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Cabin in the Sky

Cabin in the Sky(1943)

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  • Cabin In The Sky

    • Will
    • 1/16/17

    This may sound strange, but I just cant make up my mind, about this movie. On the one hand its a great Musical with an all star cast. On the other hand its seems like the kind of racial stereo typing black people have been fighting against since, the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. I think its the Characters themselves, when the music stops. Is this any better or worse than say the Goin To Heaven On A Mule number at the end of Al Jolsons film Wonderbar or the film Green Pastures?

  • cabin in the sky

    • joe ammendolia
    • 6/30/16

    i seen this movie at least 10 times and in a couple of hours i will see it again it is so hart worming and so funny

  • Cabin

    • Michael
    • 6/3/16

    I'm a "minority" but not black. I got set to watch this tonight but the first 5 minutes or so was enough. Film awash with negative black stereotypes, especially that these people talk like they are brainless fools. On tv is fine, people can tune out if they want and decide for themselves. I love classic films and see enough of these stereotypes with largely white casts but don't want to watch an end to end racist stereotype typical of its era. By comparison, Bright Road(1953) is just one of the stellar films made with a black cast.

  • Times have changed

    • Kathy Hunter
    • 8/9/15

    I remember as a very young girl in the early sixties watching this movie. Really enjoying it and right in the middle of it it was pulled off the air! Being so young I didn't understand but I sure was upset! Can't wait now as an adult to watch it in its entirety!

  • show it at a time for children

    • jarobb
    • 2/7/15

    Show in more in black history month.

  • Cabin in the sky

    • Dwight Bobbitt Jr
    • 1/9/15

    I've seen parts of this movie many times. Tonight I've finally seen it in its entirety. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a "black" masterpiece. ..


    • 2/16/13

    I love this movie in all its splendor. I saw this movie when I was a small child and the effect was astounding even to a child in the disco, rap and r&b age of music and movies catering to the platform of my era. I saw the movie in the middle of the night when I was supposed to be sleep, in those days the stations didn't advertise as much so I didn't get the name of the movie, just caught it from opening act. I was wooed for life, took me about 15 years to actually find out what the name was, and it's been a family classic ever since. I have no doubt that when I have grandchildren this movie will be the Grand Mommie and Me movie. Even though this movie was depicted in the early forties, it made me proud to be a black girl and it showed me that the talents I had were not ordinary but gifts that the world could use. AWESOME, I say, AWESOME.

  • great movie

    • Nandi A.Crawford
    • 3/2/12

    I remember the very first time I watched this film. For years people have been talking about this movie, and finally I was able to catch it on tv one evening, and truly enjoyed it. The song that I will always remember is the one when Eddie Anderson(Little Joe) sing about " The Consequences" what a movie. the forces of good and evil. Lucifer Jr(Rex Ingram) and his imps, Louis Armstrong, Mantan Moreland among others. His disciple Lena Horne and the good forces, that is life every day. In this movie, it's just dated for the time it happened. My father had a serious crush on Lena Horne till the day he died. (He called her "The Horne") she was probably one of the last of that era to have passed away recently. All in all a great film and one to be noted for the books. One thing too. I am not sure but a lady that I take care of. She was a little girl about ten when this movie and Stormy Weather came out. She told me when this movie came out, the line was two blocks long at the Roxy Theater in Mobile(which is now a church)plus they had a line for African Americans, then one for Whites(which only had two or three people) and it stretched so far. She told me about that many times.

  • One of the Best Musicals Ever!

    • muriel
    • 2/25/12

    I love this movie. Great music, singing, dancing. I don't see anything racist, stereotyped or politically incorrect about it. Just great entertainment. Just enjoy.

  • Cabin in the Sky

    • Derrick T. Ivory
    • 2/9/10

    You can come to us for more than just FRIED CHICKEN, OR SKINNING & GRINNING. and WATERMELON-OLOGY, MR.HollyWood,s gate keeper Louie B. mayer knew it was long over due. This film with a all black cast was, our time to display the fact the we have a lot to give, not only to the american film industry, but to the INTERNATIONAL FILM INDUSTRY should i dare say it (THESPIAN). It took a rookie director with the tunnel vision to uderstand that if i direct this movie it would be would be a cashmere feather in my directorial hat. This film displayed the fact that black people can act, we don,t have to talk about dancing or singing we know,we can do that very well. I liked the cast in ths film,but were was Nina Mae Mckinney, ButterflyMcqueen,and Paul Roberson or Hattie mcdaniels you know black hollywood Royalty.Wacthing this film i got the feeling of butterfly bursting out of his cacoon. Thanks VINCENTE MINNELLI. Also LENA HORNE showed that blackwoman aka mother earth has a sedutive and sensual,but hollywood knew that. EDDIE ROCKCHESTER ANDERSON we know that he will play his part, that scene when he bought his wife petunia a washing machine.ETHEL WATERS long before LANE BRYANT said it was ok to be full figured she showed off her cuvres, voice acting ability along side of MS. LENA HORNE case closed.We can,t leave out JOHN W. BUBBLES SUBLETT aka domino jhonson his character and lingo (skypiece),was blackfolk out on saturdaynight. Let me tell you. when blackfolk go out on saturday night it,s serious.His dance scene was us you know what i mean.Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong should of had more of a musical role. and did you see Dorthy Dandridge,s sister in the dance scene.can,t wait for the remake of CABIN IN THE SKY i hope it does it,s predecessor proud.

  • Great Movie

    • Gina
    • 1/22/10

    I didn't know what to expect... I was hoping there wouldn't be anything to make me cringe. As an African-American, I am proud of this film. It was a very funny and moving. I plan to buy the DVD. Ethel Waters was great and so was "Rochester".

  • Excellent Movie

    • Malcolm Jackson
    • 9/9/08

    In today's world of all the wild movies about Africian-Americans,this is the best movie to ever be make.I have watched lots of movies and today don't like more than half of them that I have seen.I'am 62 and have been watching movies for years and don't know why I have not seen this one before. For the last five years with my girlfriend I have been watching black and white movies. She has me hooked on TCM and I love itThis is by far one of the greastest movie by an all black cast that has in my opion ever been produced. Thanks for showing it. I can't wait to see it again.Thank You MalcolmJackson

  • Singing in the bathtub.

    • Robert
    • 4/6/08

    Why was the scene with Lena Horne singing Ain't it a Shame in the bathtub not included in the DVD release?

  • Wonderful Movie....A Must SEE!!!

    • Jan
    • 3/22/08

    A Wonderful showcase for very talented actors. Thank you TCM for continuing to bring movies of this caliber.


    • Michael Pierce
    • 1/16/07

    This moive helps make it possible for generations to hear the genius of Ethel Waters!!!! It also highlights the musical and comical talents of the wonderful cast!!! I think it is GREAT!! Because it was made in 1943 and certain "things" were accepted at that time, I can look at it now and just apprecaite the fact that these artists are TRULY GIFTED!!!!!!!!

  • Cabin In The Sky

    • AudreyBattle
    • 1/15/07

    This is one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Movie!!! I taped it from one year you all were showing it. It is funny...and the dancing is fantastic. Bubbles (the character who plays Dominio Johnson)feet moves so fast it is hard to catch all of the steps. You will definitely see some of Michael Jackson's moves in there. I wonder have he ever seen this movie as well. If I'm not will see what we call now "The Slide". The cast, singing, dancing, costumes, and plot are all fantastic!

  • "PC"is not all it's cracked up to be!

    • JC
    • 1/14/07

    If TCM, stop showing these moives just because they don't meet the new "PC" standards, we the people of color would be very hard press to find out what we had to endure in order to make a living.It's hard enough to find out,our history weather it's good or bad. We should here the story. Let us decide not non-colored folk. What should be shown or not. How sad it is that we still must go to others to see the work our families members had done. Too put food on the table.jc

  • Thank Goodness TCM isn't PC!

    • Louis Armour
    • 5/16/06

    I thank my lucky stars that TCM has yet to bow to the PC crowd that would ban wonderful old films like this. Times have changed and that's good- but let's not throw out film history with the bathwater. TCM is the only place I can still see great old mmovies like this!

  • Politically Incorrect

    • Lisa T
    • 4/16/06

    I was shocked to see that this movie was made in the 40's. It is so politically incorrect I can't believe it -- esp. the 'horns' in the actors' hair, the devil horns. It is also so campy. FYI, I am a white middle-aged woman living in the Deep South, and 60 years later I am embarrassed for these actors!

  • Very Good Entertainment

    • anita jefferson
    • 2/21/06

    This movie is awesome. Can't find it in any movie store, (what a shame) I love TCM, my only chance for watching the most exhilarating movie ever.

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