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All This, and Heaven Too

All This, and Heaven Too(1940)


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  • All This & No Mention of Barbara O'Neil?

    • Mike
    • 2/17/18

    Various reviewers tell - too much of? - the story well enough, but few mention the incredible performance of BO'N as the mad duchess. Her psychotic character is completely at odds with her classically fine figure and beautiful features, making for even more of the not-always subtle tension throughout this film. And, Boyer is not the kindest or forgiving of husbands, even though we're given only hints of what went before Davis entered his household and stirred those simmering tensions even more, before the duchess "was made unhappy." The loving kids, miraculously well-adjusted despite their mother's manias, are a treat to watch, individually et ensemble, especially the young June Lockhart. But, BO'N is at her best here, and gives the two stars a run for their money across and around the beautifully detailed sets. Focus on her throughout this film, and you'll appreciate it on yet another of its many marble floored levels.

  • Ehhhhhhhhh

    • Andy345
    • 2/17/18

    I'm a Bette Davis fan but this is pure saccharine incarnate.Dark Victory in a beret.

  • Haunting Movie and Max Steiner Score

    • Kirsten
    • 1/22/15

    For years I've had a recording of Charles Gerhardt conducting suites from Bette Davis movies. A suite from Max Steiner's score from ALL THIS AND HEAVEN TOO is the last and (to my ears) best track on the disc--wonderfully heartfelt and moving. I saw the movie for the first time last night and now I'm haunted by the story of forbidden love between Bette Davis's governess and Charles Boyer's married nobleman. The performances by the two leads as well as the entire supporting cast were so good, I could see the quiet strength in Davis's role, the growing passion underlying Boyer's role, and the depths of narcissism in Barbara O'Neill's role. The music was perfect for this film.

  • All This and Heaven Too

    • Z McElroy
    • 1/22/15

    This is absolutely my favorite movie for all time. But last night on TCM I saw a different version. In the version I'm familiar with Bette Davis is a teacher at a girls school when the movie begins. In the version I saw last night, she was not. She was applying for the position of governess. The plot was the same and the stars and their characters were the same, but just a different movie. For instance, in the version I have been familiar with all these years, she testifies in court and can't admit that she is not in love with him. In last nights version only he testifies. Are there 2 versions? Were they made in different years? And why?

  • a gem not to miss

    • Noreen
    • 1/22/15

    This ranks as one of my favorites but how is it I have never seen this Bette Davis movie before now? This brilliant and intelligent movie stirred me to tears with scenes with Raynald during his illness and the eyes telling the love between Charles Boyer and Davis of their unspoken passion.

  • Beautiful, beautiful, heartbreaking

    • Wendy
    • 5/26/12

    This movie was so well done in every aspect. Bette and Charles Boyer's acting was beyond subperb. Their eyes said it all. The warmth and love they shared didn't need to be spoken. Bette had so much compassion, tolerance and love. We could all learn a lesson from this amazing film.

  • Absolutely stunning.

    • Jaemes
    • 11/19/10

    What a beautiful film; truly engrossing....Bette Davis was a true marvel and master (mistress?) chameleon. The woman could do ANYTHING amazingly....and how gorgeous she was!Charles Boyer....magnifique! The story, the photography, the characters and actors (the children!! Lovely!) were all so perfect; much like a symphony or a timeless work of art. I'll never forget this film; my boyfriend and I still talk about it, after seeing it months ago. I was, understandably, hysterically wailing like an infant, which is one of my 'litmus tests' for a truly unforgettable experience within any genre of art.Wow. Even the 'horrible' characters were wonderful (once you remember they are just acting) and truly effective; this film would not be what it is without them. Though they were almost TOO effective, as I was just thrilled once point happened (just in case one has not yet seen it), as they were just SO awful!Astounding. Five stars right across the board.

  • Wonderful

    • Brittney
    • 10/11/10

    I was really touched by this movie. I don't advise adultry, but I really enjoyed Bette Davis's performance! I was instantly drawn in! She was a delight to watch! Beautifully written as well.

  • The best movie I've seen

    • Coral Harries
    • 7/13/10

    When i saw this movie on TCM i was about to go out, but then i came back home and it was about to start again. I watched the whole movie, & i balled my eyes out at the end, I LOVE THIS MOVIE! this movie is great for black and white. Then again it would be good if it was in colour, because i guess you would like to know what colour they're wearing. So watch this movie if you need a little cry or just get upset. Because i recommend this to young people as well, just to get a taste of what it was like in those days, oh and how it wasn't easy. :)

  • All This and Heaven Too

    • Connie
    • 4/16/10

    This is a classic romantic tale of an unconsumated love. There are no weak performances in the entire cast. I am a passionate fan of Bette Davis and this film is an examply of the reason why. Why don't they make movies like this anymore i.e. Good story, grest acting, great sets etc. etc. (I would love to be able to descend a staircase like Bette Davis did! She was like a dancer.)

  • Love Ms. Davis and love this movie!

    • Sonya
    • 9/30/09

    I was watching All This, and Heaven Too while preparing for work. I could not tear away from this movie! I was looking for reasons to go to work late so I could see the rest. Love you Ms. Davis!!!

  • All This and Heaven Too (1940)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 9/6/09

    The elaborate production is a big plus. Very much a Bette Davis vehicle and as always, she shines and gives a great performance. The plot is not particularly original, but the high Warner Brothers standards and excellent cast make this one a real winner. Barbara O'Neill is superb in a supporting role.

  • Bette Davis Captivates

    • Auntranett
    • 7/11/09

    By 1940 Bette was already in the Hollywood big league with classic film Oscar winners. In this film she's co-starring with Charles Boyer. The film uses flashbacks to tell the highly engaging and complex story. It starts in the present with Bette Davis playing a girl's school teacher on her first day of class. As the girls begin to harass her about what little they know of her past, she faces them head on, by telling the the true story in full detail. The flashbacks to her service as a governess to Boyer's and his horrible wife's children. Davis is the good governorness who fulfills the role of their mother's missing attention and love. Boyer, as a result, falls madly in love with her. Their forbidden love is discovered by the dasterdly wife and tragedy follows. Flash to the girls school in the present with the children rallying to support their teacher. Davis plays several different types of personas due to the nature of the story. I love how she is child-centered, a woman who braves a very rough emotional storm without self-pity, and who moves on with her life as a survivor of violence. Very typical of Davis to depict women, even if ones who've made mistakes in their lives, as ones who are strong, independent and capable survivors who move on with their lives in positive ways.

  • Bette Davis' Interactions with Children

    • DrMD
    • 6/22/09

    There are two golden era actors who stand out in their performances with children: Gene Kelly is one and Bette Davis is another. In this drama, Davis starts out in the present as a new school teacher at her first day of work. The children already know their teacher's secret history and begin gossiping in class about her. When the ring leading girl digs her claws into the emotions of her teacher, Davis tells them about her past. The technique of the leading character telling the story via a flashback works wonderfully well. Her story takes her back to the time when she showed up at the home of Charles Boyer and his ego-maniacal wife to apply for the job as their children's governess. As Davis interacts with the children, she's right at their level and ever present to them on an emotional level. Their mother isn't. That contrast accentuates the dysfunction in the family. Boyer is so taken by how the children change for the better due to her nurturing that he falls in love with her. That love leads to a tragic consequence that the new teacher will find herself revealing to her class in order to gain their empathy.

  • 2 Oscar Nominated Drama

    • Corbinn
    • 6/11/09

    Charles Boyer and Bette Davis make a marvelous slowly brewing to a boil steamy forbidden love match. Boyer is married. Davis is his children's governess. She adores the children. Their mother is too much of a narcissist to show them much care, affection, or attention at all. Davis, for all practical purposes becomes their mother. Boyer and she fall in love. The consequences turn tragic when his spiteful wife writes a letter that will ruin Davis' character's future. Boyer is too much of a man to allow his wife's actions to go unaswered. This is a tragic romance that's one of my favorites. I guess because "The Letter" is a true masterpiece and it comes right next to this film, this film is overshadowed...but it shouldn't be. Davis' and Boyer's performances are sumptuous, terrifically tragic and yet heroic. I love this film.

  • Bette Davis & Charles Boyer

    • Syntonic
    • 5/29/09

    When this film begins, Bette Davis is a new school teacher in a girls' classroom.After they start a round of obvious gossiping about her, the leader of the pack asks the teacher a question that indicates they know a dark secret about her past. Rather than allowing the'little darlings' to control her classroom, the teacher tells them the story behind the dubious question. The film travels back in time to when Bette Davis arrives at a mansion to begin a new job as a nanny. The plot follows the family's dyfunction due to a tyrannical mother. The children love the nanny, and so does their father, Charles Boyer. It's a great story, with the best lead actors, and a stand out performance by Bette Davis who uses her skill to make viewers fall in love with her as Boyer does and sympathize with her as her students come to do.

  • Unrequited love

    • Judge_Pierre
    • 5/19/09

    Charles Boyer and Bette Davis have a similar kind of attraction to each other in this film as Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music." She's come to take care of the married couple's children. Then, finds that the children are starved for affection since their mother is emotionally detached from them. Boyer is their loving father. Davis and Boyer come to share the same kind of love for the children. It has disasterous consequences that follow Davis into a classroom during her first day as a teacher. Rather than recoiling as the girls gossip, the teacher gives them a lesson they'll likely never forget.

  • A Teacher Struggles With Her Past

    • m_d
    • 5/12/09

    Bette Davis & Charles Boyer are so well matched, skill wise, as capable actors who play either dual (Davis) or complex (Boyer) roles. Davis is 1st seen as a new teacher in a classroom of girls. Complications with her class cause her to tell them about her past. The film makes use of flashing back to when Davis was the nanny in the home of Boyer, his self-centered wife & darling love-starved children. It's during her employment there when a tragedy happens. One that dogs her heels to the present seated at her work desk trying to hold her 1st day of class. Davis gives one of her most endearing & sympathetic character performances.

  • A Mise en Scene

    • MMaxey
    • 5/5/09

    Stories that are planted inside stories tend to intrigue me. Perhaps that was my initial attraction to this film. Now, after years of watching it time and again, I'm much more certain about why I enjoy Bette Davis' performance. As the film begins, she's a new school teacher at a girl's school who's facing some little terrors who believe they know something dirty about her past. The teacher takes charge of the situation by telling the girls the story of her past. By doing so, she wins their respect, empathy and affection. I liked Davis to play gutsy women. That, she did.

  • Great Davis School Teacher & Nanny

    • DavidaH
    • 4/29/09

    How many great different types of teachers & nannies could Davis play? This one is classic. She shows up for workin a classroom of girl students who know something they think is scandalous about her past. Instead of becoming a 'shrinking violet', Davis' character uses her truth to evoke the emotions of her students as well as her audience. By telling her history to the girls and the viewers, Davis draws us in up close and personal to a woman's forbidden love for a miserably married man & his starved for mother-love children. A superb performance of an unrequieted love story.

  • All this and heaven too

    • maria
    • 8/19/08

    Such a beautiful movie should be shown much more often. It's one of Bette Davis' great performances. Love to see it again!

  • all this and heaven

    • ami
    • 6/19/08

    great movie from the ' of bette davis best

  • Miss Bette Davis

    • Sonya
    • 1/8/08

    Another triumph from the greatest actress that ever lived or ever will. She can play opposite any one no matter if they are great or not. She shines in any gi ven performance. I wish that I could have met this remarkable woman.


    • Mark
    • 1/7/08

    Have seen this a few times; each time as intriguing as the previous. Wonderful movie. Thank you TCM for showing it again.

  • Another Reason To Love This Film

    • Michael J. McCabe
    • 7/14/07

    There is no need to add to the praises of Miss Davis and Mr. Boyer for their excellent performances in this film. But I must single out the incredible performance of Barbara O'Neil as La Duchesse de Preslin. And to think Miss O'Neil created such a convincingly neurotic, possessive character one year after her sensitive performance as kind and loving Mrs. O'Hara in GONE WITH THE WIND. The range of her peformance as the duchess is formidable; and to think she lost the Academy Award as Best Supporting Actress to Jane Darwell's stereotypical rendering of Ma Joad!

  • All this and heaven too

    • Eileen
    • 3/19/07

    That movie is so Beautiful! and very Romances .Bette Davis and Charles Boyer are so wonderful, also the children are so adorable .This movie is for everyone to see it touch your heart..I hope someday it will be on DVD in closed caption (CC) Thank you!

  • A Great Film

    • Movie Fan
    • 10/28/06

    I am a fan of Bette Davis and her performance in this movie is spectacular. It is one of my favorite Bette Davis films. Charles Boyer gives one of his finest performances. TCM should show this film more often. This film should be released on DVD - it is a gem of a film.

  • Great storytelling! Fine acting!

    • Ginette
    • 6/22/06

    I truly enjoyed this movie. Bette Davis and Charles Boyer give one of their finest performances. The acting, music, costumes, scenery, dialogue all contribute in making this a memorable movie of the classic era. This would deserve a DVD release with footage of deleted scenes, and anything available in relation to the movie (making of, interviews, photo gallery, behind the scenes photos, bios, anecdotes, etc.).

  • Excellent Movie Classic

    • phoebe
    • 5/18/06

    Bette Davis presented a spectacular performance! The supporting actors, from the wife to the children were all wonderful! I anxiously await the DVD release!

  • All This, and Heaven Too 1940

    • G. Bradley
    • 5/18/06

    Bette Davis is an all time favorite actor of mine. However, her portrayal of the governess required a nurturing and humane element from her that few other of her other roles do. I have seen her harsh, and mean, and defeated, rich, tormented and insane,and grand. All This, and Heaven Too is a wonderful alternative to showcase her obvious and yet subtle ability to command any role. She is a human treasure.

  • One of the best movies

    • Sharlene
    • 4/5/06

    This is one of my favorite movies. I think Bette Davis did a wonderful job with this movie and look forward to buying the DVD as soon as it comes available so I can share this movie with my kids.

  • the best

    • denise green
    • 3/31/06

    I love old movies and hollywood history and this movie is in my top 5.I first saw it as a teen late night and remembered it always.I now cry from the opening to the end...So much talent....

  • Loved It

    • Justine
    • 3/29/06

    Can't say more about it, except you should all watch this movie.

  • Wonderful Movie from beginning to end!

    • Debbie Crawford
    • 2/14/06

    The acting in this movie is superb, everbody from the wife to little Reynald.Bette, what can I say, Awesome actress. I use to think that Joan was the one, but Bette is the Queen. Charles, always splended and convincing in whatever it is he plays in. I love this movie,it should be on DVD. What are you all waiting on?

  • All This and Heaven Too

    • Jill Grillo
    • 2/9/06

    This is such a wonderful and classic movie, that is never shown on tv. Please, please, have a VCR or DVD made, so that people who have seen this move, (young people would also enjoy) and like so many of us who love it, would like to have in our homes. The acting is so great, and puts today's movies to shame.SincerelyJ GrilloThank you

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