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Affectionately Yours

Affectionately Yours(1941)

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Despite the fact that he has a wife back in the United States, Lisbon-based reporter Richard "Rickey" Mayberry flirts with every attractive woman, especially fellow reporter Irene Malcolm. In fact, as Rickey says, he would propose, but his wife refuses to divorce him. When he receives a telegram announcing that his wife Sue has divorced him, however, Rickey is so upset that he sneaks onboard the next airplane heading for New York. Irene is also on board. Because Rickey has led Sue to believe that he was hurt in a street fight, she meets the airplane with an ambulance. When she learns that he only sprained his ankle while trying to sneak onto the airplane, she kicks him, causing him to hit his head on the roof of the ambulance. Now that he actually is injured, Sue takes him home. Discovering that Sue got the divorce because he is always out of town, Rickey fakes a call to Chester Phillips, his boss, but as he loudly demands a local assignment, the telephone rings, revealing his ruse. Sadly, Sue announces that she will go through with her plans to marry inventor Owen Wright. This time, Rickey really does ask Phillips to let him work in the United States, but Phillips refuses and fires him. After Rickey leaves, Phillips tells Irene that Ricky's wife has divorced him, and he is determined to keep them apart in order to keep Rickey, his best reporter, in Europe. With this in mind, when Sue phones Phillips to confirm Rickey's dismissal, Phillips denies everything. In order to prevent her marriage to Owen, Rickey kidnaps Sue and drives with her to the country, hoping to convince her to change her mind. Although she still loves Rickey, Sue will not return to him. Meanwhile, Phillips steals a photograph of Rickey embracing Irene from Rickey's photographer Pasha. Irene also plots to separate Rickey from Sue. She suggests that Rickey pretend to accept Sue's marriage plans and ask her to call an escort service to find him a date. When Sue does this, Irene responds. She flirts outrageously with both Rickey and Owen, making Sue jealous. Then Irene "accidentally" drops the picture of Rickey kissing her. Rickey tries to cover it up, but Sue is furious. Later, Irene apologizes and lures Rickey to her apartment where Phillips has hired some men to keep him locked up until after Sue's wedding. After seeing a piece of paper twisted in Phillips' characteristic manner, Rickey realizes that Phillips is behind the entire episode, sets off the fire sprinklers and then escapes in the confusion. Rickey asks Pasha to call Sue, pretending that Rickey is injured. When she hears this, Sue runs away from her wedding to meet him at the hospital. There, Rickey promises never to leave her and the two are reconciled.