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Near the Alaskan town of Moose River, Gary Corbett kills two of the claim jumpers who murdered his father, and is charged with murder himself. Inclement weather precludes Gary's transfer to Juneau for trial, and consequently, John Masters, a U.S. Marshal, releases him into the custody of his friend Pete, the postmaster, until the weather changes. When Gary learns that Judge Mark Bennett signed the eviction notice that was clutched in his murdered father's hand, and that the claim jumpers were friends of Tom LaRue, the owner of the local saloon, he becomes suspicious of both LaRue and Bennett and decides to investigate them. As soon as she sees Gary, Roxie Reagan, an entertainer at LaRue's saloon, falls in love with him, although she is trapped in a loveless marriage to John Reagan, a former Shakespearean actor and an inveterate drunk. When Roxie overhears LaRue order two of his henchmen to dispose of Gary, she brings him home to protect him, and there Gary meets her husband. The next evening, LaRue learns that Gary has broken into the judge's office and sends his henchmen to arrest Gary for burglary. Gary escapes, however, after discovering evidence of the judge's complicity in La Rue's claim-jumping scheme. Desperate to eliminate Gary, LaRue, who is himself in love with Roxie, tells Reagan that Roxie is in love with Gary and suggests that he defend his wife's honor by killing him. When Reagan refuses to cooperate, LaRue contrives a fight between his servant Stumpy and Gary, and after Stumpy is knocked unconscious, LaRue kills him and frames Gary for murder. To spare Gary's life, Roxie offers to go away with LaRue if he agrees to save Gary. Brackett promises to help, but then orders the jail set on fire while Gary is locked in his cell. Reagan, anxious to perform one more great scene, dashes into the flaming building and saves Gary, but loses his own life in the process. As he hurriedly packs his belongings, LaRue is confronted by Gary and the marshal, who kills LaRue with a bullet to the heart. The marshal then admits that he is the covert leader of the claim jumpers, and as he aims his gun at Gary, Gary overpowers him and then turns him over to the proper authorities. Some time later, Roxie and Gary sail to San Francisco to be married.