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Christmas in Connecticut

Christmas in Connecticut(1945)


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  • A Christmas Favorite

    • Linda Clark
    • 12/22/18

    I love watching this lighthearted movie every Christmas. Vintage by today's standards, but who doesn't like a romantic comedy? Especially with its great cast, winter scenery and comic plot. Thanks, TCM, for showing it every year.

  • Holiday Movie I never tire of

    • Linda DiBenardo
    • 12/9/18

    Christmas in Connecticut is one holiday movie I never miss. It's on the holiday favorite movie list of many. It has a certain charm about it that still rings true. It's fun to watch and who doesn't like a happy ending?

  • Divorce at Christmastime

    • Dan Donian
    • 12/21/17

    Well here's a movie that transcends any semblance of decency or moral fiber whatsoever! First off you have the boss Sidney Greenstreet barging in and throwing his weight around begging for meals between meals while shouting orders at his host Barbara Stanwick while putting down the slave maid and managing to eat his fat self almost to death! And if that's not enough Dennis Morgans character does everything he can to break up a possible happy marriage by singing Irsh accented stupid torch songs while he plots with Greenstreet to meet up and devour any and all leftovers! Also, present and attending is the proverbial lawyer doing what lawyers do best.Lying through his teeth about any and everything. All in all this lurid tale of fraud takes on an almost sinister feeling to just about drawf one's holiday spirit but delivers a great Christmas feeling your sure to enjoy!

  • Christmas Humor and joy

    • Trylon
    • 12/20/17

    Barbara Stanwyck is amazing in any film. This delightfully funny woman is the same actress who gives all new meaning to evil in Double Indemnity. She could do it all. This movie is gentle and thoughtful and the idea of a group of interesting people, many who have yet to meet, gathering for Christmas in a warm, cozy Connecticut farmhouse has great appeal. S. Z. Sakall as Felix, the great chef, is hilarious although he cooks some strange meals (kidneys for breakfast is one of those unnerving concoctions). Sydney Greenstreet is good as the pompous and know-it-all executive publisher who finally discovers he as a heart and Dick Elliott plays the sort of fun loving and totally tolerant judge every small town should have. Reginald Gardner is elegant in his role as John Sloane who owns the magnificent farm house, but he tends to pose too much. In virtually every scene he has one hand in his front pocket. It's some sort of 1940s affectation indicating suaveness, I suppose, but it reminds me of a guy playing pocket pool. What really matter is that this is a warm, funny and affectionate movie with happy results for all concerned. It's joyful and charming and when I watch it (and I DO look forward to seeing it), I wish I could join those decent people for a wonderful Christmas holiday. I hope TCM continues to air this happy movie.

  • in the words of huggy bear..

    • a.morris
    • 11/26/17

    i think the words of a great man..that were used in a different time..could be used to describe barbara stanwyck..she is a whole lotta being in their right mind could dispute her greatness in acting. bette davis and joan crawford might be considered having higher status than way they are better talents. in this movie or anything else she did..there was a type of integrity..a quality on her part that was always present.she never stunk. her movies some times did but she did not.

  • Hard to find but beautiful movie!

    • TCM Fan
    • 11/4/17

    We found this movie in a small town library and I had never heard of it. It turned out to be one of my favorite holiday movies ever! It has all the elements of a wonderful classic seasonal film, and is especially nice to watch before Christmas. Very enjoyable!

  • Sydney Greenstreet is Excellent !

    • 12/13/15

    After watching Monty Wooley in THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER (who I felt was Horrid), its a pleasure to watch a truly fine actor like Sydney Greenstreet create an authentically fine character ( in a somewhat similar vein to Wooley's) and carry it out perfectly.. I love this film and find it to be a complete pleasure. Everything works perfectly ...........Five Stars

  • Don't agree with Maltin

    • Louise
    • 12/13/15

    I love this one and don't see as standard "studio fluff" I think it is funny, cute, and very good for the seasonal viewing. I think Barbara Stanwyck is terrific. Especially the pancake flip! And such a nice change of pace for Greenstreet.

  • christmas in conneticut

    • colleen
    • 12/18/14

    One of my all time favorite holiday movies. I love seeing Barbara Stanwick do comedy. Dennis Morgan is handsome and funny.

  • THE Christmas movie

    • TJ in GA
    • 12/24/13

    This is such a wonderful movie...ageless. It's so good, I bought the disc and we show it every Christmas Eve.

  • Xmas in CT

    • ArthurD
    • 12/22/13

    Reviewer JD below brings up some GREAT points. 98% of my favorite classic films are in the "comedy" genre and I think the title is a bit unfair. Outside of 3 Stooges type slapstick (which I can't stand) almost every "comedy" has some drama in it. And I find the contrast of humor and drama closer to real life. The mix makes the humor seem funnier and the drama seem more dramatic. Strict dramas or romances without any humor in them feel so artificial and ridiculous. Anyway, as for this film it's fun. I do agree tho that Babs seems to try a wee bit too hard at being funny in this. Not to the detriment of the movie as a whole, mind you ....but maybe comedy isn't her natural forte like straight drama is? 3.5/5

  • Leonard Maltin out of touch

    • J D Alsop
    • 12/19/13

    Based on both my own and other reviews of this X Mas flick, it's obvious that Leonad Maltin'snegative review of this film resides firmly in La La Land. Believe it or not, but comedies are the only films that Hollywood makes that are realistic and true to life. Their dramas are invariably (and laughably) out of synch withthe human condition, and the film industry has only rarely made historical films that are even remotely historical.

  • Christmas in Connecticut

    • Nikki
    • 12/17/13

    This is my favorite Christmas story. It has all the elements which make movies great. If your a romantic at heart,f then this is the movie for you! I wish they would play this movie as often as they play,"White Christmas".

  • So much holiday fun in one movie!

    • miki
    • 12/16/13

    I love this movie. It is deliciously silly. Barbara Stanwyck is fantastic as the working woman columnist who stretches the truth, well really makes it up, for the sake of the column and her fans. Her timing is great. All the actors create a believable reality out of this funny tale. The story is all about family and love and friendship. Perfect for the holidays.

  • Love this movie

    • david
    • 1/19/13

    This is a great movie. I don't like all the lies in it, but it is so romantic with the country house and has great personal insight like 'it's always important to keep promises, especially the ones you make to your self'.funnily, I do things while just listening to the movie, and it is much better watching it with the grand christmas tree and the huge country house and the romantic looks given between the couple, so it's better to watch it too!

  • Christmas in Connecticut

    • Kerry
    • 1/1/13

    Ditto - I am so disappointed TCM did not air Christmas in Connecticut this year! The holiday season wasn't quite the same without it!

  • Christmas in Connecticut

    • Karen
    • 12/31/12

    Really disappointed this year that I did not get to see my all time FAVORITE Christmas movie, Christmas in Connecticut this year...what happen? This is a family tradition in my house and it just did not seem like Christmas this year. I am asking TCM to find out what happen to this Christmas movie classic and why was it not in the line up this month because again, my family was very disappointed and now we are just hurt by the decision not to play this movie this season. Please TCM find a way to make sure this overlook does not happen in the future. It would be nice if TCM will play the movie in January...will not seem the same but at least we can view the movie.

  • Where is Christmas in Connecticut????

    • Marie
    • 12/29/12

    Dear TCM,Love your movies so much - but am so disappointed that Christmas in Connecticut was not shown this holiday season! It has become a tradition in our house and look forward to viewing it on TCM (as opposed to watching it on DVD). Please put this into you lineup! Thanks!

  • Christmas in Connecticut

    • dee
    • 12/25/12

    I love Barbara Stanwyck too and was really disappointed too that it wasn't on this month. Big make-up coming from you TCM!

  • one of my favorites

    • Kathy
    • 12/22/12

    Being a Barbara Stanwyck fan and a Christmas fan this is probably one of the cutest Christmas movies I've ever seen or enjoyed. Not heavy or deep with Christmas messages, it's lite, cute and romantic from the tiny apartment to the country house. It's the first Christmas movie I look for on TMC and will watch full-heartedly and if I should miss it no big deal cause I own it, it's the first movie that I will put on the day after Christmas as I unwind and finish the egg nog. Thank you Barbara Stanwyck and company for a cute movie.

  • great movie

    • David
    • 12/22/12

    i have been looking at the tcm line up i did not see this great movie in it . i do like the fact that tcm star of the month is barbara stanwyck . i will have to say i am totally in love with her she may not be one of the drop deal gorgeous stars that most people think of in her time . but she is in fact a great star ! i started watching old movies about 6 years ago now i'm hook on them i keep an eye out for every stanwyck movie so i can watch it . i have bought many over the years now and christmas in ct was one of the 1st ones along with ball of fire . i live in CT so that was what got me to watch it and how i found out about barbara stanwyck . i guess i will have to watch it on DVD this year .

  • Christmas Joy

    • Pat Bradshaw
    • 12/20/12

    I love this movie. If you like Barbara Stanwyke in" Ball of Fire" you will like this movie. Great actors and settings. I can just imagne a woman reporter writing this story and then find herself in a jam.

  • Where are the Christmas Movies and Shorts?

    • Tricia
    • 12/20/12

    Why isn't "Christmas in Connecticut" being shown this holiday? It has been in the past but it seems that this year many of the Christmas movies & shorts (cartoons,etc) are missing. This is the first year since TCM has been on that I am truly disappointed in your Christmas programming.

  • barbara stanwyck

    • angela
    • 12/19/12

    Always loved christmas in connecticut. She tries to be perfect but she is scrambling around trying to cover up her true identity. Her war hero is very handsome and she does not have to be somebody she is not, after all. Please show this movie, tcm!

  • Truly disappointed

    • Lisa
    • 12/19/12

    Every year my husband and I watch Christmas in's become like a tradition! WHY oh WHY is it not being shown this year?? AND it's Barbara Stanwyck week to boot!! Someone in programming has truly disappointed many loyal viewers with this omission! :(

  • Chistmas in Connecticut

    • Priscilla
    • 12/19/12

    Every year TCM shows Christmas in Connecticut. This year I have been waiting for the showing of this movie. My little boy was playing with the DVR and Deleted Christmas in Connecticut. I thought for sure I would be able to re-record this movie because it is Barbara Stanwyek week. Don't get me wrong when it does come on to TCM I still watch the movie. I am so disappointed.

  • Christmas in Connecticut

    • Babette
    • 12/19/12

    I am truly disappointed that you are not showing this classing movie Christmas in Connecticut. If you are featuringBarbara Stanwyck you should surely include this wonderful movie.

  • Christmas in Connecticut

    • Colleen
    • 12/18/12

    Why would you not show this wonderful classic? Barbara Stanwyck is this month's star of the month. So very dissapointed.

  • Christmas in Connecticut

    • Donna Putnam
    • 12/13/12

    How could you have Barbara Stanwick, the feature star for the month of December, and not show Christmas in Connecticut? I am so very disappointed!

  • Shame on TCM

    • Laura
    • 12/12/12

    Don't get me wrong, I love TCM. I find it odd though that with so many wonderful Christmas Classics, in particular "Christmas in Connecticut" that TCM is choosing not to air this wonderful family movie. It seems TCM is intentionally not airing holiday programming. I remember past holidays and networks using the season to provide as many "seasonally appropriate" movies as possible to the viewing public. The lineup of Christmas programing on TCM this year is sparse to say the least. I think other dedicated TCM fans must be thinking the same. Why not have primarily Christmas classic programing the week before Christmas? What a great holiday tradition that could become for many families! So what's really going on TCM? Why has your Christmas programing lineup become nearly none existant over the past few years?

  • They don't make them like this anymore.

    • Zbigniew Dutkiewicz
    • 12/8/12

    I noticed TCM won't be airing Christmas in Connecticut this upcoming holiday. Perhaps I'm wrong. Anyway, this is one movie I could watch over and over again, because they don't make them like this anymore. Barbara Stanwyck and especially Sydney Greenstreet stole the show in this movie. I loved the scene when Alexander Yardley, play by Greenstreet shows up on the door step with Christmas presents. I give this film 5 stars.

  • Christmas in Connecticut

    • Pamela Russell
    • 10/28/12

    This movie has been a staple every December for the past ten years. I have always enjoyed Barbara Stanwyck in her Film Noir roles but they never have a very good ending. This movie is not the best written script but offers an excellent cast to make up for the nonsensical parts of the movie. It was a role that Ms. Stanwyck decided to take because she wanted to change her image in Hollywood and show audiences (her nice side) especially after "Double Indemnity" was released.It is a love story but also demonstrates that women in the 1940's were entreprenuer's and independent. Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan have instant chemistry and share several tender moments throughout the movie. It is a must see holiday movie that has all of the ingredients to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. So wrap all of your presents, make a cup of hot chocolate and sit back and relax to watch an enjoyable movie that is a timeless treasure.

  • old school

    • Adam
    • 7/1/12

    Old classic humor and style... Great holiday movie.

  • The best Christmas movie

    • Joanne
    • 12/26/11

    I love this movie, I have it on DVD, but I wait for it to be shown on TCM. A must see every Christmas.

  • Christmas in Connecticut (1945)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 12/17/11

    Saw this movie for the first time and thought it was very enjoyable with some good laughs in it. Dennis Morgan gave a nice, solid performance, and the supporting cast really stole the show -- Sydney Greenstreet was authoritative and menacing even in a non-criminal role; S. Z. Sakall was his usual unique self; Frank Jenks was in good form; Robert Shayne (Inspector Henderson of Superman fame) was excellent; Dick Elliott (the judge) was so goodhumored he would have jumped into a snowbank if you asked him to; and Olaf Hytten was the ever-perfect butler. Two things I really like about this movie: 1) It takes place at Christmas, even has "Christmas" in the title, but it doesn't seem like a "Christmas movie." The story could have happened over any weekend, and does not rely on one shred of sentimentality. I appreciated that and found it very refreshing. 2) I loved the scene between Felix and Sam (played by Emmett Smith). Instead of the usual ridiculous and derogatory presentation of a person who happens to have darker skin (as was so often the temptation of filmmakers in that era), Sam came across as intelligent, educated, and was "even" shown (gasp!) instructing a light-skinned person on proper English. That short dialogue spoke volumes socially, and give kudos to the filmmakers for being so "daring." There were other moments of social commentary that I welcomed as well, which tipped this film into my "will buy one day" category. The only problem I really have with the film is actress Barbara Stanwyck. I thought she did an adequate job in the movie, but she really looked like she was straining to come across as light, funny, and appealing. There were times even when her performance looked like a pale copy of Jean Arthur's. Oh, how I wished Jean had done this picture instead! She would have been phenomenal and really given the role the energy it deserved. Stanwyck seems to infuse all her characters with so much seriousness, she's dreary and downright depressing at times.

  • Fun, Funny, Feel-good Fluff

    • Bob C.
    • 12/16/11

    A great cast lifts this so-so story -- anything with Barbara Stanwyck is usually great. She really shines in comedy just as much as in drama. One of my all-time Christmas movie treats.

  • Best of the best!

    • Faye McCracken
    • 12/13/11

    I look forward to watching this every year! I love Barbara Stanwyck in this role and S Z Sakall is great!

  • One of My Very Favorites

    • Cathey Thomas
    • 12/11/11

    This movie is a pure delight, although there's not much here to appeal to children....

  • A Holiday Treat

    • T Harold
    • 12/15/10

    My whole family loves this movie and look forward to seeing it each year. The entire film is a joy and so funny. Barbara Stanwyck is beautiful and acts up a storm- she was so good in comedy. Loved Una O'Connor as the housekeeper and of course Sydney Greenstreet as the big boss. Really sorry this isn't being shown in 2010- a real loss. Try to catch it elsewhere if possible. It's great!

  • Recipe for Holiday Homecomings.

    • Frank Harris Horn
    • 12/25/09

    Barbara Stanwyck, who is best known for her femme fatale roles, stars in this post-war holiday comedy as Elizabeth Lane, a magazine columnist, whose holiday recipe articles get her into hot water, when she is asked to entertain a returning war veteran (Dennis Morgan) and her publisher (Sydney Greenstreet). There's only one obstacle: She can't cook! This is what as known as: "Putting your foot in it." A rather amusing piece for the holiday season. Also starring Reginald Gardiner, S.Z. "Cuddles" Sakall, Una O'Connor, Frank Jenks, Robert Shayne, Dick Elliott, Charles Arnt & Olaf Hytten. Merry Christmas!

  • Christmas in Connecticut (1945)

    • James Higgins
    • 12/25/09

    This has been my favorite movie for many years now, I love the lightness to it, Barbara Stanwyck is perfectly cast and excellent, the supporting cast is outstanding. Very funny, warm and wonderful.

  • Linda Leuzzi Gather Round the Piano

    • Linda Leuzzi
    • 12/6/09

    Barbara Stanwyck could convey merriment, realization, longing and enchantment with a throaty chuckle, a knowing look, a downward glance and a dazzling smile. Boy, does she nail it all in this film. Christmas in Connecticut is one of the most romantic, fun holiday movies smack dab with even a cow that nudges the fireworks between Stanwyck, she a food writer with no skills and an imaginary farm, and Dennis Morgan as the sailor sent to celebrate a swell ( but trumped up) holiday gathering at her home. Dennis Morgan singing his gorgeous tenor voice in a spectacular living room overlooking a snowy landscape wishing Stanwyck was his, while Stanwyck decorates the tree, wishing he was hers, is a dreamy, fabulous scene. So is the hoedown on Christmas night as the two glory in promenading and meaningful looks and then escape to a sled, just to sit mind you, while the horse has other ideas and takes them for a ride on a starry night. The supporting cast is a right-on combo. S.Z. Sakall plays the kindly restaurant owner who supplies Stanwyck with the succulent recipes, who is wise in picking up the vibes between Stanwyck and Morgan and supporting the match - the alternative is Reginald Gardiner, the loyal but boring boyfriend with the farm, who hopes to turn Stanwyck's made-up premise of farm and marriage into the real thing. The ins and outs of the plot are skillful and clever and there are even two babies in the mix adding to the belly laughs. Stanwyck was supposedly at her peak in this film. What a gal!

  • I love this movie!

    • Jennifer
    • 12/1/09

    This is one of my favorite Christmas movies! Barbara Stanwyck is "laugh out loud" funny in this romantic comedy. And it has a great supporting cast. It's a must see holiday movie.

  • Laughter and Romance ring bells!

    • Susan Nelson
    • 1/2/09

    This is one of the warmest holiday movies and showcases Barbara's natural comedy talents. If you are a romantic and love happy endings, you will enjoy this warmly put together comedy of errors that brings the truth of the situations presented into magnificent and joyful light! Enjoy this happy tale.

  • A most enjoyable surprise!

    • Maureen
    • 12/24/08

    I'd never seen or even heard of this film, and now that I have, I need to see it next Christmas too!A true farce, with wonderful timing, good performances (especially from S.Z. Sakall and Sydney Greenstreet) and, while the resolution is totally expected, it's how they get there that holds the fun.

  • Holiday Must

    • stephanie
    • 12/10/07

    I have a few pictures that I HAVE to watch every Christmas, and this is in my top 5! A never miss!

  • Pleasant trifle

    • Oliver Cutshaw
    • 12/8/07

    I don't know why but I have always enjoyed this film. The secret to its charm is the cast. Ms. Stanwyck is always worth watching and Sidney Greenstreet leads a cast of excellent character actors. Denis Morgan is his ambiable self so whats not to like. Well for one the plot. Barbara Stanwyck as a bogus Martha Stewart home making expert is rather tiresome to start with and when you add in the 4 or 5 plot twists... well it gets stale. But the cast keeps it all rolling along. So every year or two I watch this goulash of gags and I am surprised how charming it all seems.

  • "A warm & fuzzy romatic Christmas comedy"

    • Jessalyn B.
    • 11/24/07

    This is a fabulous Christmas movie, and my favorite. I've been watching it on TMC for at least 20 years now, and have several copies of it, also. I love all of the cast of wonderful actors, and this comedy just makes my Christmas complete! Give it a 10+...Jessalyn

  • "The old magoo..."

    • Ann Brown
    • 7/16/07

    Magic happens whenever Barbara Stanwyck turns on the comedy. The consumate film actess can play anything and never be wrong. Here she works her wiles on Dennis Morgan, who is incredibly dishy as the sailor who thinks he is in love with a married woman, his ideal wife and mother magazine columnist. Although originally released in August 1945, this movie is a must every Christmas season to put us in the mood for fun, laughter, and romance. Don't miss Una O'Connor steal all of her scenes as the irish maid.


    • KATHY
    • 11/28/06


  • watching for years

    • Cassie Carroll
    • 9/1/06

    I have watched this film for many years; first on video and then purchasing a DVD last year. this is one of my favorite christmas movies and only watch it during the Christmas season, which seems to get earlier each year. Barbara is lovely and funny and of course Sidney Greenstreet is most obnoxios but lovable.


    • TERRI
    • 8/31/06


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