film. The story is TRUE and based on a real family who lived in Wisconsin in 1856. The hard-scrabble life of people in what was considered a "frontier" at the time cannot be underscored enough. The people who settled in these places were fiercely independent and self-reliant. Did the film take liberties in the telling of the story? Of course it did! That does not negate the fact that "The Day They Gave Babies Away" did not occur. The father died from diphtheria and the mother from typhoid - neither disease even treatable until the 1900s. After the parents die, where was the oldest son, a child of 12 himself, supposed to place the children he could not provide for? There were no orphanages, foster homes, etc., in that time. Robbie chose the families where he wanted to place his siblings and he did so with great care and forethought. He did not just dump them off somewhere! I fully realize we live in an increasingly cynical world today but we shouldn't lose sight of what those who came long before us had to do just to survive in the creation of this great country of ours. My own family came here as farmers in 1880 and I am forever thankful to them and to all who came before them.

  • All Mine to Give

    • Lawrence Anderson
    • 12/19/16

    Very sad movie overall. Some people tend to relate it to Christmas but there's not much Christmas associated with the movie except for the traumatic end when all the orphans are given away, which happens to be on Christmas day. I guess it's a fairly realistic representation of life back then, it was a hard life and life expectancy wasn't long, so many things could kill you and medical help was still largely ignorant (they just didn't know very much in those days, geez they used to "bleed" people on purpose and many thought personal hygiene was actually bad for you) and minimal. Unless you're looking to be depressed I would recommend looking for something more uplifting.

  • Great Christmas movie!

    • Robert
    • 12/18/16

    We live in a society that won't accept that real life can be difficult. This movie recalls American values that are almost forgotten. Yes it is sad, but I think it has a happy ending. I am amazed this was the first time I have seen this movie.

  • one of the best movies I've seen

    • Jolly Kris Kringle
    • 12/14/14

    I watched this on TCM recently when I couldn't sleep one night and it is a treasure. Based on an actual event, it should be a Christmas classic. I can't recommend it more highly. Sad? yes. Depressing? No. You won't be disappointed.

  • All Mine to Give

    • DRunning
    • 12/5/14

    Yes, it is a very sad movie, heartbreaking, but a true story. Whether today's people want to believe it or not, these kind of life-changing events happened back then. This was a time when families really did believe in families, they looked out for their own. As a young boy, he had no choice but to help his siblings as best he could. Know any teenage boys today that could do the same?

  • This is Reality!

    • Jane Rogers
    • 12/5/14

    Yes, this can be a depressing movie, but you have to know that this story is actually happened! Keep that in mind when you watch it and you may understand it for what it is.

  • Christmas Heartbreak

    • Margaret Eldridge
    • 5/16/14

    I have to review this so I will remember the title because it seriously has to be the most depressing Christmas movie of all time. The title refers to the oldest brother in the family who takes it upon himself to give all his brothers and sisters away after his mother dies and they are left alone. The townsfolk try to take control, but the boy deems it his job. He chooses Christmas to give them away to families around town because he figures noone will have the heart to say No to him on Christmas (and he is right). When he is done, he marches off in the snow to go into the nearest town and get an adult job at a sawmill (he's 12). The fact that the movie poster bills this as "Six Kids on a True and Wonderful Adventure" is especially ironic. There is absolutely nothing wonderful about it. You will cry your heart out watching this film.

  • Watched because of Glynis

    • el debbo
    • 3/9/14

    Hoped to like it; am a Glynis Johns fan. HORRIBLE, unpleasant movie ... lots of reviewers are praising this one and "old time values or Hand of God"... more like people being unkind and cold to each other. The milk of human kindness absent throughout most of this picture and it's just a downright unpleasant waste of time. So I quit watching out of consideration for myself.

  • thanks and gratitude

    • Jeri
    • 2/27/14

    I just want to thank TCM for the escape from reality! I am always uplifted by the nostalgia of the past. At times, I sincerely feel this channel is the light of the darkest tunnel to the best of Hollywood,as it was originally suppose be, to its audiences. TCM keeps that flame burning! Thank you, with all my heart , that it's flame still burns in the heart of those who appreciate and love what HOLLYWOOD'S true purpose was from it's birth. Modern technology, in my opinion, has taken away the innate talent that so many actors and actresses have had to offer this industry. I feel the origin of Hollywood, was to take us ,the audience, to a place we wanted to be! Today, Hollywood takes me to a place I never want to go! Thank you for keeping the greatest of talents in film still ALIVE!!!

  • touching story

    • Connie
    • 12/22/13

    As other reviews said, this movie has it's drawbacks in regard to realism and specifying detail, however, the family in this movie really pulls at your heartstrings. If the movie producers tried to put in all the realism, the movie would have taken forever, and likely exceeded the budget allowed. Not many movies make me cry any more, but this one really tugged at my heartstrings. Back in the time period and the part of the country depicted, I do not think that the lack of social interference was that hard to believe. It was not hard to believe that a 12 year old boy raised by loving, honest parents who tried to do the best in life and to teach those values to their children would expect their oldest boy to do something like the mother did. Back in those times many oldest boys had to take over the role of the father and girls the role of the mother after the death of a parent. The children in this movie were so enjoyable to watch, and behaved like normal children of that period. Watching the oldest struggle to be like his father and take on importance decisions for this siblings was so touching. I hope to see this movie again; this was my first viewing.

  • Great Movie!

    • Greg Wesson
    • 12/22/13

    Never heard of this & just saw it for first time. Incredible movie, had quite an impact on me! This movie seems to depict Gods hand in his providential oversight of life in this world. Not just in the 1800's, but in all times. Even with the multitude of hardship & tragedy throughout the movie, right up to the point of the young boy trudging off through the snow after leaving his last sister at another strangers home & then "THE END" rolls across the screen. I was struck by the fact that nobody ever complained! In between the bad was a lot of good throughout. I understand that this is a Hollywood ideal of pioneer life... But it is a good message anyway! Highly recommend this movie!!!

  • "All mine to Give"

    • Larry
    • 11/21/13

    An outstanding movie especially for the time period. It is a shame that people like Molly the Moll lack understanding of the human spirit - unlike the people of that time. It is sadly because of pampered people like Molly in this world that the civilization has become so enamored with themselves. Self righteous people like her have contributed to the fall of this nation. Robbie, unlike Molly, is a strong rugged individual not prone to self indulgence like Molly. He is what American MEN used to be liked and not like the sissies of today. That movie would not stand a chance today because of the crass materialism and self indulgence of people like Molly! This is still a great nation but only if we have more Robbies!

  • Are you kidding me?

    • Maggie Nolle Yah
    • 11/21/13

    I have to say I'm mystified by all the positive reviews saying the film is a great depiction of American values. Really? A recently widowed mother with six children under 12 falls ill with typhoid fever. Not a single person in that very prosperous looking town comes by to nurse her, to bathe her, to bring a hot meal for the kids? Not one? Her son yells at her when, in delirium, she mistakes the children for her siblings. He shoves the other kids out. The dying woman apologizes TO HIM. He grudgingly accepts the apology and CLOSES THE DOOR on his way out. The mother dies ALONE. ??? At the funeral, one imagine days later, the townspeople for the FIRST TIME wonder what's to be done with the children. To head off the machinations of a bossy, managing female, the oldest son hatches the plan of asking that they be allowed to remain together on Christmas Day--alone, in a house without a fire, in the middle of the winter, on the prairie. OK. If you say so. His devious plan is to launch a sneak attack on the families of his choice, thinking no one would say no on Christmas Day. Fine. The girlchildren are handed off like so many sacks of meal, no lines, and no more agency than "Old Molly" the (yearling) cow that the oldest gives to the doctor in payment of the debt. Finally, when the mean old lady tries to take the pretty daughter by force, the boys face her down and the oldest piles the girl into a sled and drags her 10 MILES THROUGH THE SNOW to a home he has in mind. He dumps her off, then leaves IN THE DARK, to go work at a logging camp because apparently NO ONE WILL TAKE HIM IN. 90% of the movie makes no sense at all and the other 10% is just horrifying--a horrifying vision of family, community, and childhood. I feel very lucky to have grown up in a place that bears no resemblance to this.

  • Incredible courage

    • Johnny Turbo
    • 11/20/13

    I viewed this movie for the first time and cried throughout the second half. A great movie of every emotion known and as heartwarming as any movie ever made.

  • Saddest Movie Ever

    • Rookie Movie Watcher
    • 10/6/13

    I watched this with my husband. It's a real tearjerker. We must've started crying about ten minutes into the movie and didn't stop till the movie ended.

  • all mine to give

    • neville isaac
    • 5/26/13

    I saw this movie when i was about 15 years old. Now I am 69 years old and I never forget the name of this classic. This movie touched me alot and helped to guide me on my journey through life(I saw this movie in Trinidad and Tobago)

  • sweet memories

    • D. Campbell
    • 3/8/13

    I first whatched this movie with my now deceased mother. As a family activity we watched, she explained, what was happening and why; this movie touched me and I was never the same, now I watch it whenever I can, they just do not run it enough.

  • All Mine To Give

    • Love A Good Movie
    • 1/5/13

    What a great classic. Lots of family humor, as well as realistic problems of the day. Pulls a bit on your heart strings. Watched when it aired in December. Definately watched when it aired again!

  • saw this for the first time -- recommend it

    • Julie Scherr
    • 1/2/13

    i saw this movie for the first time just now. i always feel gyped if a movie doesn't have a happy finish. i wish there would be sequel or something at the end. one could only think Robbie did visit his brothers and sisters once in awhile. good Christian values and time-piece.

  • wonderful movie

    • Brenda
    • 1/1/13

    I have never even heard of this movie before now. It is a sweet, but very sad, movie about the courage and strength the pioneers of this time possessed. The family love and tenderness between the parents and the children is so real, without being sappy.It is definately a movie that should be shown every Christmas. I will watch for it on TCM. It is nice to see an old Christmas movie that isn't being shown repeatedly on every channel. There must be other great but lesser-known Christmas movies out there to to be shown. I hope TCM keeps finding these treasures.

  • Story of the human condition

    • jennifer
    • 12/23/12

    I have thought of this movie ever since the first time I saw it as a youth. Every Christmas I would think of this movie because it is the only one that has ever pulled so heavily on my heart strings. Finally as a 33 year old woman I see it again then have to look it up on to find out the name. but then, there it is, such a wonderful movie. I'll be sure to watch every year from here on in at christmas time.

  • All Mine To Give then and now

    • rebecca bass
    • 12/17/12

    I saw this movie in black and white when I was a young teenager and loved it. I never forgot it, so channel surfing the other night i saw that it was coming on. Could this be the same movie, yes. I called my mother, told her to turn TCM on and watch this movie, she did and also loved it. She told my brother about it who wants to see too. When will this wonderful movie be on again. I'll watch it again.

  • All Mine to Give

    • Mrs. Linda Guinan
    • 12/6/12

    On my way to bed, about to turn the TV off...this movie caught my attention and instead, I made myself comfortable to watch it through. It was a wonderful story, as sad as it was. And, it was believeable. I especially appreciate the way the family was portrayed - mom was loving and sensible, dad was strong but yeilding to mom, protective and loving. They were all parents should be under difficult times. When dad and the children waited to go home, there was a conversation between son & dad - dad explained that a man must do all he can when trouble comes to his family until he can do no more, and then leave the rest to God...and if it turns out well, it is good...and if it turns out otherwise, there is no guilt. I would love to have this conversation word for word - it was full of wisdom. Is that possible? If not, I hope to view this movie again on TCM. Thankyou. Mrs. Guinan

  • Heartwrenching Film

    • Laraine Turner
    • 12/5/12

    Great movie--a real tearjerker--one of the best I've seen. Leonard Maltin--don't you have a family? Why such a low rating for such a great film?

  • Historical look back in time.

    • Susan
    • 12/3/12

    I have never heard of this movie before last night and I was surprised it was about Wisconsin. I live close to Eureka. Someone knew about the area because the town names were pronounced correctly in the movie. There is a lot of movie heritage in this area but I had no idea there was a story with such historical details recounted. I'll continue to investigate the original story and see if I can locate the family name to see if it still in this area. Why isn't Eureka and Oshkosh promoting this exceptional film!

  • All Mine to Give

    • Lauren Diane Spector
    • 12/3/12

    This is my first review I am writing about "All Mine to Give" I am not a critic. All I can say I cried like a baby. I am glad I watched this at home or I would been embarrassed. "All Mine to Give" is a film that all should watch at least once. . This was a true story. A beautiful sad story and film.

  • Well done but infuriating

    • Jeff
    • 12/3/12

    I can't really add anything to the reviews that have come before, except I absolutely hated the fact that the families at the end said "Yes we'll take your sister, yes we'll take your brother", but none of them stepped up and said "We'll take you all!" I mean, it was Wisconsin in the 1800's, it's not like there was a land shortage or the neighbors wouldn't have helped the adopting parents build a new room or two.

  • All Mine to Give

    • Dorothy
    • 12/3/12

    This, by far, has been my favorite movie since I was a little girl! I am so glad that you will be showing this again on December 23rd at 10AM as I just missed it tonight, sad to say!!!I would very much like to buy the DVD of this. How can I buy it? Thank you.Sincerely,Dorothy

  • Raised in Eureka WI

    • Avis
    • 11/1/12

    Hi;Please reconsider making this available. I was raised in Eureka and recall the opening of the movie! I presented Rex Thompson with a basket of apples grown in town. He came to visit us in our little two room school. It was great excitement to say the least. I have some of the flyers and things from the release, but I would love to have a copy of the movie or three to share with my children.

  • All Mine to Give

    • Pam
    • 11/1/12

    I had never seen or heard of this movie until today. I didn't see the immediate start of the movie, but came in when the folks were leaving after building the family's cabin. I already thought it was a wholesome, warm, and heart-wrenching movie, and then found out it was based on a true story. Those children were so lucky to have been brought up by such caring and wise parents. At the end, when the oldest son was trying to find homes for the children, I cried through the whole part. I never cry at movies, but those children were so brave and accepted their fate without complaining and throwing temper tantrums, as many children would do today. Sometimes movies can be sappy, but I found this movie to bring out a range of emotions-happiness, gratitude, sadness, hopelessness, and finally, hopefulness, on which I wish every movie would end. I think it deserves better than a 2 1/2 rating.

  • Heartbreaker!

    • RedRain
    • 11/1/12

    Another reviewer said this isn't a Holiday film but I must disagree! It is a perfect Holiday film, as it more than illustrates how we should open our hearts and our homes to those who are much more unfortunate than we are. While the deaths of the parents in this film are definitely heartbreaking, the oldest son's insistence on carrying out his Mother's wishes re the disposition of the children in the family is a lesson is faithfulness. Just think of being on the frontier and having no place for your children to go if anything happens to you! It's unthinkable now but oh so real back then and we should remember that this is a true story, not fiction. Rex Thompson's performance as Robbie, the oldest child, should have been nominated for a special Oscar, as he simply steals the entire film. I've seen this film so many times and it never ceases to remind me that, even today, the unfortunate among us deserve our compassion, our caring, our time and, if possible, our money!


    • Donna
    • 11/1/12

    This movie should be a Christmas Classic, watched repeatedly! The story is a REALISTIC piece of history, which we all need in order to appreciate what we have right now. We have forgotten the reality of the very simple lives our forefathers experienced. Stories like these bring reality to life and teach us how to be human beings. I have seen it only twice as an adult and wish I could have seen it with my children as they were growing up. Please air it more often near Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please get it released on DVD so we can share it with others.

  • Family Movie

    • Joseph Bryan
    • 11/1/12

    Touching Classic that the whole family can watch together. We try to watch it anytime it is on.

  • All mine To Give

    • Rochelle
    • 9/21/12

    I have never been able to see the entire movie, but what I was able to see made me want to see the entire is a very touching film, I want to see it when I can see the whole movie...

  • Tearjerker

    • Connie
    • 6/23/12

    I just saw the end of this movie and was saddened to see how it DID end...but it was very touching and well-acted movie....

  • All Mine to Give

    • Merri G
    • 12/19/11

    I enjoyed all the characters of this movie and I hope to find the book if it is in fact in book form, the children weregreat and the adults, I have seen in many other works..What a wonderful combination of personalities that wereselected to make up the family portrayed in this movie..I wish I had seen this many many years ago so that I couldhave enjoyed it so much longer and made it a family tradition...I will be making it one of our regulars and will besearching for a copy of this movie to add to our personal collection..This is why I enjoy having TCM as a major part of our viewing networks, it has allowed us to come across many gems such as this one, All I Have to Give....thank you so much for airing it..and hope to find it available for salesoon..have a great holiday season and a joyous new year at TCM...Merri G

  • All Mine to Give

    • Mari
    • 12/18/11

    Heart Felt and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • A must have

    • Gary Sparks
    • 12/18/11

    A must have Christmas movie tradition to express the importance of family.You never know how long you'll have each other.

  • A Very Unusual Tearjerker!

    • Raymond Banacki
    • 5/5/11

    This RKO Radio Pictures release is a very unusual tearjerker in that it works hard to fight the maudlin overload of its decades-long family saga. Glynis Johns and Cameron Mitchell are both fine as the Scottish-immigrant parents. But the boys - Rex Thompson (Robbie), Stephen Wooton (Jimmie) and Butch Bernard (Kirk) - steal the show!!!!

  • Sweet Tear-jerker

    • Michael
    • 5/5/11

    Ok, I admit it: this one brought a tear or two to my eyes. It's a hard look at life on the American frontier in the mid-1800's. I was hoping that the end would give a glimpse of the children some years later, but we're left with our tears and questions. This might have become a "holiday" classic were it not for the shadow of death that hangs over it. Watch it, and give thanks for a tender heart if you cry.

  • all mine to give

    • nick salem
    • 1/1/11

    A top ten movie in the class of human trials and tribulations.

  • Thought Provocking

    • Oscar Reyes
    • 12/5/10

    As I got to see this feature, I got to me as the family was going through such trials, realizing we as parents will soon one day be gone. Even as I write this, it got my heart. It brought back thoughts of my youth and also previous experience as to what accured in the film. A sad feature that brought me to tears, needs to be shown more often, God Bless...

  • Crying Buckets

    • Pam Rodgers
    • 1/12/10

    I remember being a small child and going to the local drive in theater to see this movie with my mom and sisters and brother, and how we cried 'buckets and buckets'. This was the phrase we used anytime we would refer to this memory - 'Remember that movie that made us cry buckets and buckets?' I can remember being afraid after seeing this movie that something could happpen to my parents and my siblings and I could be left alone - very powerful memories!!

  • Not a very cheerful topic

    • Jarrod McDonald
    • 12/26/09

    In many ways, this is not a feel-good holiday movie. In fact, it's a bit hard to watch, especially when you think about the fate of the boy who goes off to the logging camp at the end. But I was grateful to have the opportunity to see it. I think it's an important film that maybe we all need to see. Actually, I would say it's a film that pastors, rabbis, ministers, priests and other family planning counselors should show young couples before they have children. It's a sobering thought to realize that an unexpected tragedy like the one depicted here could happen. Assuming that relatives will take your kids or that they can be sent back to live with family members in another state or country might not be what happens. The one thing I think the mother could've done in this story was to have the doctor bring other townsfolk to the house to tell them her wish about the kids finding new homes. Again, it's not a cheerful holiday subject, and it makes you wonder what really did happen to these kids (we know one of them grew up to write a story about the experience). Maybe there should've been a sequel, or at least, an epilogue.

  • I really want to know.

    • mjohnson
    • 12/25/09

    I do not want to wait until next Christmas to see this movie again so will someone ,please, just tell me how the father died.(I was interrupted during the movie and missed that part.)

  • A real heart-tugger!

    • BlueRain
    • 12/25/09

    I cannot believe I only saw this film for the first time yesterday! It's a great story and reduced me to tears. I do wish they had fleshed out the storyline of the oldest son, though. At the end, we're left to wonder how he ended up and I was a bit disappointed, as he had found homes for all of the other children. Echoing another post, I wish TCM would show this film more often!

  • All Mine To Give

    • Rosemary
    • 12/3/09

    I absolutely love this movie. To me it is a classic. I have watched this movie since I was a kid., now my daughter watches it. I cannot find it at any video storel (DVD)


    • Lori
    • 6/9/08

    This is such a touching movie. I can't believe it hasn't been released yet. TCM NEEDS to show this film more often!

  • I WANT IT!

    • Patricia
    • 3/22/08

    One of my all time favorite movies! So disappointed that it's not yet available on DVD. I am a definite TCM fan but always miss this movie when it's featured because it's usually aired during the day when I am at work. I recommend watching this movie highly if you can catch it on TCM.

  • all mine to give-priceless

    • bertie bergeson
    • 2/13/08

    this movie tops the list- i look forward to seeing it whenever i needs to be put out on DVD asap!

  • what are you waiting for

    • catherine
    • 1/26/08

    a wonderful movie please get it on dvd already we need these movies and if you wont put it on dvd at least play it more often we need the classics for the next generation and this movie is another wonderful classic thanks

  • Great tearjerker!

    • Norma Mariano
    • 1/19/08

    This is an old movie, but one of the best ever! My family would watch this around Christmastime each year & we'd all cry together! Every year I search the TV guide for this movie, but haven't seen it. Sure wish they would put it on DVD - I'd definitely buy it.

  • "All MIne To Give"

    • Terry
    • 1/5/08

    Saw this movie recently on TV and thought is was great. 1958 tear jerker based on a true story. The movie "All mine to give" is the story of pioneer children who lose their parents and must find homes for their 5 brothers and sisters, as it was the mothers final wish. Now, I wish that TCM would make it available to buy on a DVD.

  • thought it was a dream

    • mark
    • 12/31/07

    Iremember this movie from my childhood in the 50's,and have never seen it since.A true to be classic Christmas tear jerker.

  • awesome

    • randy
    • 12/24/07

    this is one of the best movies seen in a long time, especially on tv. please make this movie available on vidoe/dvd.


    • MARTHA
    • 12/24/07



    • MARTHA
    • 12/24/07


  • First time seeing it today.

    • Rachel
    • 12/24/07

    I saw this movie this afternoon for the first time ever - and I truely believe it has changed me forever. I am 29, love watching TCM. I think this just might be the saddest movie ever made. I know I'm getting more sappy as I'm getting older, but no movie has made me cry as much as this one did - holy smokes. Even thinking about certain scenes afterwards tonight brought me to tears yet again. Namely where Robbie shoo's Kirk away, and Kirk is crying because he doesn't want to go, and you see the violin that his Dad had made for him there with his belongings. It's devestating to see how such a happy family was shattered. Definately have a tissuebox armed and ready if you see this film.

  • What happened to the children afterwards?

    • Paula
    • 12/23/07

    I saw on TCM that this is based on a true story (magazine article?) But I'm sure everyone is dying to know what ended up happening to the children! Someone must know if it was one of the children or their relatives who wrote the magazine article. If you release it on DVD, I'll be the first to buy it as long as you have some follow up to the real life story behind the DVD!

  • I've waited 49yrs to see this again!

    • Kathy G.
    • 12/23/07

    I watched this movie at age 7 with my parents and remember crying like a baby. Each Christmas I hoped to see this movie, which I did not know the name of, shown again. I was so very happy to watched it 49 years later...and hope to be able to purchase it for myself and other family members.

  • What a great movie!

    • Russ
    • 12/23/07

    I hope someday soon to have this movie on DVD.What a good movie to cuddle up in a blanket by a warm fire around the Holidays with your family and watch.Excellent show!


    • Don Schwalbach
    • 12/15/07

    This movie is great!I don't care if you're an axe muderer you WILL cry at the end of this movie!!!BRING THIS MOVIE TO VIDEO! Don Schwalbach Wisconsin

  • Please vote to bring it to dvd!

    • Kathy
    • 12/10/07

    I remember my mum taking us, her 4 kids to see this movie in Trinidad,doubled with another movie"Blue Vale" But the memories of that movie has stayed with me forever. I'm now 40,and I still remember the aching, sad, almost haunting feelings it stirred up in me of both love and pain.

  • Heartwrenching

    • Rob Mayer
    • 12/2/07

    This is hands-down my favorite Christmas movie. I saw it first as a child and it has stayed with me for nearly 50 years. I watch it once a year, usually on Christmas Eve, and it never fails to move me to tears.

  • I'll Never Forget This Movie

    • Jacqueline Jones
    • 1/10/07

    I first saw this movie when I was about 8 years old (I'm 49 now). I watched it with my parents and my sister. I cried so hard, my mother made me go to bed. Before I went to bed my mom told me, "you know it's only a movie"? My reply was, "I know, but that probably really happened to some children somewhere".We still watch the movie whenever we can catch it. We call each other saying..."All Mine To Give" is on.

  • The Best Family Movie EVER

    • Laurie
    • 1/8/07

    It has been years since I have seen this movie, I look for it to be shown on refular TV but it never is, I think it should be shown like "It's A Wonderful Life"! I do not have cable TV so I don't get TMC, where I live cable is not offered I wish it was. So it is rare that I get to even see this movie. I think it's a wonderful story about family. Very touching, heartlfelt, warm and sad at the same time. Please release this film so the public can buy it. It will be a Family Favorite.

  • The Best

    • Carolyn
    • 9/6/06

    I wait every year for this movie to come out. I think it shows what family is all about and to what measures they had to deal with in those times. I have told everyone I know to watch for it because it is the BEST. I just wish this would come out on DVD so I could own it forever. .........Great Holiday Movie

  • Good movie, but....

    • Jim
    • 9/3/06

    Beautifully made film designed to purposely bring out the waterworks ...yes get a box of'll need it. My only problem with the film is this **spoiler** is both story line and director failed to focus on the children's pain of being seperated from the rest as each were being given away to different families. They all seemed too nonchalant and unstressed about it. Had these moments been used to capitalize on that experience the film would have been a truly heart-wrenching experience. However if you can suspend your belief on the easiness of each child's acceptance of seperation, effortless process of finding homes for each and most of all the casual willingness of strangers taking in a child, you will enjoy this film. I certainly did. It's worth the watch.

  • Christmas story

    • Linda Caroll
    • 8/30/06

    I loved this movie! It rips ones' heart out, but the characters are strong and you know at the end they are survivors. Good one to watch during the holidays.

  • It's All About Having: All Mine to Give

    • Terry Wagner
    • 7/18/06

    This movie is one of the best expositions about one of the great emigrations in history to have ever been committed to film. It will at once, make you very anxious for the safety of its characters as it will warm and stir the cockles of your heart and bring a tear to your eyes. It is especially potent for families who have known the bitter-sweet happiness and dramatic sorrows of being a newly transplanted immigrant. Strangers in a brave, new land with all the trials and tribulations that manifest themselves through learning a whole new set of customs and traditions; for the usances of new professions, and the necessity for the making of a new living. With great youthful courage and fortitude, overcoming all obstacles, serious illness and even death, at too young an age to even understand why things are as they must be. It is a must see for all who care about and who worry after their own children.TRW


    • 5/19/06


  • it's about time family and friends want it on dvd

    • Juliet Cox
    • 3/30/06

    I have loved this movie ever since i ever since i were a child it is one of the all time tear jerkers and it is a great movie for the chhismas holidays. It belongs right up there with the likes of It's a Wonderful World,everyone that i know that have seen this movie is asking where can they buy it. please help us get it on dvd thank you. Juliet

  • all mine to give

    • j
    • 2/7/06

    please release my favorite 60 now and still trying to get a release of the movie i remember well, as seen when i was only a youngster and would like a copy for my grnadchildrfen to see and myself to have and own..and to cherish..I keep checking over and over at movie stores please Mr turner release the film so i can own a copy and enjoy and shre the ole' times with family ..thank you jane

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