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An Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember(1957)

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  • Affair to Remember

    • brian willoughby
    • 12/20/16

    My wife and I have watched this movie 50 times and will watch it again and again. 2 Great actors / great story /rates amongst the best movies from the past which far exceeds some of the garbage that is on our screens now !!!

  • An Affair to Forget

    • el debbo
    • 5/19/16

    This was a big splash of a movie in its time, with big stars and big production values. It's amazing, AMAZING! that Richard Denning was one of the leads when just 3 years prior he was in "Target Earth", a martian-robot film in black and white. But I digress, I think the world of Deborah Kerr, but why did she sign up for this? Have to agree with reviewer Mr. Blandings...I find it stilted, contrived, maudlin, and the visit-grandmother scene is painful (or was she supposed to be his mother? so ridiculous I've almost erased it from memory).

  • Confused

    • Katie
    • 11/6/13

    Spoiler alert!!! First off, I'm female. I'm here to bust the stereotype that as such, I automatically swooned over this movie. Not true! While I enjoyed Grant and Kerr individually, I found the singing children annoying and ill-fitted to the plot. But more than anything, I cannot fathom why on earth her 'accident' had to be such a big bloody secret! I could not stand to let the man I say I love think I've spurned him. She was awfully comfortable with the notion that Grant will just be around for the day she walks again!!! I don't know... I found the story to be confusing which totally ruined the romance factor. Was being in a wheelchair in 1957 that big of a disgrace?

  • An Affair to Remember

    • trish swan
    • 10/3/12

    This is the best out of the bunch. Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr are wonderful. The first time I watched this I was teenager and cried and cried at the end. As an adult watching it even though I knew the story could not hold the tears back. I love the music to this movie and love watching the kids sing. A great love story!

  • An Affair to Remember

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 4/25/12

    A memorble love story starring two sophisticated & attractive stars. Grant & Kerr give touching performances as two people who long for each other among different complications. The cinematography of Milton R. Krasner is beautifully photographed throughout the film. McCarey overdoes it with musical interludes, but that's a weak dissapointment in this sentimental, romantic classic. I give it a 4/5.

  • How many versions of this movie there are?

    • Harry
    • 1/19/12

    I am a little confused with this movie (An affair to remember) because I recall that the first time I watched this movie he (Gary Grant) was a multi millionaire and she was an executive secretary, and now I watched the movie (same) one again but this time he is an artist (Painter) and she sings in a night club....was this movie made with different versions???? Now I am not talking about (A Love Affair) an original version.... I am talking about Two different versions of An affair to remember starring Gary grant and Deborah Kerr. Can someone explain to me what is going on with this movie, does this movie have several versions???Thanks. Harry. Los Angeles.

  • A Great Affair to Remember

    • Yolanda
    • 11/20/11

    I love this movie!!! Cary Grant is always wonderful as he shows great chemistry with Deborah Kerr. I watched much of the original, "Love Affair" and was dissapointed, even though I love Irene Dunne. The color adds to the beautiful scenery of Europe and the ship sailing. The children bring sentiment in their performances. This movie does not get old for me!

  • An affair not worth remembering

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 9/4/11

    A dull and uninteresting film with dull and uninteresting characters. The geologically long scene where they are visiting the grandmother was downright sleep-inducing. The only lively moments consisted of the mismatched couple trying to hide their shipboard romance. Everything else in this over-played movie is maudlin, contrived, stilted, and cliche.

  • An Affair to Remember

    • Carol Lape
    • 1/5/11

    I always loved this movie (1957) version. I also saw the 1939 version which was OK too. I just really like the people, Cary Grant & Debbie Kerr in this movie. They both plan great parts. I have this movie and will again watch it tonight on TCM.

  • the original is so much better

    • hermann
    • 1/1/11

    You people need to see Love Affair (1939).

  • Cary Grant - The Best

    • Jeff Boston
    • 11/2/10

    Cary Grant is the best actor in the history of the movies. His talent and body of work tops Bogart and Stewart, of whom I have great respect. I have watched "An Affair to Remember" twice, and I enjoyed it both times (and I'm a man who watches and plays football and enjoys bourbon). I agree with past reviews that the ending is absolutely heartwarming and unforgettable. Deborah Kerr was one of Hollywood's top stars in the fifties, but Grant is the one who makes this classic love story remarkable.

  • Touching and Beautiful

    • Claire
    • 10/31/10

    As one reviewer said, boys, leave this movie alone!! It's not meant for most of you to 'get it.' This is one of the most beautiful love stories ever put to film. Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr are perfect together and you can feel their chemistry burning beneath the surface even though you barely see so much as a kiss. The music is haunting and the intermittent images of the Empire State Building add to the overall magic. And that ending...I could watch it a thousand times and never tire of it! This is a perfect movie and, as much as I wanted to see that kiss on the ship (the one on the steps where you see them only from the waist down), I would not change even that!! If you are a romantic, for God's sake, do not miss this piece of cinema magic!!!

  • Not for Men

    • Margery
    • 10/12/09

    Let's don't be so hard on the film, boys! It wasn't meant for you but for your female cohorts! The reason "An Affair to Remember" remains popular is because it appeals to those sensitive enough to "get it". The idea of a shipboard romance is not a bad one and Cary Grant is just being Cary Grant! For many of us that's enough. The plot is the epitome of romance and it appeals to those who have loved even once in our lives. The last scene is a killer!

  • Two Little Words

    • Jack The Hat
    • 10/11/09

    Lets face it, it stinks!

  • Some say that happiness is unatainable---

    • Jackie
    • 9/6/09

    Some believe that happiness is unatainable. Nonsense! Not paying to see this film when it was first released to the theaters in 1957, is certainly some form of happiness.

  • Re-shoot the entire film with the exception---

    • Minky
    • 9/6/09

    I know it is to late but if I had been in charge of production, I woud have re-shot the entire film with the exception of the ending, other wise It should have been shelved it.

  • Poor Choice

    • Jack The Hat
    • 8/16/09

    Deborah Kerr was a poor choice for the leading lady in this film--there were times when her acting was down right embarrassing. Ms. Kerr was a great actress but this was not her picture.

  • One of the top 10 over-rated movies

    • Sue
    • 8/15/09

    I hate to see Cary Grant in bad movies. Fortunately he's too innately good to ever turn in a bad performance, but ooohh what a smarmy script; what stinky roles. Deborah Kerr lives down to her bad role, the unbelievable character, and the contrived plot. Was this the point at which she began to excel at all those unpalatable martyr characters? Leo McCarey should've stuck to romantic comedies. For instance, "The Awful Truth" is ever bit as stupid and unbelievable as this story, but a little bit easier to swallow in the comedy context.

  • Happy Endings

    • AURORA
    • 2/12/09

    I am an avid fan of old movies. I can watch them many times over and always see something different. They are never tiresome.An Affair To Remember is the perfect pairing of two gifted actors. I would love to own the uncut version if there is one. The music and lyrics have a hauntingly beautiful quality. It's right that the characters end up together and you just know that she will walk again and even if she doesn't Nicky would never leaver her. True Love.

  • un cut version

    • Kathleen
    • 1/4/09

    I am looking for the version that shows Terry going into the gallery in her wheel chair and she buys the painting. the store man tells Nicki about the woman who came who was in a wheel chair.

  • An Affair to Remember

    • Joanna
    • 1/3/07

    An Affair to Remember is my favorite movie. This is the most romance movie ever. this movie casted the best actor for the job.I think that Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr did a wonderful job. This movie you could watch over and over again.

  • My Take on " An Affair To Remember "

    • Robin Shaw
    • 10/28/06

    I posit that An Afair To Remember was the most well written, acted and directed movie of a romance to date.The continuity/fluidity of the story line was superb as was the costumes. I have seen both versions of An Affair To Remember. (black/white, once)(color version, five times)This movie brings out every emotion in the human psyche...I Salute All Involved!

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