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The Women

The Women(2008)

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  • If it isn't broke, why fix it

    • Second Hand Rose
    • 7/4/10

    As usual, and as with the 1950 version "The Opposite Sex" this version of The Women can't even come close to the 1939 original. Other than retaining the names of two of the films original characters, Mary Haines and Silivia Fowler (not Silvie Fowler) you wouldn't even recognized this film. I don't why Hollywood always feels the need to change things. The original is so full of clever dialogue and wit, fast moving as the train that tooks them to Reno and there were no four letter words, or explicit sexual content. And in the original, there is not a single male presence. While the conversations often elude to the male presence, you never actually see a man.Not that June Allison (The Opposite Sex) and Meg Ryan aren't wonderful actresses, this was not the vehicle for either one of them.If you're looking for a good movie, watch the original, then if you must, watch this...decide for yourself. As for me...I'll take Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford, any day.

  • see the original - it's the goods

    • cmiles
    • 5/11/10

    Hey Michele, if you are still out there, the movie you are thinking of is THE OPPOSITE SEX. A poor musical version of THE WOMEN. Some of the characters names were changed. It has a very impressive cast but still can't hold a candle to the 1939 version. The original also has the best child actor in the movies (ever) - Virigina Weidler.

  • 2008 Remake does not exceed the original 1939

    • Elyseali
    • 3/24/10

    Many reviews prefer the remake than the origional. But I'm still not exactly sure why, they dont get too specific. I found the remake full of air, boring dialogue, and overly sentimental, the script and writing is poor, and its idealizing contemporary female relationships.(Would you really start screaming in the middle of the street at someone who betrayed you, to finally become her friend again 3 minutes later? I don't think so) The original is full of witty, funny and yes, catty remarks. It also has an amazing cast and the movie is full of different personalities. I'm not sure why EXACTLY so many people find the original so ill cast. Compared to the 2008 version with monocramatic characters all blending together. The whole point of the original movie is that its a movie about women and their men, and womens relationships with men. The remake isn't comparable in this sense. If the writing was better in the 2008 version, they could have pulled off the empowered women and their relationship theme. Eva Mendez is not as good as Crawford as "Crystal", and annette benning as "mrs. fowler" is a dissapointment. And meg ryan as "Mary haines" is dismal too. in the original Crystal is a gold digger, good for nothing who is using steven haines.Crystal is proud and confident about her catch too. I think many people prefer the remake because it shows a crystal as insecure. Eva mendez' characterization doesn't touch crawfords portrayal. In the 2008 version Mary Haines is a lost, self indulgent mother, too busy to help her daughter. I didn't feel sorry steven haines cheated on her ,and was waiting for meg ryans portrayal to grow some man parts like in the original version and do something. She was too passive for me. Wanting and having a man head of a family, being faithful to him, being submissive and respectful of that man, and fighting for his faithfulness and love, shouldn't automatically make us view the original archaic, and anti-women power. It just isnt------

  • Unusual for the Remake to be Better

    • SheaBullington
    • 6/23/09

    Let me account for the ways that the 2008 version of "The Women" is superior to the 1939 original. I think that having a woman direct a nearly all women cast makes a huge difference. The addage that it 'takes one to know one' is appropriate in this case. This could be Meg Ryan's best role, though perhaps not her best performance of all time. Annette Bening deserved an Oscar, her performance is such a stand out. What Eve Mendes did with her character (Crystal) makes the biggest difference between the former and this version. Watch it. One day it will be the classic!

  • Rare Remake Exceeds Original

    • GrayJohnson
    • 6/22/09

    This group of actors suprised the heck out of me because I doubted they could do it: exceed the original (1939) version. Not the original is that great or flawless. I like the ways the women are depicted in this film way way better. Ryan and Bening are stupendous. Mendes is the best Crystal. The supporting cast is a real treat. This is one of the rare newer films that I like a lot.

  • Being Directed by a Woman's Woman a Plus

    • Joannah
    • 6/20/09

    By far the preferrable version of this story, being directed by a woman's woman instead of a man's man (Cukor 1939) makes a world of gender equality difference in this celebrated story all about women with nearly an all woman cast. This cast is superb. Ryan and Bening as leads turn in top drawer performances. So does Mendes and that makes a world of difference between the new and old versions. The character of Crystal was the biggest problem with the 1939 version since she was miscast. The supporting cast is fabulously all-star in this 2008 version. Watch and try to say it's not so!

  • the most important remake for women

    • H.Cixous
    • 6/9/09

    with a woman director, diane english, and a modern cast of women who have already benefitted from the women's rights movement, this is a very important film remake. images of women in film are too influential to leave them seeming like marytrs for the benefits of men. this version of the film profits from one of the most women empowering casts there's ever been. that makes all the difference and this version the one that will eventually become known as the classic version.

  • Love These Women!

    • Zachry
    • 5/31/09

    I REALLY fell for this version of "The Women" (2008); because of the great casting & fantastic performances. Bening's Sylvie's wonderful. Ryan's certainly the right choice for Mary. Best of all is Mendes' Crystal. I feel like she's depicted the character with far less harshness & as the screenwriter intended. This film has raised my hopes for American women actors, at least, being more particular about the kinds of scripts they accept. Wish I could say the same for the American men. The British still have an edge over them.

  • Great Cast and Performances

    • Eunice_Campbell
    • 5/31/09

    Director Diane English deserves recognition for really pulling this staller cast together. Meg Ryan's Mary Haines and Annette Bening's Sylvie Fowler are fabulously entertaining. Eva Mendes' Crystal Allen makes the stand out essential change between this and the older version. The supporting cast is wonderful with Candice Bergen as Catherine Frazier, Bette Midler as Leah 'The Countess' Miller, Cloris Leachman as Maggie & Carrie Fisher as Bailey Smith. I like the different emphases placed on the script. Brava!

  • Brava! To All of This Cast

    • Isaacs
    • 5/29/09

    I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked a new film better than an antique one. It is true though. This cast superior. I won't belabor the same points others have already made. I'll just nod agreeing with them instead. Bening knocked my socks off!

  • Newer is Better this Time

    • Goldie28
    • 5/29/09

    I rave about the 2008 version of "The Women" because, at last, this film has been done as well as it deserves to be. With the casting problems of the early version worked out, Meg Ryan, Annette Bening and Eve Mendes, to name just a few and not including the all star supporting cast, work so collaboratively well together. The former obvious star power grabbing by the former Crystal (Crawford) character, spoils the older version. This newer one is much more lively, well balanced and just plain fun.

  • Wonderful blend by actors

    • Antonias
    • 5/22/09

    This version of "The Women" is definitelybetter cast than the golden era version. It's got to be a significant challenge to take on a role that the great actor Rosalind Russell played. But by golly they did it. Annette Bening's so on point. Meg Ryan's made the role of Mary her own. Eve Mendes' performance changes the balance of the quality of acting so that Crystal's a match for Mary. That key interaction was missing in the Shearer & Crawford mismatch. Not one who usually prefers the newer films, this one made me rethink my bias for older films.

  • Bening and Ryan are Amazing

    • JClements
    • 5/15/09

    Eve Mendes (whom I've never even heard of before) plays a terrific Crystal to Meg Ryan's Mary. However, Annette Bening's Sylvia steals the show. All of the great casting, script, acting & setting aspects are there to make this rendition of "The Women" superior to the older version. That's tough for me to pen because I rarely like new films. This one has all the elements of a classic.

  • Great Cast, Great Acting, Classic Film

    • Marjorie.Campbell
    • 5/15/09

    Meg Ryan's and Eve Mendes' acting in the crucial scenes after Crystal (Mendes) has an affair with Mary's (Ryan's) husband is so much better than the original. Add Annette Bening, Cloris Leachman, Bette Midler, Carrie Fisher et al and this is the definitive classic version of "The Women." The weakness of the original version was because Crawford was cast as Crystal. When it came to contending with Mary (Norma Shearer), Crawford could not hold her own in the part. With this cast being all pro actors, there's no question which version's the better of the two.

  • At Last, the Superior Version

    • Ellissa
    • 5/14/09

    Where the older version suffered from a poor casting choice, this version doesn't make the same error. This is the classic version that will prove to be over time.

  • Smashing Cast & Performances

    • Geraldeen
    • 5/12/09

    This is the version of "The Women" we've waited for. All of the actors actually do know how to deliver fine performances.The cast is practically all star, with legends like Bette Midler, Carrie Fisher & Cloris Leachman turning up as supporting characters & thus, bolstering this version of the film. A must own, must see, delight. (Yes Michele, the older version was also called, "The Women").

  • Best Version by Far

    • f2008ilmzzz
    • 4/22/09

    This version of the film exceeded my hopes. When I looked for the chief reason why it was clearly because of the absence of Joan Crawford. Crawford was the only spoiler of the prior version. Now that all of the key roles are performed by legitimate actors who aren't faking it to make this film, it makes a huge improvement. I hadn't realized until I watched this version how Crawford's performance had polluted the rest of the prior version of the film. This version is the one to own.

  • Similar versions of "The Women"

    • Michele
    • 4/22/09

    Does anyone know the name of the movie with the same story line and characters as in the 1939 "The Women"? It was done after the original, and before the 2008 version. I think it starred June Allyson as Mary Haynes?

  • The Women

    • Priscilla
    • 1/13/09

    I did not like the 2008 version of The Women as much as I LOVED THE OLDER version. It was slow, kinda pointless. Meg Ryan looked spaced out during the WHOLE movie. LOVED Cloris Leachman and Candace Bergman in this movie. The mad the moive Annette Benning was good also. Eva Mendez she was ok 2. I didnt get why Bette Midler was there, if she was playing the Countess she really didnt do justice to that part.Everytime the older one comes on I watch it That one is so comical and I get a kick out of it everytime I watch it . The Silvia and Countess characters are soooo funny!!!

  • The Women (2008)

    • Jay
    • 12/11/08

    To remake such a classic as The Women (1939) is not a good idea. You could never ever equal the cast of the original. It's not as bad though as the reviews I have been reading, the basic story is good and hard to mess up. But, it is so pale in comparison to the original. Annette Bening is good, as is Cloris Leachman. I did enjoy most of it, but it compelled me to watch the original.

  • This movie is hilarious!

    • Janel Radford
    • 10/1/08

    I love this movie! I watch it every time you schedule it on TCM. It is absolutely hilarious the way the women bicker amongst themselves. All the actresses give a wonderful performance. And don't forget the gorgeous gowns the women wear! The movie would be worth watching just to see all the great gown creations.

  • loved the plas

    • sandy morris
    • 12/2/07

    saw a play of The Women. Loved it. Would love to see it or own it!!!!

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