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Mister Dynamite

Mister Dynamite(1935)

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At the end of his tour, pianist Jarl Dvorjak invites Mona Lewis, an attractive young woman, to his home in San Francisco to hear him play for a few friends. Dvorjak is married to Charmian, who is more than happy to stay out of his way as long as he keeps her supplied with money. Charmian is on her way to a house party in Carmel which Dvorjak politely refuses to attend. After Charmian leaves, Dvorjak, who has a gambling habit, goes to the casino owned by Mona's father Clark, where he meets a young man, D. H. Matthews, leaving the casino with his sizeable winnings. The two men exchange angry words, but later, when Matthews is murdered in a faked car accident, Dvorjak denies knowing him. Because of the murder, the police close Lewis' casino. When private detective T. N. Thompson, better known as Dynamite, hears about the murder he leaves immediately for San Francisco, despite the misgivings of his assistant Lynn Marlo. Dynamite meets with Lewis, who is eager to find Matthews' killer. Having lost a lot of money, Dvorjak accuses Lewis of running a crooked gambling establishment. At home, he keeps Mona waiting while he accuses his manager, Carey Williams, of holding back some of the profits of the tour. Williams responds that the money he took is a small price to pay for his silence. The two men agree to meet the following day, but Dvorjak is killed by a gun while he plays the organ for Mona. Dynamite, who is watching outside Dvorjak's window, sees Mona in the room, but does not see the murderer. The following day, he questions Mona, who denies having committed the murder. Meanwhile, the police have learned that the murdered man was using a pseudonym. Dynamite examines his possessions and finds among them a pair of unused tickets to Dvorjak's last concert. Learning that the police intend to arrest Mona, Dynamite phones her to meet him at his hotel. Williams calls Dynamite with some information but before he can pass it on, he is shot. Tracing the call, Dynamite learns it came from Dvorjak's home. When the police find a sheet of music in Matthews' room that is identical to the music Dvorjak was playing when he died, Dynamite figures out the solution. Gathering all the suspects at Dvorjak's house, he explains that a gun was set to go off when certain notes were played on the organ. Charmian explains that Matthews was really Boris Dvorjak, Dvorjak's son from an earlier marriage. Dynamite prepares to open Dvorjak's safe, causing Charmian to run away. During the following chase, she drives her car over a cliff. Charmian had been in partnership with Matthews whom she killed. She also killed Williams, who was drawing up divorce papers. Realizing that Dynamite is interested in Mona, Lynn asks the police to kick him out of town and the two leave together on the train.