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The Body Disappears

The Body Disappears(1941)

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At a courtroom hearing, "Doc" George Appleby recalls the events that led to the disappearance of Peter DeHaven III: The night of his bachelor party, Peter passes out from drinking. In order to get revenge on practical joker Peter, his friends take his unconscious body and place it on a table in the college dissecting room. Moments later, Professor Shotesbury, who is convinced that he has found the means to bring the dead back to life, finds Peter and steals him with the help of his servant Willie. Shotesbury injects Peter with a serum he has developed, and Peter does indeed awaken, but shortly thereafter, becomes invisible. Appleby's story is continued by Shotesbury's daughter Joan: When Peter wakes up the next day with a terrible hangover, he begs Shotesbury to reverse his invisibility as he is to marry Christine Lunceford. While Shotesbury works on an antidote, Willie drives Peter to Christine's house. There, however, the invisible Peter overhears Christine talking to Robert Struck and learns that Christine loves Robert, but intends to marry Peter for his money. Meanwhile, one of Shotesbury's neighbors has overheard him talking to his invisible monkey, and convinced that Shotesbury is insane, the man assembles the college faculty to determine what to do. At the meeting, Shotesbury admits that he has made a man invisible, and the faculty is now sure that he is mentally unstable. Back at Shotesbury's house, Peter and Joan become better acquainted. Hearing that Robert has been arrested, Peter decides to bail him out, hoping that Robert will marry Christine and he will then be free to marry Joan. When the faculty tell Joan that they have committed her father to a sanitarium, she is worried that Peter will not receive the antidote in time and will be permanently invisible. She injects herself with the serum and she and Peter drive to the sanitarium where Shotesbury also uses the serum. Now that all three are invisible, they leave for home. Shotesbury finishes the story for the judge, explaining that when he and Joan arrived at their home, Peter was not in the car. Then, in the nick of time, Peter arrives in the courtroom, Shotesbury injects him with the antidote and the now visible Peter embraces Joan.