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The Corn Is Green

The Corn Is Green(1945)


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  • the corn is green

    • kevin sellers
    • 2/17/17

    An interesting story about the difficult relationship between an imperious teacher and a gifted, rebellious student is, alas, too easily and too soon resolved by screenwriters Casey Robinson and Frank Cavett and in its place is inserted a rather melodramatic and thus less involving tale of a scheming floozy threatening a brilliant academic career. And Irving Rapper's direction will definitely not make you forget "How Green Was My Valley." So, we're left with the actors and fortunately there are a number of good performances in this film. No one does well meaning arrogance better than Bette Davis and she is ably supported by John Dahl (a most underrated actor, in my opinion) as her diamond in the rough pupil, Joan Loring as the floozy, Mildred Dunnock (Is she ever anything other than absolutely wonderful?) as the eternal spinster, and Rhys Williams as a kindly schoolmaster. Indeed, the only cast member who kind of phones it in is Nigel Bruce, doing his typical clueless Watson schtick. Also helping is the Welsh singing, although again, if you compare it to Ford's "Valley," with its wall to wall choristers, it's kinda skimpy. Let's give it a C plus. P.S. If this film were to be remade today you can bet your Welsh rarebit that the intimations of sexual attraction between Davis and Dahl would not be intimations.

  • Thank God for Liberals

    • Robin Halsey
    • 2/12/17

    It's hard to imagine, that today, there are people who still feel the way the Squire did in the beginning of this story (and as many people actually did in those dark days). Children forced into hard labor jobs to supplement their families income to survive. How barbaric! This practice, unfortunately, was pervasive all over the world (including the United States) and in many nations still today. (Don't shop at Walmart or places that sell items made from exploited child labor.) I'm proud to say that I'm not that crazy to think and act as so many conservative extremists act today. This story depicts that breed, of so many liberals throughout history who used whatever resources, courage and guiles they could to achieve justice for those who've been dealt a bad hand; or needed a hand-up. I become so enthralled at the speech Dall gives near the end, explaining the euphoria he experienced when he was able to express his new found knowledge and confidence in himself. I can relate ~~as I myself, at a very late age, was forced to go to school to help my chances at finding work after our economic crash of 2008. Until then, I had made a decent living without any higher education (along with a very intolerant and narrow-mind), but that world came crashing down. The first semester at attempting my first Associate's degree, I felt much like the character acted by Dall. I was so excited to be learning and embracing the process of learning. It was hard to explain, but it was like a new world had opened up to me. Critical thinking skills were slow to come to me but they came. Thank God, they came to me. I see the world around me now in a whole new light. I see true injustices and I see much ignorance. I love this film and it should be a requirement to be shown in public schools today. Davis/Moffat: "I should like very much to look at children who could sing after a days work in a coal mine." ..."I wonder whoever started the ridiculous rumor that this was a civilized world?"


    • Linda Charles
    • 2/6/17

    2/6/17I always turn on TCM first thing to see what is playing before I look at any other channel. Today a movie had just started, but didn't catch the title or anything. As soon as I saw Bette Davis was in the movie, I stopped channel changing and watched the movie. I had to look up the title on the internet to see what it was called. I can't believe I have never seen this one before. I have watched so many of her films over the years, more than once (I'm 62 now). I don't believe I've ever seen one of her movies that I didn't like. My favorite, however, was "Now Voyager." I also love Katharine Hepburn, so if I come across that some day, will watch that version as well.

  • The Corn Is Green

    • Helen Wildermuth
    • 5/27/15

    I love Katherine Hepburn, too, but she is Kate, not the movie character in her version of the film. I'll bet shewould have agreed with me. Bette Davis is true to the character, superbly so. Though rarely offered, this is one of her best. Black and white suits the story and setting better as well.

  • corn is green

    • Beverly Pugh
    • 4/5/13

    Corn is Green first made with star Bette Davis aside from the awards won. Doesn't hold a candle to the same movie made with Katherine Hepburn playing the same part played by the famous Bette Davis. Katherine Hepburn played on location in Wales. If you saw Bette Davis portraying the part of the teacher of a Welsh miner boy Evan Morgan. You must rent or try anyway you can to see the same movie, you will be amazed at the difference and wonderful between the black and white with Davis and the colored version made by Hepburn in Wales unlike the one done by Davis made in America. The difference in remarkable and you will see the beautiful land of song Wales. Take the word of a Welshwoman. You will be so very pleased.

  • Where's the DVD?

    • Laure Wegner
    • 1/1/13

    I love this movie. I love Bette Davis. There isn't one clunky or boring scene in the whole film, and it has some of the best tell-'em-off scenes in any movie of any period. Its sentimentality is balanced by insights into the grueling, dead-end lives of the miners, by Miss Moffat's pithy practicality and determination and by humorous depictions of the pompous lord, the shallow, slutty servant girl and the two locals who are charmed and bullied into helping the inimitable Miss Davis realize her dreams. So why isn't this treasure on DVD? I save it years ago on DVR, waiting for the DVD to be released. What's the problem, folks? How could "The Nutty Professor" be offered before "The Corn is Green"? It's a mystery more confusing than "The Big Sleep".

  • Great!

    • Effie
    • 6/16/12

    I Love this movie! It's absolutely beautiful. I think Bette Davis is so amazing in it. I watch it every time it's on TCM. Thanks TCM!

  • I Stand Corrected....

    • Elizabeth Sheehan
    • 5/21/12

    I have watched this movie each time it was presented on TCM. I grew up during the era of Betty Davis's career, and really was not a fan. I didn't think of her as beautiful, but more as a person who played evil roles.There was nothing about her screen persona that pre-teen/teenager wanted to emulate. I avoided her movies.I changed my mind when I first saw 'The Corn is Green' as an adult, on TCM. It is an inspiring story, and she was terrific in the lead. This movie is so much better than a lot of the flip and silly things that seem to be used as 'fillers' on the programming. I worked through high school at our local theater, saw all the current movies free; that doesn't make me a great critic, but if I had seen this, I would have watched it several times!I am now in my eighties. Please make it a priority to issue this Betty Davis classic in DVD form, so I may have it to share with my children and grandchildren. When??

  • Bette Davis in THE CORN IS GREEN

    • sylvia a. scher
    • 1/7/12

    This is the best version of the Williams material-- far better than Hepburn's. Why isn't the Davis film on DVD?

  • Did you catch it?

    • Frances
    • 1/2/12

    At the end, when the maid came in and handed Bettye Davis a peice of paper and said that it was his birth certificate, she said "I'll try not to mess it up this time." Or something to that effect. Did I miss it earlier or was she just saying that he (Morgan) was her son? It is the best movie that she ever made in my opinion.

  • Welsh Music through Movies

    • K. Brobeck
    • 10/8/11

    This movie started me on a search for Welsh music, hymns & folk songs. I'll never forget it.Very moving, by Emlyn Williams not terribly opened up from the stage play

  • Great Movie

    • Florence Robinson
    • 9/2/11

    The Corn i s Green exceptional movie with great talent and subject.

  • When will this movie be out on DVD?

    • Jay
    • 9/2/11

    This is one of my favorite movies of all time, one that I could watch over and over. But my only opportunity to see it is when it shows on TCM. Will this movie ever come out on DVD?

  • Become a lover of the culture of Wales :

    • K. Brobeck
    • 4/4/10

    I saw this movie- badly cut, on the afternoon movie, shownin SF in the '50s. What really grabbed me were they beautiful Welsh melodies sung by the various characters. I can't spell the folksong names, but take it from me, they're unforgettable, if you like fine melodies. The plot is stage-bound, but still very moving, as Emlyn William's own story: a dedicated teacher finding a bright lad among the colliers.

  • The Corn is Green

    • Sandy
    • 3/3/10

    Wonderful movie! Ms Davis is outstanding and her supporting cast is perfect. Once of the most delightful parts of this movie is the soundtrack. The music is lyrical and deserves to be released on its own merit.

  • The Corn Is Green (1945)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 9/13/09

    Typically outstanding Bette Davis performance. Joan Lorring is terrific in a supporting role. Very well produced drama, excellent art direction and very well produced. Good direction. But, it is Davis' film all the way.

  • 1895, Glansarno, Wales & Miss Moffat

    • BeauB
    • 7/25/09

    Having just watched "Goodbye, Mrs. Chips" with 1939's Oscar winner, Robt. Donat & with Greer Garson making her film debut, it made me think of "The Corn is Green." If you haven't watched this film & like "...Chips," I'd recommend this film. The quality of acting, script, and teaching themes are similar. Miss Moffat (Bette Davis) is as memorable a teacher as Mr. Chippings. One thing's different: whereas Mr. Chippings teaches boys of wealth, Miss Moffat has the daunting task of teaching mining villagers who are mostly illiterate. The forces of the landed gentry stand against her as they try to maintain the status quo. They need children who work for pennies to keep them rich. Miss Moffat does more than lead Morgan Evans out of a mine shaft & into Harvard. She transforms the Welsh mining town of Glansarno from under educated to focused upon being well educated. Davis' performance is dynamic.

  • Seems I Pick the Ones the AFI Doesn't

    • DGrouix
    • 7/20/09

    With well over a hundred filmed performances of Bette Davis, a large percentage of them being either classics,award winning or very highly praised. Of them, my favorites seem to be like this one: nominated for 2 best supporting actor Oscars, winner of none. The lead performance of Bette Davis goes unrecognized. Yet, this is one of my favorite Davis performances. I've loved it from the 1st time I watched it. Bette Davis as Miss Moffat is so refined as a scholar even when she's in furiated by the Squire, she blessed him out by calling him a ninkinpoop who can go to blue blazes. She tears up. When a prospective student asks: "Please ma'am, can I have a kiss?" She says yes to him and walk over with a rolled up bunch of papers in hand and wacks him in the head.Then, when she needs to Squire's influence, she puts on a shaw, acts like a needy little lady who depends upon men, and very tired and seduces the Squire into supporting her educational venture. Davis puts on more than a half dozen different facets of Miss Moffat which makes her one of my favorite characters. I've been privileged to know quite a few Miss Moffats.

  • Bette Davis at Work in Wales

    • Janys
    • 7/12/09

    Whenever I have a visitor come who wants to watch a film with me, this is the one I play. Bette Davis' performance is the main reason why. She plays the role of Miss Moffat, a single woman with a Masters degree who inherits a home in the countryside of Wales. Davis seems at home there. Right at the height of her acting career, she takes this low key role as a woman with a dream to bring education to a mining town of people who are mostly illiterate. The script must have been a challenge to master since there are so many different types of characters for Miss Moffat to interact with. This film is the typecasting buster. Moffat's a noble woman with a sense of social responsibility that guides her life. I forget I'm watching Bette Davis and feel like I'm inside of Miss Moffat's school house. That's what I call as classic film and acting.

  • Welsh Mining Town's Transformation

    • Corbinn
    • 6/15/09

    When Miss Moffat (Bette Davis) arrives to claim the home and land she has inherited, turning it into a school for the people of the Welsh mining village is her prime intent. What Miss Moffat achieves and endures by striving to reach her goal is what makes this film so admirable. It's one of Bette Davis' very fine roles and performances. Don't miss it.

  • If Only There Were More Miss Moffats

    • Dr_March
    • 6/12/09

    Sometimes it is a big discouraging to recognize where US society is headed. By that I mean the younger teens, such as those Miss Moffat (Bette Davis) helped civilize by offering them an education when they were being exploited. The situation in the US is quite similar today. The attitudes of the younger people are so violent and their parents are not involved as they should be in their lives. This film demonstrates what the power of one woman determined to make a difference can achieve. I can relate to Miss Moffat intimately well as Bette Davis plays her. Teaching is a passion. Dedication is required because students are often very trying. The rewards are the work itself. I'm gratefulthat Miss Davis exercised her acting talent to create this version of Miss Moffat. She gives me hope and encouragement quite often. This is one of my favorite films.

  • Educational empowerment

    • Terrance
    • 5/27/09

    What Miss Moffatt (Bette Davis) contributes to a small town Welsh community is the kind of empowerment that being educated affords. The quality of character of Miss Moffatt's so regal, refined, restrained and real. It's not easy for her to open a school for illiterate youth miners and their elders.At a critical point, she has to down playher strong persona to act like a frail woman who's dependent upon men. She does so to get the support she needs from the Squire of the town. Davis delivers a tremendous performance that carries this memorable film. Her performance and the film should be considered classics.

  • Bette Davis is Miss Moffatt

    • Krystal74
    • 5/27/09

    This is a great Bette Davis movie. She's a heir to property in Wales. Boys are made to be miners. She sees the injustice of it and makes a school of her home. During the movie Bette Davis has to put on a variety of faces to get the support of the different types of people in the countryside. Bette Davis makes the movie because she's so good at doing that.

  • The unsung Bette Davis endearing classic

    • Judge_Pierre
    • 5/19/09

    I'd never heard of this Bette Davis film until I bought a large collection of her films from one of her biographers. Then, I didn't watch it because I didn't know a thing about it. Not until I began reading the biographer's book where this film is more than mentioned. That detailed review prompted me to watch the tape. Since then, I've seen it over a dozen times. Davis is Miss Moffatt, a MA who's inherited a home in rural Wales where kids are used for coal mining. Outraged by their illiterary and general education being neglected, she turns her home into a school. The child-centered, iron-willed magnificence of Miss Moffatt, makes Davis more beautiful than ever. Her performance is like Greer Garson's Mrs. Miniver, Smith & Chips: classic and unforgettable.

  • Miss Moffatt

    • Marjorie.Campbell
    • 5/15/09

    Bette Davis made Miss Moffatt a timeless character. She is a woman with a Masters degree, when that was unheard of; a pillar of strength who put the squire in his most fitting place; saw the injustice of making slave laborers of children in dank coal mines and tried to right it; used her education selflessly to help end illiteracy in a small Welsh village; used her inheritance as a good trustee to improve the lives of others; recognized potential talent hidden beneath a face blackened by coal dust & changed a community for the better. Bette Davis: a role model.

  • Bette Davis, Miriam Hopkins & Geo. Brent

    • Melissa_Aaron
    • 5/15/09

    This trio of actors is one of the remarkable ones. Davis & Hopkins were not fond of each other and yet it never showed in their films. Brent & Davis were once madly in love. Fortunately, it shows. I enjoy this film because of the values of friendship it conveys so poignantly well. Davis' character could have betrayed Hopkins's so many times in so many ways and to her credit did not. There are truly grand scenes throughout the film. The script is a stunner and the plot is quite engaging. It's either a classic or close to it.

  • A Bette Davis Classic

    • Wilmma
    • 5/8/09

    Miss Moffatt is a great character whose values are so child-centered & gender eqalitarian that such qualities, as played by Bette Davis, make this film nearly 65 years ahead of the era during which it was made. In the midst of the height of Davis' 1940's career peak, this superb script arrives. A study of Welsh exploitation of youth laborers, Miss Moffatt's bent on at least making them literate enough to think for themselves & able to speak & read proper English. Refreshing that "you can go to blue blazes" is much more effective than degenerate, prolific cursing.

  • The Actor Who Could Make a Role Hers

    • NJMB
    • 4/30/09

    Bette Davis becomes beautiful as Miss Moffatt by making the character hers. There's no instance when Miss Davis isn't Miss Moffatt, a bright woman who's determined to help end illiteracy in a Welsh mining town. The plot provides a historical glimpse of an age & place when youths were exploited. Miss Moffatt becomes a power of one who turns that wrong around. My favorite scene is when she feigns being a weary woman in order to gain the support of the township's wealthy leader. She lands his critical support by subtle seduction. Davis wore so many kinds of hats so very well.

  • The Immortality of Miss Moffett

    • f208ilmzzz
    • 4/22/09

    Those who write here have had a favorite teacher. Mine will always be Miss Moffett. The character wasn't the charm; but rather, the actor was who brought her to life: Bette Davis. I adore the lady who tells the landed gentry to go to "blue blazes" after lamblasting him. The seer who spotted potential in a boy who didn't know he had any. A woman who cared more about the future of a young man than she did about her own. Her eloquence with words, wit playing needy,confidence, heart & wisdom to see wrong & try to make it right.

  • The Wonderful Bette Davis

    • Mary Anna
    • 8/3/08

    I can hardly wait until September 14th to see "The corn is green",I collect Bette Davis movies(64 so far)and I've never even seen this.Bette Davis is imo the best actress ever!yeah I know,some people say Katherine Hepburn,but I disagree.Nobody ever gave herself so totally to a roll as Bette Davis did.

  • The Corn Is Green...A Lovely Movie...

    • Pamela Morrett
    • 4/7/08

    The Corn Is Green is an amazing movie. I enjoyed every minute of it. Brilliant acting and a wonderful storyline. Todays movies pale in comparison.

  • Thank you Miss Davis...

    • CaliforniaGirl
    • 4/6/08

    Bette Davis is simply the most versatile American actress in movies past or present. The Corn is Green, Jezebel, All About Eve...the list is endless. The Corn is Green still tears at my heartstrings. Sad to try to find a bio of John Dall on your site but there isn't one.

  • The Corn Is Green, EXCELLENT MOVIE.

    • Ursula Andersen
    • 4/5/08

    How easy it is in 2008 to loose sight of the reality of the uneducated and the possibilities afforded by an education. This movie is a wonderful example and a pleasure to watch. I wanted to purchase it immediately after it ended, but alas, that is not possible. Hopefully it will become available in the near future.

  • Have to agree with Debbie

    • chazz
    • 4/5/08

    OK it's no "How Geeen Was My Valley" but Rhys Williams debut in that classic.As Debbie said intense acting and a good story that rats with any about the ennobling of the spirit through education and hope.

  • Great!

    • Debbie Crawford
    • 3/16/06

    I loved this movie, the acting was so intense, each actor was so convincing.Bette, John Dall what can one say?Great movie.Should have been on DVD a long time ago

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