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About Mrs. Leslie

About Mrs. Leslie(1954)

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  • About Mrs. Leslie

    • Christena Smalls
    • 8/12/18

    These two actors were so perfectly matched in this movie. The direction was so apt you could tell when they finally became more than lonely industrialist and comforting companion. Ryan and Booth loving kindness toward each others characters was so real that when they had the lovers argument you knew they would remain together through all the pain on her part and the frustration on his part. A movie I first saw at age 11 or 12 on television 57 years ago which I was too young to fully understand brought tears to my eyes when I viewed it 2 days ago. Everything about the movie is simply marvelous.

  • About Mrs. Leslie

    • el debbo
    • 11/15/17

    Kevin Sellers is right about the 'flat' look of this film. It parallels the look of life for so many women of this era. Told to give up their careers for a life at home, to become housewives dusting, laundering and packing lunches. Imagine half the population having to settle for a half life. So I see Mrs. Leslie settling for a short time with the man she loved, every year until he died...and saying to him "I wouldn't want it any other way." Huh? Anyhow, Booth and Ryan were such superb actors they pull this off. Thought-provoking, good but not great 50's fare.

  • Love this movie

    • Jodi Chellis
    • 7/29/16

    Saw this on tcm & loved it! Never saw Shirley Booth in anything like this. Never would have expected her in this role, but she was great.

  • Classic

    • fairchild
    • 7/13/16

    Finally a break from all the Westerns TCM has been showing lately. So tired of them. Days of westerms has my family rethinking whether now is a good time to cut cable. TCM is the main reason we have continued cable. All the Westerns (and other non-classics TCM has been showing) have us seriously considering alternative television and there ARE alternatives.

  • about mrs leslie

    • kevin sellers
    • 7/12/16

    Daniel Mann has to be one of the most visually uninteresting directors ever to yell "action." All his films have the general air of 50s TV about them. Just one big, bland General Electric Theatre. Some of them, like "Come Back Little Sheba" and "Rose Tattoo," are well written, so they're watchable. This one can't even boast that virtue. Give it a C minus.

  • Please release About Mrs. Leslie on DVD soon.

    • Linda
    • 7/12/16

    I have loved this movie since I first saw it as a kid. I think Shirley Booth and Robert Ryan were the perfect choices.Please release it on DVD as soon as possible.

  • Shirley & Robert An Unforgetable Pair

    • greatfilm
    • 7/12/16

    Agree with everyone else here who praised this movie.Mr Leslie never told her he was married,but I'm sure she suspected even from their first meeting that he was so reserved.They were both free to enjoy each other's company,however briefly every year.Shirley was even better than in Sheba,and she deserved accolades in that film,too.Didn't realize,as per Ben M. that she'd had a 30 year stage career prior to a late intro to films.She was a warm,giving character her,as in "Sheba",and Hazel!Bob Ryan proves how great he was,too,as Alec Nichol,and Marjie.Just couldnt stand the snotty little neighbor,who could've learned how to be a lady,if she weren't such a smart mouth-shame on Jimmy from Superman fame!If she had to belong with that crew to make her happy,she deserved the tramp and the big pigs!

  • But You'll Get a House in the End

    • Caralynn
    • 7/12/16

    If you ever needed a blow-by-blow description of why being the "other woman" is a lousy job, this is it. Shirley Booth has an independent and dandy life as a saloon singer. She encounters a clinically depressed Mr. Leslie (Robert Ryan) who buys her vacation companionship. She ditches her chanteuse gig to become his annual vacation companion on the ocean. Upon arrival at their first vacation spot, she is greeted by the driver and housemaid as "Mrs. Leslie." Works for her so she plays along. They pass the hours fishing, eating fish, talking about fish, going to fish diners, and reading about the Civil War. Did I mention fishing? Through flashbacks, she recounts their meeting, relationship (if you can call it that) and parting. War breaks out. She pops into a movie theater for a Civil War retrospective (what else?) and discovers his true identity during a news reel. Turns out he's super wealthy, married to a super wealthy heiress, has two sons at Cornell, and is an aviation icon. The house in the news reel backdrop would take up 12 city blocks. Anyhow, he drops her some dough after one of their "vacations" and she buys a partnership in a dress store. Huh? The present-day story in her boarding house is about would-be performers, alcoholism, teen rebellion, and dealing with the fact that she settled for a part of someone instead of the whole package. When the war ends, she hits Times Square in celebration only to look up at the teletype announcement of her vacation sponsor's death from a heart attack. Once again, he drops her some dough (this time she goes to his attorney to get it) and buys her a house. I'm guessing the moral of the story is you can be the other woman, but your house won't be 12 city blocks and it'll be full of crazy boarders. Her alcoholic boarder marries the would-be actress and you just know that's 25 years of misery for that girl. Minimum. A very sad story about living a half-life that leaves one with an empty boarding house in the end.

  • underrated actress

    • alia
    • 7/11/16

    Shirley Booth is amazing. I don't think she is given enough credit, and only seen as Hazel! this movie and 'come back little sheba' are two of the best acting performances I have ever seen. loved this movie, am with others, show more gems like this. I love 'gone with the wind' but I would love to see things I have never seen or at least not seen a hundred times!

  • Mr. George Leslie

    • Corinne
    • 5/21/16

    I wrote a similar review on another site. I was 17 yrs. old in 1954 and a movie buff as I am today except now I am close to 79 yrs. Of age. I was thinking "I guess our romantic ideals don't change much over the years." I thought about the movie several times over the years and then lo and behold, TCM showed it last week. Now 61 years later and armed with DVD, I have watched it now for about 7 times. You see, I am an old lady now but still looking for Mr. Leslie. His rugged good looks, his walk and dress, his carriage on his wonderful frame, and most of all, his personality (and refinement) still speaks to me. I did marry, had 2 children, grandchildren, divorced and here I am 33 years after my divorce, still looking for Mr. Leslie. Yes, I am a sentimental old fool I guess, but there is still a young woman inside wondering why I never found my Mr. Leslie. Maybe I will meet him in another life and time. I hope so! Ciao, Corinne

  • About "About Mrs. Leslie"

    • Jim Waddle
    • 5/17/16

    SPOILER ALERT! This movie shows that a good, loving heart can be found in any package. You can't help but admire Booth's determination to continue the rest of her life built around the six weeks a year she spent with the tycoon. Was it enough for her? Did he get the better end of the arrangement? Audiences back then might have agreed; but today, who knows. As a middle-aged married man I can't help but wonder if money and inevitable scandal were the only two reasons keeping Robert Ryan from leaving his wealthy wife and marrying the woman who would love him to her or his dying day. Just as Ryan got lost in his detailed books on the Civil War, perhaps Mrs. Leslie was another "book" in which he would lose himself. Besides, how could Robert Ryan's character not fall for the signature flutter in Shirley Booth's voice? At the end when the young couple leave to start a marriage she never had, you realize how much life she gave up just to be with that guy. If you have ever loved and lost, that last farewell will put a knot in your throat.

  • Unlikely Pairing that Works

    • Wewink
    • 5/14/16

    I had always wanted to see About Mrs. Leslie because the romantic pairing of Shirley Booth and Robert Ryan seem so odd. I was curious to see how they would interact with each other. I finally got my answer. These two wonderful actors made the pairing not only believable but very moving as well. I was already a fan of Robert Ryan. But my respect for him deepened with his performance in this movie. About Mrs. Leslie is a quiet, touching, old fashion type of movie that I grew up watching. I really liked it.

  • A Quietly Grand Film

    • pronker
    • 5/14/16

    If you want a thoroughly believable love story regarding performances while squinching your eyes a /little/ about the amazing coincidence of watching a newsreel, this is the film for you. Booth and Ryan give standout lessons in acting as adults in an adult love story. SPOILER ALERT Booth /had/ to have been suspicious about her lover's marital status, but her Mama's advice 'politeness to all' means that she'll not ask questions that she doesn't want to know the answers to. Oh, Shirley honey, you're setting yourself up for a fall. Yes, it's soapy but I prefer that to the overdone dramedy 'Same Time Next Year' with a similar plot point. Look at this film to see 'Hazel' doing a slightly Sophie Tucker/Rusty Warren turn as night club entertainer with a controlled singing voice on the /very/ slightly risque songs. A well-written spot between Maidie Norman as the housekeeper and Booth occurs when Norman asks Booth 'is Ryan sleeping well' and Booth ripostes 'doesn't he usually' and the issue of whether or not Norman and her husband Ike Jones the butler/chauffeur realize that Booth is not actually 'Mrs. Leslie' who shares a bed with him arises. It was a neatly done turn.Of interest is Norman's on screen husband, Jones, who was the first Black grad of UCLA's film school. I wonder what lessons he gleaned from Booth and Ryan. TCM, thanks for showing About Mrs. Leslie and if you're reading, please show the More Or Less Minor Comedies with Dennis O'Keefe, Getting Gertie's Garter and Up In Mabel's Room. I am getting quiet tired, along with another reviewer, of watching Wuthering Heights.

  • Great Movie!

    • Debra
    • 5/14/16

    I didn't get to see this whole movie but thought initially that the actors were a foreign pair to put together but then watching it I loved this movie! I could relate to it with things in my own life and the truth of this movie was very refreshing. The actors gave such believable performances. Please show this again so I can watch the whole thing! Have loved TCM for many years.

  • Thank you TCM for showing this.

    • Mandy
    • 5/14/16

    I hope it becomes a regular staple in your line-ups because this movie has such superb performances by Booth and Ryan it would be a shame if more people didn't get to see it. Tonight, I only got to see half of it because, to be quite honest, I've gotten bored with TCM of late. Whereas TCM was always the first channel I went to see what was playing, I stopped doing it some time ago because of your boring, redundant, line-ups. You seem to play the same movies, with the same actors, over and over and over again. I only happened to catch it by chance while channel surfing and could have kicked myself for missing the first half. Please keep this in your line-up of regular movies to play, and please give us more choices. I love the old movies but how many times can someone see Withering Heights without wanting to rip their hair out. Maybe TCM needs to hire a filmophile. Someone who really knows and has seen most of the old movies out there. I know I am one such person because I would stay up all night as a kid (much to the chagrin of my parents when they found out) watching the old movies on the late, late show. Even at 8 years old I could tell that Shirley Booth and Anna Magnani were the best actors out there. Their performances touched my soul. Thank you again for playing it and please, please, play it again.

  • Sad

    • Jayne
    • 5/14/16

    I agree with Olivia when she says one never knows the history of experiences others have had. So I did like that about the movie. And I found the stories if the supporting characters compelling. I thought the movie was lovely to watch and the elegant manners and styles, just swept me away!Spoilers ahead: I simply think that, assuming she passed up other men who might have offered her a family life, Mrs Leslie gave up too much. Wasn't it interesting when she thought the worst of her tenant on his wedding day? And that Mr Leslie was unkind to both her and the wife he married for money.


    • DE
    • 11/11/13


  • My Favorite Robert Ryan Film

    • Patti
    • 12/4/11

    Tender and touching, About Mrs. Leslie is a definite tearjerker. I totally adore Robert Ryan and loved having the opportunity to see him in something more than his usual "heavy" roles. While he was a totally amazing actor and was always fantastic in his villainous roles, it was a real treat to see him in a tender, romantic role. He had amazing range as an actor and was just as wonderful as a romantic lead as he was as a "bad guy." He was quite believeable here as the quiet, reserved George Leslie. Without question, this is my favorite of Ryan's films (and I love many of his works). Shirley Booth was wonderful in this heartbreaking role. While she's not generally thought of as a romantic actress, don't let that put you off from this film. I think the fact that she wasn't one of the "bombshell beauties" is what really makes this film work. Her character is just an ordinary, unglamorous, unpretentious gal, and since that is exactly what Shirley Booth was, she was perfect in this role. So, while Booth and Ryan may seem somewhat of an odd pairing, it definitely works beautifully in About Mrs. Leslie. Have the tissue box handy with this film. And, TCM, please air this one soon, as I am in need of a re-watch.

  • About Mrs. Leslie

    • Beth
    • 8/23/11

    I love this movie so much and couldn't find it on dvd. I asked my mother if she could find this movie on dvd I would never ask for anything again. She did, and I haven't. I think this movie (besides "Wuthering Heights") is one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever seen. I just think Robert Ryan was wonderful, handsome and gentle in his portrayl of George Leslie. See it, it's a wonderful movie!

  • About Mrs. Leslie

    • Gayle
    • 11/10/10

    "About Mrs. Leslie" is one of my favorite movies! Shirley Booth and Robert Ryan were SUPERB! Shirley Booth's acting reminded me her role in "Hot Spell." She played the loving wife to Anthony Quinn, who was superb as well, but didn't love her. Her devotion and love for Mr. Leslie was just so on point. They were two of my favorite stars and it's a shame that "About Mrs. Leslie" isn't available in DVD or on VHS. They don't make movies like they did back in the day, which is why I am praying that this movie WILL be made available for purchase. I prefer the Classics to this stuff that is being shown these days.


    • indydave
    • 4/5/10

    this was the first love story i saw as a youngster in the sixties. having only seen shirley booth on television as the maid named hazel i was spellbound as this touching tale unfolded in a series of flashbacks that span what appears to be several decades. telling a tale of love not meant to be with robert ryan as her leading man and love interest, you will also notice a few cameo appearances by actors like ellen corby and the kid who played jimmy olsen on the 1950's george reeves t v show superman. its a great film for a dreary, rainy afternoon when you don't want to come out of a sad funk. please release this in disc for fans to purchase soon. tcm rules. thank you

  • Loved Shirley Booth and Robert Ryan

    • Linda S.
    • 3/1/10

    This is an old movie that I saw as a kid and never forgot.It is very well acted by Shirley Booth and Robert Ryan andit deserves to be released on DVD. Please bring it out on DVD so we can all enjoy it.


    • CAROL
    • 11/12/09


  • About Mrs. Leslie

    • terry
    • 11/10/09

    This is a beautiful movie. Only saw it once and never forgot the performances. PLEASE put this on DVD. A must for any real movie buff.

  • A Real Tearjerker!

    • Peg
    • 8/6/09

    This is a beautiful film that needs to be made available on DVD...And it needs to be made available on Turner Classic Movies. If ever there was an "Essential", it is this one!

  • about mrs. leslie

    • Delores
    • 9/21/08


  • A Wonderful Love Story To Remember!

    • Alice
    • 7/18/08

    I saw this wonderful movie many years ago but couldn't remember the name of the title. This movie was so beautiful it stayed in my memory. After searching the net I found the title. All I could remember was that Shirley Booth met this gentlemen once a year. She asked him no questions but enjoyed the time they spend together and he in turn asked her no questions but savored their time together.

  • A touching, sensitive love story

    • Sally
    • 1/6/08

    I think this is the type of entertainment we're not able to get in today's offerings. It definitely should be made available for home video for classic- movie enthusiasts.

  • needs to be available on DVD!

    • elaine
    • 11/28/07

    I was lucky enough to get a copy of this touching picture. Someone on Ebay sold me a VHS copy. It's not the best quality and it must have been taped from the TV, but I treasure this gem of a romantic picture! It needs to be out on DVD!

  • A real love story

    • Linda
    • 7/19/07

    This use to pop up on TV all the time, haven't seen it in many years, but I remember every scene. Hope some day to find a copy to own - nobody has it.

  • needs to be seen again!

    • Kenneth
    • 2/3/07

    A signature, touching portrayal by the incomparable Shirley Booth. Second only to her performance in Come Back Little Sheba. Should be on DVD for sure!!!

  • Does anyone else liek the movie AboutMRs. Leslie

    • Olivia
    • 7/19/06

    I thinkthis is a cool movie. You never knowt he stories that experienced adults have behind them.

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