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North of the Rockies

North of the Rockies(1942)

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While chasing a gang of fur thieves, Mounties Sgt. Wild Bill Cameron and Constable McDowell inadvertently cross over the Canadian border. When they come to a fork in the road, Cameron and McDowell separate, and suddenly, Cameron's hat is knocked off by a bullet. Tex Martin, an American cowboy, then approaches the Mountie and reminds him that he has no jurisdiction in the United States. Tex's hostility arouses Cameron's suspicions that the cowboy is in league with the thieves. After taking leave of the Mountie, Tex follows the thieves to a ranch owned by Mrs. Flora Bailey and identifies them as Mrs. Bailey's grandson Jim and John Callan, and itinerant ranch hand. Tex, the foreman of the ranch, questions Jim and Callan about the furs, but they are defiant and deny any knowledge of the robberies. After ordering Callan to leave the property, Tex warns Jim to stay away from him. On his return to Mountie headquarters, Cameron, meanwhile, meets Lionel Morgan, a prosperous American sportsman, and his guide, Lazare. Cameron meets Lazare again later when trapper Cannonball Rideaux summons the Mountie to quell a riot at an outlying settlement and discovers the guide leading a group of irate trappers in an assault on the Northwest Trading Company. Lazare has convinced the trappers that the company's owner, Lydia Rogers, is involved with the robberies. Cameron comes to Lydia's rescue, but is puzzled by Lazare's interest in the incident. In reality, Lazare is acting on orders from Morgan, the leader of the gang, to deflect suspicion from the real thieves. Soon after, Tex meets Cannonball while riding in the woods and enlists his aid in catching the bandits. That night, Morgan and his gang raid the Trading Company's offices for information about a large shipment of furs due the next day. When Lydia unexpectedly returns to the office, the robbers knock her unconscious and flee. Tex sees them galloping off and he chases them, but they pull him off his horse with a well- aimed rope and leave him in the dust. Cameron, meanwhile, has discovered the break-in and while pursuing the intruders, finds Tex and arrests him, but Lydia later attests to his innocence. Meanwhile, Cannonball, following Tex's instructions, tracks down Callan and his henchmen and hides in the brush to eavesdrop on their plans. Aware that the trapper is listening, Callan loudly announces that the fur shipment will be hidden at Sundown Point. Callan has set a trap for his pursuers, and when Cannonball and Tex arrive at Sundown Point, they find a wagon load of stolen furs and Cameron, who arrests them and takes them to headquarters. While Cameron is occupied with Tex, Callan and the gang rob a fur shipment, kill one constable and wound another. When word of the robbery arrives at the fort, Cameron suggests freeing the prisoners, hoping that they will lead him to the thieves' hideout. Then Cameron, acting as a civilian, follows Tex and Cannonball across the border to the Bailey ranch, where he finds Tex interrogating Callan and Jim. After Jim gallops off, Tex, with Cannonball's help, overpowers Callan and Cameron and, after instructing Mrs. Bailey to hold Cameron prisoner, he and Cannonball follow Jim to Morgan's cabin. There, they find the stolen furs and Lydia, who had innocently come to visit Morgan to ask for his financial aid and is now his prisoner. As Tex, Cannonball, Morgan, Jim and Lazare exchange gun fire at the cabin, Cameron shows Mrs. Bailey his badge and she releases him to help Tex. Meanwhile, inside the cabin, Jim has a change of heart, and when he defies Morgan, Morgan shoots and kills him. Tex and Cannonball are firing at Morgan's thugs when Cameron arrives and together, the three apprehend the thieves. With peace restored, Cameron rides back to Canada while Tex returns to the ranch.