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The Adventures of Jane Arden

The Adventures of Jane Arden(1939)


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Reporter Jane Arden is convinced that debutante Martha Blanton has a story to tell, and her instinct is proven correct when Martha is killed. Jane is also sure that the man the police arrest is not the man who killed Martha. Ed Towers, the newspaper's editor, fires Jane for incompetence and then meets secretly with her. He hands her an undercover assignment, introducing her to Bill Clifton, a special investigator for the Jewelers Association. Bill explains that Martha was involved in a jewel smuggling ring and was killed when she tried to leave. They suspect the reputable firm of Thayer and Co. of being the ringleader, but have been unable to find any proof of wrongdoing. Jane's first act is to try and sell Thayer and Co. some stolen jewels, using a false name, just as Albert Thayer and Dr. George Vanders are looking for another woman to take Martha's place in the gang. Vanders is impressed by Jane, but Thayer is suspicious. Jane agrees to smuggle in some jewels from Bermuda, but on board the ship, Thayer sees Ed leaving Jane's cabin and has him followed. Learning that he is a newspaperman, Thayer cables Vanders with the news, but Vanders decides to go through with their plans and intends to kill Jane after the jewels are successfully brought into the country. Jane meets Vanders and his accomplice, Lola Martin, on the ship but does not realize that they are involved in the gang. Meanwhile, Thayer kidnaps Ed and holds him hostage. In Bermuda, Lola becomes jealous of Vanders' attentions to Jane and refuses to steal the jewels. Vanders walks in on Jane while she is phoning Bill with the latest plans, but he warns her that Ed is in danger if she does anything to jeopardize the robbery. When they arrive at the party, however, they discover that the jewels have already been stolen. Vanders then realizes that Lola committed the robbery in order to have them all for herself. Jane and Vanders wait for Lola in her room, and when she arrives, Lola tells Vanders that his identity is known and suggests that they escape together. Unknown to Vanders, Ed has escaped and tricked Thayer into a confession. He flys to Bermuda, where he sees Vanders and Lola leaving with Jane. He chases them and finally shoots Vanders. On the boat returning home, Ed reveals that he loves Jane and they kiss.