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Six Gun Mesa

Six Gun Mesa(1950)

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Outside the town of Redblade, a member of the Carson gang, Joe, poisons two of Lou Forbes' ranching crew. Unaware of what has happened, Forbes rests his cattle herd at Six Gun Mesa and tells his foreman, Dave Emmett, to spend the night in town. Joe also goes to town in order to plan with Carson and fellow henchman Bradley how to kill off Forbes and steal his herd. In addition to rustling, Carson has recently killed the proprietor of the Carter Hotel and taken the place over, in an effort to start a saloon and casino. That night, as Carson's men murder Forbes and his remaining crew, singer Lynn entertains at Pop Mullins' Maverick Saloon, where she witnesses Carson threatening to drive Pop out of business. Dave, who is Lynn's old high school friend, arrives just in time to save her from the grabbing arms of a local drunkard, Duke Miller. When Joe then arrives at the saloon to inform Carson that his plan has been carried out, he recognizes Dave as Forbes's foreman. As the two outlaws plan to kill Duke and set Dave up for the murder, Lynn urges Dave to leave town, and he promises he will go but will return for her as soon as the cattle are delivered. As he steps onto the street, Carson shoots Duke, tricks Dave into pulling his gun, then claims to have seen Dave killing Duke. As a result, Dave is brought to jail. The next day, passing stranger Johnny Mack Brown finds the bodies of Forbes's men as he rides into town, and then witnesses a mob, led by Carson and the town marshal, about to lynch Dave, ignoring Lynn's protests that Dave was with her all night. Johnny, who despises lynching as an unlawful act, rescues Dave and escapes with him, after which Carson instructs his men to hide the bodies of Forbes's crew. After Dave tells Johnny his story, Johnny informs him that Forbes is dead and they agree that Dave should hide out until Johnny uncovers the outlaws' plot. Johnny then visits the Carter Hotel, where manager Whiskey Evans identifies him as Carter's only heir and the rightful owner of the hotel. When the marshal enters and accuses Johnny of hijacking a prisoner, Johnny offers to bring Dave back if he can be guaranteed a fair trial. Johnny then puts the hotel up as security, and Carson realizes that if Johnny fails to produce Dave, he will lose the hotel and he can continue his casino scheme. After Carson pays off the town doctor to claim that the bullet that killed Duke came from Dave's gun, he manipulates the frightened marshal into finding Dave for him. Lynn and Whiskey soon befriend Johnny, and after the three discover the stolen cattle, Whiskey hurries to the marshal while Johnny visits the saloon. There, the drunken doctor inadvertently reveals Carson's treachery. Meanwhile, Dave sneaks back into town to find out what Johnny has learned, and is quickly captured by a Carson gang member and brought to Carson's hangout. As soon as Carson realizes that the doctor is talking to Johnny, he starts a gunfight outside the saloon, in which everyone is killed except Carson and Johnny. Johnny then follows Carson to the hideout, where he beats up the outlaw and rescues Dave. When Whiskey and Lynn arrive, Johnny offers the hotel to a grateful Whiskey, and makes plans to return to his home.