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Jiggs and Maggie in Jackpot Jitters

Jiggs and Maggie in Jackpot Jitters(1949)


FOR Jiggs and Maggie in Jackpot Jitters (1949) YOU CAN


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While his wife Maggie, a desperate social climber suffering from sneezing fits, rides a stationary horse in their Park Avenue, New York apartment, Jiggs, who would rather climb onto a barstool than mix with the city's socialites, listens to a radio trivia contest. The two make so much noise that their upstairs neighbor is driven to distraction and jumps out of his window. When Jiggs learns that Maggie has bought her way into the socially prominent Northchester Hunt Club by sending them a check for $38,600, he decides to have payment on the check stopped before it is cashed. Maggie tries to prevent Jiggs from doing so by lassoing him and tying him up, but Jiggs manages to free himself. After tying the rope around Maggie, Jiggs takes care of the check. Jiggs then goes to Dinty's, his favorite tavern, where his pals and owner Dinty Moore snare him in a get-rich-quick scheme by convincing him that he will be able to square himself with Maggie by placing the highest bid at a racetrack horse auction. Meanwhile, Dr. John Paxton pays a visit to Maggie and tells her that her sneezing fits are a result of a rare allergy to horses and that she should avoid all contact with them. Later, as the You Do or Your Don't Jackpot program blares from their radio, Maggie sends Jiggs out to walk their dog and places the telephone under lock and key because of Jiggs' obsession with the radio contest. Unaware that representatives from the radio contest have been trying to call, Maggie ignores the ringing phone. However, Jiggs returns from his walk in time to unlock the phone and answer the contest question correctly. As winners of the contest, Jiggs and Maggie are presented with the prizes on a television show, which is broadcast from their living room. The prizes range from a luggage set to a horse, which immediatly sends Maggie into a sneezing fit. Unable to control her sneezing, Maggie sends everyone out of the apartment and orders Jiggs to sell the horse. Maggie panics, though, when the Society of Thoroughbred Owners tells her that she has been granted membership into the prestigious social club because she is the new owner of the horse "Lord Chesterfield the Fifth." Maggie then instructs Jiggs to get the horse back. Although Jiggs retreives "Lord Chesterfield" in time to enter it in a race, the horse finishes last. Determined to turn her horse into a winner, Maggie takes the horse's trainer's advice to move to California, where horses are better trained. With George McManus, who identifies himself as the creator of Jiggs and Maggie's cartoon characters, riding as a passenger, and with Dinty stowed away in the cattle car, Jiggs and Maggie board a train headed for California. En route, George tells Jiggs to bet on his horse "Maggie Jiggs" instead of Lord Chesterfield. Jiggs bets on McManus' horse and saves himself and Maggie from ruin when Maggie's horse loses again. "Lord Chesterfield" is eventually retired from racing and is relegated to the task of pulling a carriage.