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Not a Ladies' Man

Not a Ladies' Man(1942)

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District attorney Robert Bruce dotes on his young son Bill. After spending a happy afternoon with Bill, Robert returns home and finds a letter from his wife, informing him that she is leaving him and wants a divorce. Shattered, Robert begins to immerse himself in his work and neglect Bill. When Bill begins to misbehave in school and his grades fall, his teacher, Miss Pat Hunter, becomes concerned by the boy's sudden change in temperament. While at a friend's birthday party, Bill becomes upset at the sight of his friend's loving parents and runs home. In the woods, Bill meets "Professor" Johnson, a hobo, who tries to comfort the distraught boy. After cooking Bill dinner, the Professor listens to his problems and advises finding another wife for his father. When Bill fails to return home for dinner that night, Robert begins to search for him and finds him with the Professor. To cheer Bill up, Robert treats his son to a malt at the soda shop. Inspired by the Professor's advice, Bill decides to initiate a campaign to find his father a mate. After inviting soda jerk Margaret Vance to visit the Bruce house, Bill extends an invitation to Miss Morton, an encyclopedia saleswoman, and Ethel Burbridge, the visiting sister of the Bruces' next-door neighbor. Soon after, Miss Hunter stops by to talk to Robert about his son's behavior, and Bill tells her that his father is not home and asks her to come another time. After climbing into her car, Miss Hunter backs up and hits Robert's car. Robert, who was sitting in his car, finds Miss Hunter attractive and invites her to dinner, thus incurring Bill's disapproval. Soon after Miss Hunter leaves, Margaret rings the doorbell. She is followed by Miss Morton and Ethel, who have also come at Bill's behest. When Robert orders his son to get rid of the bevy of females, Bill paints his face with red dots and pretends he has measles, thus sending the women running out the door. The next day, Robert unexpectedly offers to drive his son to school, and when he sees Miss Hunter there, he invites her to dinner that night. After dropping Bill at school, Robert drives to his office to savor his success in jailing racketeer Louis Malvern. Robert's victory quickly turns to bitter defeat, however, when he learns that his ex-wife has married Malvern. At dinner that night, Miss Hunter questions Robert about his glum mood, and he confides his fears about Bill's reaction to his mother's remarriage. To spare his son, Robert decides to postpone the Malvern hearing and thus avoid any unsavory publicity about his ex-wife. After Robert leaves town for an extended stay at his mountain cabin, newspaper stories begin to circulate that he has sold out to Malvern. When the children at school punish Bill for his father's actions, the boy runs away to visit Robert. Concerned, Miss Hunter follows Bill there, and after telling him the truth about his mother, she upbraids Robert for running away from his problems. After calmly accepting the news, Bill convinces his father to return and prosecute Malvern. Before leaving, Bill and Miss Hunter spend the morning fishing. As Miss Hunter fries up their catch, Robert proposes to her, thus winning Bill's hearty approval.