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Dark Passage

Dark Passage(1947)

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  • Perfect Film Title

    • Trylon
    • 11/28/17

    Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall would attract any film lover to this movie. Add Agnes Moorehead and a host of excellent character actors and this is an enthralling film noir. Granted, some of the plot is a bit far fetched. The idea that one could have facial plastic surgery and be fully recovered in twelve days is out there. But that's a minor point. There is daring cinematography considering that for the first half of the film, we never see Bogart's face. We see the world through his eyes and hear his voice but never see him. It's brilliant. And his image of Lauren Bacall had to be the way he really did see her. She is incredibly beautiful and remarkably moving in her role as the rescuer of Bogart's character. I always enjoy Agnes Moorehead in any film, but I sometimes wish she had been given roles of kinder and better characters. However, as the "bad guy" in this movie, she is absolutely outstanding. She poured her heart and soul into her character. She is evil but also vulnerable. That's not an easy combination. San Francisco is the perfect setting for this creepy tale with its hills, spectacular views, the waterfront and views of the Golden Gate Bridge (especially the scenes under the bridge). These are not tourist views. The film is black and white and the scenes are often seedy, gritty, dark, unforgiving. And they combine to absolutely make this film work. This is an extremely good movie. It's an excellent murder mystery and it is remarkably creative. It has to rank as one of the very best films noir ever made. And the ending would bring a smile to any fan of the great Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

  • additions to cast of characters

    • don letta
    • 8/23/16

    Irene lives in a beautiful Art Deco apartment building in mid-town San Francisco (not Marin County)... on Montgomery Street. It can easily be included in the cast of characters. The glass brick elevator serving as continuity director.The City itself is part of the cast, too... Vincent climbs steep, dark hills to get back to the building on Montgomery.The stars are supported beautifully by these elements, recreating a mid-forties San Francisco... dark, mysterious and elegant, by a very talented director.Forget the loose ends... Bruce and Agnes,,, huh?, the mounting evidence against Bogie... booking passage to South America without passport... the interrogation in the coffee shop.Concentrate instead, on the cool, foggy atmosphere, the third pairing of Bacall and Bogie, and the impossibly happy ending. That's entertainment.

  • Dark Passage

    • Ellen Gabbert
    • 5/22/16

    I don't care if Agnes Moorehead was too old for the part or not right this is a great movie. A great Bogart and Bacall movie, love every movie they made together. I do not even care that the story was implausible it kept me entertained and that is all I care about in a movie.

  • Dark Passage

    • 5/19/16

    Agnes Moorehead's acting is spot on but she just appears to be "too old". Although she has such practiced sexual innuendo, incredibly subtle and seductive, the acting works. But she just appears to be too old, especially since Bogart's character is aged by surgery. Lauren Bacall is so delicately perfect and relaxed she needs to do little. She's so non-aggressive and enticing she has an individual acting style all her own. It may only appeal to the male part of the audience but there is something special there (contrast it with Veronica Lake who is somewhat similar but is in no way capable of Bacall's general style and perfection). She never overacts and she has a simple yet elegant presentation. She is as much a part of this film's success as anyone. I liked the film, some of the scenes are great, the actor who portrays the surgeon is excellent and that scene has some memorable moments. Also the interrogation in the diner, and the final confrontation with the bounty seeker are all excellent. I liked this. Bogart is excellent.

  • Great Warner Bros. film noir classic

    • Garcande
    • 6/6/15

    Outstanding example of 40's film noir. Outrageously implausible script makes it even more fun. The casting and cinematography are perfect. Agnes Moorhead as the vixen is the ultimate film noir "bad girl." Very entertaining, don't miss it.

  • Bogart exceptional!

    • MaryAnn Phillips
    • 12/28/14

    Too many coincidences that are disturbing. Like Baker and his car, Agnes Morehead and her ex-boy friend, now a boyfriend of Bacall.....Bogey wearing a watch, where did that come from? He picked up that trumpet twice, the second time after his friend was murdered, you'd think as a convict he'd know enough to wipe it off. Bacall always plays the same role, wears sexless outfits and relies on her looks, cannot act a bit. If she hadn't married Bogart, she never would have made it in show business. But still, it's a fascinating movie and Bogart is great, as always.

  • A superb film!

    • filmguy24
    • 10/4/14

    The story may have some far-fetched coincidences but, it is so engrossing that the story line never gets in the way! All around excellent performances, great cinematography (moody and sinister, just as one wants!) and San Francisco is one of the principal "characters"in this film. The use of subjective camera is limited and perfect, unlike "Lady in the Lake" which is done entirely in that manner, and becomes intrusive. Agnes Moorehead is outstanding, but everyone is hitting on all cylinders. If you like the genre of "film noir" you will enjoy this film!

  • A bit too coincidental.

    • denscul
    • 6/14/13

    If you get past the coincidental meeting of Bogey and Bacall on the bride and the feeble attempt to explain the coincidence, the film is great. With several A class actors and well known faces in character roles. (well known to those of us who were alive when this film was made), a great director it could not fail. The film is not quite up to Key Largo, or To Have of Have Not, the other Bogart/Bogart flics.One thing this flic does have is the voice over during the escape. Bogart did not have to show up on the set for most of the early parts of the film. When your a big star, you can get away with those time savers.I always enjoy retribution/revenge films. At least the ones that succeed. Agnes Moorhead plays the villain, and is so good, I felt I could have shoved her out the window on purpose. I'll bet they cut a few scenes where Bogart DID shove her out, but cut them because they didn't want to portray him as the executioner.Buy this. Its a keeper.

  • classic noir

    • kyle rhoads
    • 10/20/11

    the cinematography was just excellent for this film.. after seeing this i think the cineamtography is better than even such films as citizen kane which i thought, cinematography wise, was revolutionary.. then there comes the performances from bogart and bacall were i think the best between them in one movie... they both hold their own.. this is just simply a great movie

  • Dark Passage

    • James
    • 11/2/10

    Interesting tale of wrongly convicted wife-murderer who escapes prison to set the record straight. Bogart and Bacall exhibit their on-screen magic. Agnes Moorehead as wicked seductress is a pleasant surprise. I feel the "through his eyes" camera angle is carried a bit too long, after all the voice leaves no mystery.

  • Amazing!!

    • Brittney
    • 10/11/10

    I was in "aw" with this whole movie!! I loved the whole story line! I was really scared by his performance at 1st b/c you couldn't see his face, but that was a very clever part of the writers & directer to make up!! Humphrey Bogart was incrediable (as always)!!!!!!!!! :) Lauren Bacall was beautiful as ever! (Frank Sinatra let a good one go!)

  • The Fugitive of the 1940s.

    • Frank Harris Horn
    • 8/23/10

    Delmer Daves, who directed the wartime drama, "Destination Tokyo", now directs Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in their third movie project together. This one, Daves personally adapted from the novel by David Goodis. Bogie stars as Vincent Parry, an escaped convict, who was unjustly convicted for his wife's murder, and he undergoes plastic surgery to change his face to avoid capture as he sets out to find real killer. Bacall is Irene Jansen, a beautiful artist, who wishes to help him in his desperate search. Both Bogie and Bacall, once again, make movie magic together as they did in "To Have and Have Not" and "The Big Sleep". The movie would in a way inspire the making of David Janssen's '60s TV series "The Fugitive". Franz Waxman's suspenseful musical score is superbly mesmerizing. Co-starring Bruce Bennett, Agnes Moorehead, Tom D'Andrea, Rory Mallinson, Houseley Stevenson, Clifton Young, John Alvin & Douglas Kennedy.

  • Dark Passage A CLASSIC !!!!

    • 5/13/10

    This is one of my top 5 movie favorites.I also find a lot of pleasure in finding continuity Bloopers, like:Bogie is wearing a jacket & wedding band when he exits the car, and turns on the phonograph, but he's supposedly still in a jail suit....Why didn't he search the suit for a wallet & money????How did he live a whole year in South America on just $1,000??IT'S A FABULOUS FILM, THE ACTORS ARE GREAT, AND I WATCH IT OVER EACH TIME IT'S ON !!!!!!

  • A Bogart Classic

    • birdofparadox
    • 12/24/09

    This is an enjoyable film. Bogart's portrayal of the wrongly accused murderer is perfect. I'm not a Bacall fan so her performance I found annoyingly wooden. Agnes Moorehead is superb, as always.

  • GREAT MOVIE, especially with BOGIE/BACALL!

    • innocentsue
    • 3/29/09

    This is one of the best movies with that dynamic couple: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. The setting is San Francisco - the bay area, where he escapes from San Quentin for a murder he did not commit; however, he has a guardain angel - BACALL, who is out to help. She lives in Marin County, e.g. the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge; therefore, great pics of the SF Bay Area, as well as of SF itself - when in its prime.Agnes Moorehead does a great job as the nosey friend and D.Daves is great as DIR. This is a MUST-SEE for all, especially BOGIE-BACALL fans!

  • Dark Passage (1947)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 1/18/09

    The cast is superb, particularly the supporting players. Great story, imaginatively done. Excellent cinematography, good costumes and a fast pace. Effective screenplay.

  • Fav Bogey Movie

    • Laura
    • 3/27/08

    This movie was my childhood favorite out of all the Humphrey Bogart movies. I still enjoy it to this day. I was born nine months after Bogart passed. Upon learning (when I was 12)that his death preceded my birth I was devastated, understanding that alas I was not be his next wife. I love this film!

  • Good Bogart-Bacall movie

    • Wendy Winkler
    • 3/27/06

    It is not a classic like The Big Sleep. But it is an entertaining movie.I liked Bogart's character's interaction with the helpful cab driver.

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