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Born to Be Bad

Born to Be Bad(1950)

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  • much better than I expected

    • Jasmine
    • 11/12/18

    I expected very little from this movie, and wow was I pleasantly surprised! Excellent casting and acting and great script. Robert Ryan was so intense and sexy and this movie - it is the best movie I've seen him in yet. I liked the beginning, the middle and the end of this unforgettable movie.


    • Mr. Emmit
    • 10/23/18

    I remember when 1st. I saw this film on Time Warner way back in the '90s and, I couldn't help think how much Joan Fontain's character was so suttely wicked like Ann Baxter's Eve in a much more popular film of that same year of 1950- "All about Eve". My word these two characters were portrayed so well they could've been evil twins with low morals on all levels with seperate targeted agendas to: Confuse, Corrupt, Destroy and Conquer all with a smile. Hmmm maybe they took shameless lessons from 2 other ruthless women, Veda of " Mildred Pierce" and Ellen of "Leave Her To Heaven" both portrayed excellently by Ann Blyth and Gene Tierney in 1945. Joan Fontain performance was a home run hit. The whole films story line and pace is on track like a smooth Sunday, not to fast not to slow, very suttle. I showed it to my daughter as a big kid, to show how quietly corrupt some seemingly nice beautiful people can be, she still remembers it. I loved back in the '90s and still do. Zachary Scott, Robert Ryan and the rest of the cast gave good performances- Any one watching it won't be disappointed. Thanks and please continue showing it TCM.......... Mr. Emmit.

  • Born to Be Bad

    • Nancee Marek
    • 10/22/18

    For those confused about the doctor and lawyer characters never seen in the film version shown, I have a copy that includes these characters and reveals the portrait value increase in the last frame. I don't know why this part of the film has been omitted. I love this film regardless.

  • Was this movie edited?

    • Tony Ray
    • 9/19/18

    I also wondered about the ended. A synopsis I found online also talked about a car accident at the end and the character Christabel in the hospital.

  • Much Better Than I Expected

    • JimS
    • 9/18/18

    For whatever foolish reason I expected little from this movie. Was I wrong! Very interesting from beginning to end. Still don't understand how deeply Joan Fontaine owned me. She was captivating! Strong cast throughout with good pace, interesting dialogue and scenes.

  • Jean-Luc Godard quote

    • Patrick
    • 9/18/18

    "Le cinema, c'est Nicholas Ray."

  • Joan's arched brow co-starred...

    • el debbo
    • 1/22/18

    Very good, entertaining movie. I didn't find it too predictable as the spinning was subtle, I wasn't sure where things were going for quite some time! First off, let me say I was surprised by the power of Joan Leslie. I've hardly ever seen her onscreen, and when she plays the executive! What a magnificent, super-smart, gorgeous woman! And when she plays the friend who is not duped, it is sublime perfection. I was also surprised by the animal magnetism of Robert Ryan. He plays offbeat characters so well, but I've mostly seen him portraying a creep. In this movie he had so much raw charisma it was wonderful to behold. All the other actors were great, of course, and it's a solid movie all around.

  • Born to be Bad

    • Susanne Cavendish
    • 6/10/16

    This was a splendid movie I am a big fan Joan Fontaine. From the very beginning of the movie the movie is given a glimpse of what is it to come, the director and writers having skillfully rendered the actions and dialogue into a tapestry of subtle manipulations disguised circumstantial event that might, just as easily, be genuine attractions and feelings not meant to harm, but this is a movie, after all, and lovely endings would not suffice to satisfy the desire of the movie-goer. I've seen Fontaine in two movies in which bewitching, beguiling and erotic women, this one and The Nymph. As a woman, I was struck by how she drew me in, part of me not wanting her to do what she did, the other part finding what did, exciting and akin to something every woman feels, suppresses, sometimes, something which drives men crazy, and finally to anger. I have to mention that the scene in the jewelry store with the salesperson, futilely trying to sell an expensive diamond necklace to Scott, while Fontaine tried desperately to get him to buy something cheap for Scott's lover, was delicious and charming, at teh same time. Scott, Ferrer and Ryan were cast well as the men and foils in Fontaine's life

  • Born to be Bad

    • Dashiell B.
    • 4/10/13

    A noir-like melodrama from director Ray. Top-notch acting from Fontaine as a society woman who steals Scott from his wife while toying with Ryan. Irregular blend of film noir makes the melodrama cheesy and weak. For dedicated fans of Ray, this is your film. I give it a 3/5.

  • Born to be Bad

    • mehdi ordubadi
    • 5/23/12

    It gteat Movie and i love to have a Copie of this . Is it possible to purchase it in Video store or shoud i order true TCM . thanks for any information Best Regards mehdi ordubadi

  • A Budding Vamp

    • Commenter77
    • 3/7/12

    This is a strong cast. Maybe it was the character, but I liked Mel Ferrer in this very much, while not liking him anywhere else. Maybe he does laid back better than aggressive, and didn't get a lot of chances to do that. Joan Leslie was very pretty and natural, convincing, especially in the earlier part. Her make-up with Scott seemed a little pat, but maybe that's the fault of the script. Zachary Scott seems also to do mellow well and is convincing early on. His assertive scenes seem a little overdone. Robert Ryan (Nick) is a bit quixotic in that he's just hard to get along with at first, gets himself reeled in, but really does a whiplash in the final scene with Christabel. I guess that was righteous indignation, but it was quite a turnabout. You wonder how little Miss Chris would have fared had they gotten together. Somehow, you can't picture her getting away with the stuff she pulled on Scott (Curtis). Nick was a lot quicker on the intake.Joan Fontaine does well depicting this young girl at the beginning stage of a downward spiral. It's a girl attempting to play the game of what is expected from a milk and water miss and grasping for what she can get at the same time. There's continual tension in that double booking, and Ms. Fontaine shows that throughout. Christabel moves too fast at times, gets off balance, slips up, shows her hand. I can't help picturing her about to drive away at the end. You get the idea that, with the restraints of relatives and reputation gone, she's set to cut her losses and go on from there, playing a new and much tighter game. It will no longer be necessary to play the young girl who arrived on the "wrong night."

  • Born to be Bad

    • Deanna Brittsan
    • 1/17/12

    I love this movie and I have recorded, so I can watch again and again, Everyone in the movie is great. Love Robert Ryan. I sure hope someday I can purchase this movie for my collection. If you have not watched this movie do give it a try. I wish they made movies like this today.

  • Born to be bad - 1950

    • Karen Donnelly
    • 10/5/11

    without a doubt one of my favorite Joan Fontaine movies! I don't know why it's SO VERY HARD to purchase. It was just on the other night. I recorded it yet again! I have it on my TiVo from almost a year ago! I want to hold on to it until I can purchase it. If you get the chance, watch it. It is Joan at one of her best wicked woman roles. And you know there really are women just like this today. Another great movie is Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. Though she doesn't have a hugh role, it is a movie worth watching.

  • Why the incorrect introduction?

    • Marcheline
    • 10/5/11

    I watched the recent airing of this movie on TCM. The guest host gave a small introduction to the film, saying that Christabel "woos a man away from his fiancee while having a love affair with another man, then goes on to try and seduce her doctor and her lawyer away from their wives."After watching the movie, I am puzzled. In this movie, Christabel has neither a doctor nor a lawyer. The only person she stole from someone else was the rich fiancee.Why would TCM allow such an incorrect introduction to air, I wonder?

  • Born To Be Bad

    • Candi
    • 9/30/11

    I just have a question, Why isn't this movie out on DVD yet. I totally love Robert Ryan and Zachary Scott, this is a must have film.

  • Born to Be Bad (1950)

    • Celia Trimboli
    • 11/8/10

    Good film. Joan Fontaine is great as the conniver spinning a web of lies.

  • Joan Fontaine

    • ginny
    • 10/23/07

    I have never watched a movie starring Joan Fontaine I didn't love. Rebecca is probably my favorite of all movies. Born to be bad, a classic. Suspicion, another Alfred Hitchcock great. Not enough of her movies have been released to DVD.

  • Great Cult Movie

    • Rita
    • 10/16/07

    Joan Fontaine is just fabulous as the conniving Cristabel Caine and Robert Ryan is so hot as her lover. Good performances by all of the cast. Joan Leslie, in a supporting role, is quite good also. I love this movie!

  • What Fun!

    • araminty
    • 9/28/06

    They just don't make em like this anymore. I love settling in with a big bowl of popcorn when this one comes on. Snarky dialogue, racy situations, fun, fun, fun

  • Born to Be Bad

    • Wendy Winkler
    • 7/19/06

    I really like this movie. It is a real hoot. Robert Ryan is great. He gets to say a lot of great lines. This movie may be no Casablanca but it is a fun movie. Mel Ferrer is a delight in this and Joan Leslie is lovely. Joan Fontaine is very good as the two faced Christabel.

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