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Headin' East

Headin' East(1937)

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When cattleman Buck Benson is asked by his father, M. H., head of the California Lettuce Growers' Association, to go to New York to wipe out a protection racket that is threatening his enterprise, he leaves his ranch and heads East. Soon after arriving in New York City, Buck is spurred into action when he catches two racketeers tipping over a truck. Buck quickly changes hats with Windy, a truck driver, and roughs them up. For his act of courage, Buck wins the favor of Fred Calhoun, Windy's boss, and his daughter Helen. Helen's sweetheart, Eric Ward, is Calhoun's lawyer and is in league with the racketeers. Ward sees Buck as a threat to his racket and calls a meeting of the contract holders to settle matters. Buck attends the meeting, at which the racketeers attempt to force several of the men to leave Calhoun's company, which would then force him to seek protection from the racketeers. Buck manages to prevent this move by declaring that the lettuce growers are united in their support of Calhoun and cannot be manipulated by the racketeers. Later, Ward tells the protective association's president, Bert Lohman, that he has devised a plan to put an end to Buck's meddling. As part of his plan, Ward frames Buck to make it look like he has joined with Lohman and is deceiving Calhoun and Helen. Ward's plan succeeds when Helen believes his story and accepts his planted evidence as the truth. When Windy, now a handcart vendor, senses that Buck is being framed, he calls the police and forms a vigilante gang comprised of East Side kids to rescue Buck. As Buck is about to sign a contract with Lohman, he realizes that Ward is behind it, and a fight ensues when he overpowers Lohman's henchmen. After winning the fight, Buck chases after Ward, who is fleeing from the police, and captures him. The racketeers are soon arrested and Buck, with Helen at his side, greets his proud father, who has just arrived from the West.