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The French Line

The French Line(1954)

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  • a Dud from Dudsville, Texas

    • el debbo
    • 6/28/17

    I don't mean dude, I mean dud. Being a Jane fan, I wanted to like it. Thought the bubble bath scene where she's actually bobbing was quite risque for the era! My oh my. But the plot was so tired it disinterested me from the get go.I loved Gilbert Roland in a 30's film, "Call Her Savage" ...not so much here. If you want to be in awe of Jane Russell, or if you already are, look for the youtube clip of her, in her 80's, singing to a full house at the Castro Theater. To the tune of Jimmie Dean's 'Big Bad John' she is singing 'Big Bad Jane'. What a gal she was, and the audience was on fire.

  • the french line

    • kevin sellers
    • 6/21/16

    It's impossible to dislike a film that the Catholic Legion of Decency has condemned, but this one comes close. Best thing about it is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. Worst thing about it is that it's mostly a bore with very few laughs and crappy songs, to boot. Give it a C. P.S. Does Arthur Hunnicut annoy you as much as he does me? I mean, every role is a carbon copy of all his other roles. Talk about phoning it in. Even William Bendix had more variety, for cryin out loud.


    • Allie
    • 6/21/16

    I watched this today on TCM on Jane's much fun. I was expecting something awful, but I enjoyed it immensely -- mostly because of Jane, Mary McCarty and the handsome Gilbert Roland. It wasn't nearly as good as GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES, but it has it's moments. Jane is charismatic, you can't take your eyes off her - and the wardrobe -- to die for. Just wish TCM and/or Warner Archive will restore this movie to it's original uncut version and release it!

  • very good movie

    • Anne M.
    • 1/2/15

    This is a very good movie, it is funny and exciting.

  • "Jane Lives"

    • Robert Atkinson
    • 10/23/14

    I fell in love with Jane Russell in 1953. I have been her ardent fan for all those years she made films, Recorded albums of Gospel songs, and recordings dating back in the40's . She lived her life respectfully and was high and above anything that bespoke of lesser issues I loved every film ,and own them in any genre, that Jane performed. She was an unequaled beauty with a lot of savvy, kindness humanitarianism, and the ability to survive those "Outlaw" and "French Line" years, albeit how much I love those movies. Sing on Jane, your voice and your talent, and oh your beauty not forgotten. Please give us this unedited "The French Line". It is needed.

  • Silly!

    • RedRain
    • 6/21/13

    The premise here has been used so much in film that watching even a 1954 film with the same subject is a bit boring. Russell does a LOT of burlesque type of dancing in this film and it becomes obvious very quickly that this was a film designed to show her assets. Gilbert Roland actually makes this film interesting and he is a far better actor than he was given credit for many times.

  • Highly Enjoyable

    • muriel
    • 10/24/12

    A rich girl, afraid someone will marry her for her money, so she poses as a fashion model and wears scanty clothes so someone will marry her for her body instead? OK, very silly plot, but what fun!I could never understand the fuss over Marilyn Monroe when Jane Russell was around: better legs, better figure, better bust, classier looks, better singer and dancer.

  • Jane Russell My Pinup Gal!!

    • Richard Denson
    • 5/18/10

    Jane Russell was my favorite movie star when I was growing up!! I wish this movie was on DVD!!


    • Lisa Baker
    • 5/18/10

    Fun movie..not great..but fun and Jane is such an appealing star. I've heard about how racy this film was, but based on the other reviews posted here, I guess I'm looking at a censored version. I'll have to check out youtube for the Looking For Trouble number!! And I agree with the other reviews about how bad the quality of the print is. I'm really surprised TCM wouldn't or couldn't air a better version! I'd buy it on DVD if it were restored!

  • The French Line (1953)

    • James Higgins
    • 5/18/10

    Bland musical comedy. None of the musical numbers are very memorable. It seems it was primarily made to show off Jane Russell's full figure, and that it does. I am sure this was a racy film in 1953. It lacks a strong supporting cast, something I feel is important for movies of this genre.


    • Debra
    • 3/11/10

    Watched this movie today and I loved it! Jane Russell was so beautiful and talented. The movie is just cotton candy but Jane somehow makes it believable. A real star and a real woman! I want to own this on DVD but I agree with the other reviews, the picture quality that was shown today was truly terrible -- not up to TCM's usual fine standards - and I'm dying to see the uncensored version of Jane's big number, "Lookin' For Trouble!" SUCH FUN!

  • WOW!

    • Christine
    • 3/10/10

    I only saw about the last 10 minutes of this movie -- so it was just the last two musical numbers. I love love love the costumes. This is what I remember 'grown' women looking like when I was a little girl. I thought we would all grow up to wear those clothes, heels, gloves, etc. Great costumes in the modeling scene. And Jane's number - hubba-hubba. I'd never seen it before.I would buy this movie, just to check out all the costumes and set decorations!


    • Lawrence
    • 3/10/10

    YES PLEASE!!! Get this move RESTORED and on DVD!!!! But make sure it contains the COMPLETE UNCUT version of Jane's song, "Lookin' For Trouble." There are THREE versions of this notorious musical number: 1) is a censored version where the entire number is shown in an extreme wide shot, which removes all the bosomy close-ups and cuts Jane's mid-song monologue - this is the version TCM airs. 2) a semi-censored European version that trims down Jane's mid-song monologue and 3) the FULL UNCENSORED version that has close-ups AND the ENTIRE mid-song monologue. PLEASE RELEASE #3-- THE COMPLETE UNCENSORED VERSION!! Just make sure it's the actual complete uncensored version with Jane's full monologue!! me for more details at the email I provided!!!!


    • Maria
    • 3/10/10

    I have always loved this movie and watch it every single time it is showing anywhere. It is such a fun, campy and upbeat movie that is very much needed in this rather dreary time. It also showcasses Jane Russell's varied talent. Why does TCM not have the DVD version of this movie? I just added my vote to have a restored and uncensored version available at TCM for purchase. I want to purchase a copy!!


    • Dom
    • 3/10/10

    Dear TCM, We classic film lovers, LOVE Jane Russell -- and this flick is a prime JR/Howard Hughes epic. Originally released in 3D with a steamy, salacious & scandalous (read: HOT) bump and grind dance by Russell, THE FRENCH LINE is a part of film history for challenging the confining grip of the censorship board. So PLEASE, TCM, get on the ball with this film!!! Why, oh why are you still showing a washed out 16mm CENSORED print of this film??? A 35mm UNCENSORED version does exist and was screened a few years back at a 3D festival in Los Angeles. Also a slightly better quality uncensored DVD appears on Ebay every so often. Please start showing the restored, uncensored version on TCM and release it on DVD!!! This is a fun, campy film with the GREAT Jane Russell! Perhaps include "The French Line" in a 3D DVD box set!!!! Come on!! How long do we have to wait??? NOTE: This was posted shortly after TCM aired this film on March 10, 2010.

  • Jane does it again!

    • Patti De Leon
    • 3/10/10

    What a great watch! I love to see anything with Jane in it!

  • Jane Russell We love You !

    • Joe Porrovecchio
    • 9/23/08

    "The French Line" starring Jane Russellis the most memorable showcase for her I have seen.Those of us who saw it in theaters when it was originally released will never forget that infamous Lobby Card in that hottest of hot outfits she wore in the "Lookin' for Trouble" strip number.Condemned by the "Legion of Decency" only made it more enjoyable for me. I was 14.I understand that there was a 3-D version, which I did not see.I would like to have the movie on DVD in a re-mastered version with all the extras that ususally come with classics, including an interview with Jane as she is today. The VHS tape I have has a version of the strip number which was re-shot as a long shot. Please give us the original ! And if poosible, a "suitable for framing" Lobby Card !

  • french line the movie

    • 6/8/06

    guys/gals lets get up on the wheel and put this classic out to the public it rivals men prefer blondes alllll day long make it happen do the right thing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ah, c'mon.....

    • GeeBee
    • 4/23/06

    With all the mediocity available on DVD today, a campy frolick like this should be on the store shelves. The musical numbrs, and better the lyrics, are clever and deserve to be re-heard. "Out in the moonlight, I pick a man who's nearwe bring along our 6 gun,Just for atmosphere.They ususally do what we say,love me, honor, and obey.....we..only shoot the ones that ain't sincere.."Now that's entertainment.

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