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According to Mrs. Hoyle

According to Mrs. Hoyle(1951)

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Retired schoolteacher Mrs. Hoyle, recognized for her reformation of young men, has resided at a second-rate hotel for twenty-five years, when gang leader Morganti buys the hotel. Morganti, who has decided that he and his men will reform, evicts many residents; however, Mrs. Hoyle convinces him to allow her and dance hall girl Angela Brown to remain. Eddie Slattery, one of Morganti's henchmen, falls in love with Angela and recognizes Mrs. Hoyle as his long-lost mother, but does not disclose his knowledge. Mrs. Hoyle does not recognize Eddie because she has not seen her son since her husband James, whom she thinks was a traveling salesman, mysteriously left her years earlier, taking their young son with him. At first, members of Morganti's gang are reluctant to adapt to their leader's change of heart; however, under Mrs. Hoyle's influence, all the men abandon their evil ways except for Harry Rogan. Defying Morganti's orders, Rogan plans a payroll robbery of a local grocery store the same night as the new hotel restaurant is holding its grand opening and tries to enlist Eddie to be his accomplice. Although Eddie at first refuses to participate because of his interest in Angela and Mrs. Hoyle, he finally relents when he is reminded that Rogan saved his life in a previous holdup. After the robbery, Eddie wants nothing to do with the stolen money and refuses to let Rogan tell him where he has hidden the money. Unknown to all, Rogan has hidden it inside a fur coat hanging in Mrs. Hoyle's closet. With the help of the grocery store's night watchman, who identifies Rogan, a known member of Morganti's gang, from a mug shot, police detective Pat Dennison goes to the hotel and accuses Morganti of being behind the robbery. When Eddie sees the watchman with Dennison, he tells Rogan and the two try to escape. As the police chase after them, Rogan is shot and killed and Eddie is knocked unconscious when he falls on the pavement. Mrs. Hoyle is arrested after the money and a trincket box containing several valuable jewels are found in her room. She denies knowledge of the money and claims the jewels were inexpensive presents from her husband. Morganti pays for Mrs. Hoyle's bail, and not even Dennison believes that she has had anything to do with a robbery, but the prosecuting attorney insists on trying her. The trial opens while Eddie is still in a coma. During Mrs. Hoyle's testimony, the prosecuting attorney confronts her with the fact that the "trinkets" in her possession are valuable jewels and reveals that her husband was a convicted jewel thief who died in prison eight years before. Mrs. Hoyle is shattered by the revelation and feels faint, prompting the sympathetic Judge Guthrie to call a recess and announce to the court that his friendship of many years with Mrs. Hoyle may require him to recuse himself from the case. During the recess, Eddie regains consciousness and learns of the charges against Mrs. Hoyle. Despite his still weakened condition, Eddie asks Dennison and Morganti to take him to court to testify. As he confesses to the crime, he inadvertently reveals to everyone that he is Mrs. Hoyle's son. The charges against Mrs. Hoyle are dismissed, but Eddie faces several years in prison. Now reunited with her son, Mrs. Hoyle assures him that after prison he can start a new life.