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Abbott & Costello in the Foreign Legion

Abbott & Costello in the Foreign Legion(1950)


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In Brooklyn, while rehearsing for his wrestling match against Bertram the Magnificent, Abdullah, the Arabian Assassin, complains that promoters Bud Jones and Lou Hotchkiss want him to lose the match. Abdullah, the wrestling champion of North Africa, argues that he has never lost a match, but when Bud insists that he lose this one, the Arab decides to break his contract with the promoters and return to Algiers. Having borrowed $5,000 from mobster Frankie to import the wrestler to the United States, Bud and Lou decide to go to Algiers themselves to bring Abdullah back. Unknown to the promoters, Abdullah is the cousin of Sheik Hamud El Khalid, a tribal chief who is attempting to extort money from the company that is building a railroad in Algiers. Lou and Bud are mistaken for railroad agents by Hamud's men, who then make numerous attempts to kill Bud. Lou further infuriates Hamud when he mistakenly outbids the sheik for six slave girls at an auction. In order to escape Hamud's men, Bud and Lou mistakenly join the French Foreign Legion, unaware that their sergeant, Axmann, is a traitor working in league with the sheik. Later, Bud and Lou are sent into town by the commandant to meet with Nicole Dupree, a French undercover agent. Axmann, however, sets a trap for the two, but they manage to escape it. Bud and Lou tell Nicole that Axmann is the traitor, but the spy tells them that she needs proof of the sergeant's duplicity. The two then search Axmann's quarters for evidence, but are caught by the evil sergeant, who sends them into the desert as reinforcements for a beleaguered Legion battalion. Later, Bud and Lou escape a deadly attack by Hamud's men when they leave their posts to search for a missing camel. The two then wander the desert until they stumble across an oasis. There, Bud and Lou are captured by Hamud's men, and taken to the sheik's camp, where they are soon joined by Nicole, who has been captured by Axmann. Later, Hamud orders Abdullah to kill Bud and Lou in a wrestling match, but the wrestler agrees to help the two escape if they will take him back to Brooklyn, so that he can avoid an arranged marriage with Hamud's ugly daughter. With Abdullah and Nicole's help, Bud and Lou make their escape. The four trick their pursuers into entering an empty Legionnaire fort, which they then blow up. Afterward, Bud and Lou receive medals for their bravery, along with their discharges from the Legion. As they leave, Bud insists on inspecting the trailer Lou claims is filled with "knickknacks," only to discover it is filled with beautiful slave girls.