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Swing the Western Way

Swing the Western Way(1947)

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Confidence man Jasper Jim Bandy employs The Hoosier Hot Shots to hawk his latest ruse, a magic elixir to cure all ailments. Threatened by the sheriff, The Hot Shots decide to quit and accept a job performing with Bob Randal, the rodeo king. Posing as a cattle baron, J.J. has been corresponding with wealthy Cornelia Kathridge in the hope of marrying her. When Cornelia agrees to consider J.J.'s marriage proposal and notifies him that she plans to visit his ranch, J.J. decides to elude the law and head West with the boys. After they crash their truck into the rodeo corral, Bob recognizes J.J. as his uncle and introduces him to Jean Darrow, his fiancée and the daughter of a U.S. Senator. Ever the braggart, J.J. boasts that he wants to buy a ranch and Jean offers him her father's spread, the Lucky S. At the rodeo, The Hot Shots meet an old acquaintance, Mr. Martin. Martin, a racketeer eager to buy the Lucky S and turn it into a casino, offers to lend J.J. the down payment on the ranch. Planning to marry Cornelia and use her fortune to pay back Martin, J.J. accepts the loan. Meanwhile, back East, Cornelia, the only penniless member of the wealthy Kathridge family, learns that the boys' school in which she has been teaching has lost its lease. When Cornelia proposes to the school board that she marry J.J. and convert his ranch into a school, the board sends Mr. Spraggs, a private detective, to investigate the ranch's suitability. Out West, J.J. has purchased the Lazy S and eagerly awaits Cornelia's arrival. When Martin's men deliver a load of gambling equipment, The Hot Shots hide it in the barn. Later, The Hot Shots notice Spraggs sneaking around the ranch, and assuming he is one of Martin's employees, divulge J.J.'s scheme to him. After blurting out the truth, The Hot Shots begin to fear that Spraggs may be a police officer and tie him up, then lock him in a closet. Upon discovering Spraggs's true identity, The Hot Shots wire a glowing report to the school. Soon after, Sheriff Morgan arrives, looking for a prowler. Disguised in Indian blankets, The Hot Shots knock the sheriff unconscious and load Spraggs into his car. Upon regaining consciousness, the sheriff thinks that Spraggs is the prowler and drives away with his prisoner. Meanwhile, Cornelia has arrived at the ranch and J.J. has begun to fall in love with her. Troubled by his conscience, J.J. admits to Cornelia that he planned to marry her for her money, prompting Cornelia, who is also in love with J.J., to confess that she is penniless. When Jean discovers the gambling equipment in the barn, she thinks that J.J. has betrayed her and angrily breaks off their engagement. Soon after, Martin and his thugs come to open the casino. After Martin forces Bob and The Hot Shots to perform at the illegal establishment, J.J. apologizes to his friends for deceiving them. On the night that the casino opens, the sheriff, alerted by Spraggs, raids the ranch and Bob apprehends Martin and his thugs by roping them. One of J.J.'s magic elixir customers then appears with the news that he has sold the formula as paint remover and wants to give J.J. his share of the royalties. As J.J. repays Martin with his profits, the boys come to enroll in their new school. Just then, Senator Darrow, who has been summoned from Washington by Jean, arrives and enthusiastically endorses the school project.