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As Jerry Dunbar prepares his cattle to be sold to Sam Malone, Ross McGregor has his henchman take a sniper's shot at Jerry, which then starts a stampede. Only shot in the hat, Jerry orders one of his ranchhands, Spud McGuire, to chase after the snipers. As it turns out, Spud is working as a spy for McGregor and informs his real boss that they missed their prey. Arriving in town, Jerry goes into the bar where he rescues Danny Blake from Les Daggett, who has won all of Danny's money in a crooked poker game. Infuriated by Jerry's interference, Les, whose stepdaughter, Sally Moore, lives at the DD ranch, vows revenge. Unperturbed, Jerry offers the penniless Danny a job on his ranch and soon becomes fast friends with his new employee. McGregor's son Dan rides into town, informing Jerry that his brother Alex, whom Jerry had helped put in jail, has been pardoned. At the Wells Fargo office, Jerry learns that his partner, Mary Vance, is arriving by stagecoach that day. Jerry rides out to meet the stagecoach, only to find Alex with Mary. Alex tells Jerry that Sam Malone left the stagecoach after deciding not to buy Jerry's cattle. Back in town, Danny is lassoed off his horse by Les, which leads to a fight. Beaten by Danny, Les attempts to shoot the unarmed man, only to have his gun shot out of his hand by Jerry. Upon seeing the DD, Mary expresses her approval of Jerry's caretaking and meets Sally, who has come to the ranch to escape Les's tyranny. While Mary worries that Jerry is in love with Sally, Jerry throws a barn dance in honor of Mary's homecoming. During the dance, at which Dan announces his intentions to marry Mary, Jerry and Danny leave to herd the cattle they had sold to another rancher, Ralston. Jerry rides ahead of the herd, only to find Ralston dead from a sniper's bullet and is then arrested in a frame-up by deputy sheriff Lafe Hutchins. While riding to jail, Jerry sees that his barn is on fire and escapes from Lafe. Jerry is captured by Ross and his cohorts, one of whom demands that Jerry be lynched for Ralston's murder. Before Jerry is hanged, however, Mary, who has learned that Sally has been kidnapped by the MacGregors, rides by and saves him. Joined by Danny and a posse of cowboys, Jerry takes off for the McGregor ranch to rescue Sally. Because he once worked for the McGregors, Danny is able to infiltrate the ranchhouse and learns that Les and the McGregors are holding Sally until she agrees to marry Alex. After a series of fights, Jerry, Danny and the cowboy posse overwhelm Les and the McGregors. Discovering that the DD is under attack by Dan and Alex, Jerry and company ride again to the rescue. Mary and Aunt Lydia attempt to hold off the gang, with Mary shooting Alex as he tries to set the house on fire. Dan, sneaking in the back door, captures Mary and plans to kidnap her when Jerry arrives. The two men fight, and Jerry finally is victorious. Later, Mary packs her things, thinking she has lost Jerry to Sally. Aunt Lydia, however, learns that Sally is really in love with Danny, and when Jerry arrives at the house, afraid to face Mary, Aunt Lydia pulls out a gun and forces him into the house. As the two make up, Aunt Lydia listens at the door, becoming so excited she almost shoots herself.